My Boss Is Scary Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Chapter 60

"My father will give you how much ever you need" Li Xin Yi was angry at being treated in this way.

"Hmm" Wang Yu looked at Li Xin Yi, and then at Zhou Nan Xi.

Li Xin Yi's wrist was tied to the hand of the chair. Without warning, Zhou Nan Xi pulled Li Xin Yi's middle finger until it touched the back of her hand. Li Xin Yi screamed in pain as Zhou Nan Xi broke the bones in the middle finger, and her voice resonated in the dungeon.

"Pleaseeeeeeee stop. What do you want?"

Wang Yu sat there with no emotions. Zhou Nan Xi did not wait for Li Xin Yi's screams to subside. He broke the bones in her fingers one by one. He did not stop until he broke the bones in all the fingers in her hands.

Li Xin Yi was writhing in pain. The restrains were cutting her body when she tried to move but she could not stay still. Tears were flowing in her eyes from the pain she experienced.

"Pleaseeeeeee" Li Xin Yi was pleading and wailing.

Wang Yu did not feel even a bit sorry for her. He said, "I will ask you questions now. Think well before you answer"

Wang Yu looked at Zhou Nan Xi, who untied Li Xin Yi's hands so that her hands were free. Li Xin Yi was in so much pain and had no strength or will to move her hands and it fell limp on the side. She was crying loudly unable to control the tears. She knew lot of people had a grudge on her because she had hurt so many people. Therefore, she had no idea who kidnapped her.

Zhou Nan Xi twisted her hand behind her back making her scream in pain. The man who was holding her hand was too strong and she could not free herself.

Wang Yu asked in a deep voice, "What did you do to Wang Yiran?"

When Li Xin Yi heard the words 'Wang Yiran', she was horror struck. She could clearly remember the last time she saw Wang Yiran. Li Xin Yi somehow became friends with Wang Yiran from Wang family when she was in middle school. Though Wang Yiran had no personal vengeance with Li Zi Yun, after they became friends, Li Xin Yi was the one who always instigated Wang Yiran against Li Zi Yun.

Li Xin Yi always complained about Li Zi Yun to Wang Yiran. When Li Xin Yi told her about happened she always changed the reality and made up stories to show Li Zi Yun in a bad light. She always made up stories and made it seem like she was the victim of Li Zi Yun's bullying. Li Xin Yi had also spread the rumor that her mother was the legal wife, while Li Zi Yun's mother was the mistress and the home wrecker. Wang Yiran was quite popular in school and she always considered Li Zi Yun as her rival because Li Zi Yun was prettier and had a good name so when Li Xin Yi told her such stories, she immediately took this opportunity to play with Li Zi Yun.

In Wang Yiran's gang, Wang Yiran was the head and Li Xin Yi was one among the two girls who were close with Wang Yiran. Rather than being called as Wang Yiran's friends they were seen in the school as Wang Yiran's minions. Wang Yiran did not correct them either.

Li Xin Yi had obtained what she wanted by being with Wang Yiran. She was now well known in school and she could bully Li Zi Yun at school without being punished for that. After being with Wang Yiran for a long time, Li Xin Yi no longer wanted to be known as the bully who roams along with Wang Yiran. She wanted to be famous on her own. So she merely treated Wang Yiran as the stepping stone. However, Wang Yiran was not the one who would easily give in to Li Xin Yi.

Li Xin Yi snapped back to reality when Zhou Nan Xi screwed her hand.

"Wang Yiran.." she whispered in a low voice.

Wang Yu said coldly, "What did you do to her?"

Zhou Nan Xi did not give Li Zi Yun even a second to reply. He broke her left wrist making her squeal in pain. Li Zi Yun had never imagined she would be treated like this in her life. Did someone get hold of the video? She had made the truck driver delete the video. Maybe someone got hold of it. She could only think of the Wang family. They would the only people who would be interested in Wang Yiran. However, she could not understand why they were digging about Wang Yiran now, seven years after her death. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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