My Boss Is Scary Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Chapter 61

"I I did not do anything to her"

"You were the last one to be seen with her. Tell me what happened" Wang Yu was screaming at her, making the hair in her neck stand up.

When Li Xin Yi was in high school, a week before Wang Yiran's disappearance, Wang Yiran stopped sharing secrets with Li Xin Yi. Though they spoke daily, Li Xin Yi felt that Wang Yiran was a bit distant from her. Wang Yiran did not speak to her much and even when she spoke to her, she was rude to her. Wang Yiran started directing all her anger on Li Xin Yi and made her suffer. When Li Xin Yi asked her the reason why Wang Yiran was behaving like this, she did not get proper response from her. So she let her be without inquiring the reason and maintained her distance, thinking about what to do.

On the day of the disappearance of Wang Yiran, when they were in school, Wang Yiran told Li Xin Yi she had something to tell her. Wang Yiran asked to meet her in the evening. Li Xin Yi was now being a bit isolated from the gang and she did not want to get on the wrong side of Wang Yiran. Li Xin Yi immediately agreed to meet her and asked her where she should come. Wang Yiran had asked her to come to the back of the school, stating that she had to speak to her privately so that no one overhears their conversation. Wang Yiran had asked her to meet her after the school ends. Wang Yiran did not attend a few hours in the evening and had gone out saying she was sick, and she had to visit the nurse. It was late in the evening when the school ended and Li Xin Yi had to stay back in the classroom for some time. Li Xin Yi had tried calling Wang Yiran, but she did not pick up the call.

At last, Li Xin Yi went to the location directly. She entered the building and searched for Wang Yiran. It was already dark so Li Xin Yi was not ready to spend some more time there as there was a rumor that place was haunted. She started thinking if it was a prank by Wang Yiran to lock her in the old building. She quickly came out and looked outside. There was no sign of anybody. Suddenly she heard some sound in the other side of the building. She ran to the place from where she heard noises. The sight she witnessed had been the one haunting her for so many years. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yiran was lying there in a pool of blood in a strange position. Li Xin Yi could not even scream. Her voice was struck in her throat. It looked like someone had pushed her from the top of the building or Wang Yiran must have jumped from above. Li Xin Yi looked around but there was no one around. She walked towards Wang Yiran but she was too scared to approach her. Li Xin Yi kneeled beside Wang Yiran and called her name. Wang Yiran was lying lifeless. Only the light movement of her chest was the proof of her staying alive. Li Xin Yi looked up and could not see anyone at the top of the building. She was scared that someone might try to kill her if she waited there a second longer.

Li Xin Yi immediately rushed from that place. She wore the hoodie to cover her head and she ran from that place. She did not inform anybody that Wang Yiran was lying there injured. She was scared the suspicion might turn towards her if she said this to anybody. On the way, she saw a truck standing in the road from the old building to school. She thought that truck was an old one, no longer of use. What she did not expect was the camera in the truck was still working and in fine condition. Li Xin Yi returned home and did not breathe a word to anybody about this. She could not sleep that day night, thinking about this. Wang Yiran's bloody face was haunting her in her dreams.

Next day there was news all around the school that Wang Yiran had transferred from this school. No one knew what actually happened, except her. Everyone in school was wondering why Wang Yiran had to suddenly transfer and cut contact with everybody. Li Xin Yi did not breathe a word about the incident. She thought Wang Yiran must be dead and the Wang family was trying to hide this information.

In the evening, Li Xin Yi saw the old truck leaving the school. She was scared that the video of her passing the road at the time of Wang Yiran's accident might also be recorded if the camera was working in the truck. If the Wang family got hold of this then Li Xin Yi knew she would be skinned alive because she had spent some time near the building and it matches with the time of Wang Yiran's accident. She immediately got inside the car asked the chauffeur to chase the truck. Though she was not guilty of murdering Wang Yiran, Li Xin Yi knew she was guilty of leaving Wang Yiran to die.

She had chased the truck and got the video from him. The truck owner had promised her this was the only copy. She did not know that he had the original video and what he had given her was only a copy of it. Scared that the truck driver may recognize her she had intentionally spoken as if she was the eldest daughter of Li family. She had stressed that she was the eldest daughter of Li family so that the blame may fall on Li Zi Yun even if they found out. Li Xin Yi threatened the man and asked him to leave the city if he wanted to stay alive.

When Li Xin Yi reached home, she checked the video and in the video, her face was not seen clearly. Her face was blurry, so it was difficult to identify the person in the video. Since both Li Xin Yi and Li Zi Yun were of similar height and weight, even if any problem arises Li Xin Yi thought of shifting the blame on Li Zi Yun. Without hesitating a second, Li Xin Yi took her hoodie and shoes to Li Zi Yun. Her mother Fu Ming Zhu was shocked when Li Xin Yi did this. This hoodie was of limited version and Li Xin Yi had thrown a tantrum to her mom and dad to get this hoodie and shoes. When Li Xin Yi gave this generously to Li Zi Yun, Fu Ming Zhu was quite surprised.

Li Zi Yun who was innocent, did not know the reason and chose to wear it because all her other jackets were worn out and were not very warm. Li Xin Yi had compelled Li Zi Yun to wear the hoodie she gave her daily. Li Zi Yun wore that without thinking much. She knew Li Xin Yi was not kind hearted to give her new clothes. All of Li Zi Yun's clothes were passed down from Li Xin Yi so she did not put much thought into it.

This was when Wang Yu had seen Li Zi Yun sitting quietly in school. The image of Li Zi Yun had been plastered in his mind and when he saw the video, he could not help but be reminded of Li Zi Yun. Li Xin Yi would have escaped successfully if not for the face recognition technology.

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