My Boss Is Scary Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Chapter 62

Li Xin Yi screamed, "I did not kill Li Zi Yun. I would never do something like that. Please trust me"

"How did you know Wang Yiran died. She was only transferred from your school"

"I I thought I"

Li Xin Yi was scared to the core when she was being interrogated that she forgot that she was the only one aware of Wang Yiran's condition. So, she did what she usually did, shift the blame onto Li Zi Yun.

"It was Li Zi Yun. She killed Wang Yiran. I saw her push Wang Yiran from the top of the building."

Wang Yu was losing his patience. He understood that Li Xin Yi was trying to shift the blame on Li Zi Yun and escape from this. He looked irritated and looked at Zhou Nan Xi, signaling him to continue what he was doing earlier. The way Li Xin Yi was hesitating and her stammering was enough for Wang Yu to be sure that Li Xin Yi knew what actually happened to Wang Yiran and was somehow involved in it. If it were Li Zi Yun, then she would have told him the truth under pressure when he was exploiting her weakness.

This time Li Xin Yi felt the bones in her hand cracking to pieces. The pain was killing her enough to make her lose her consciousness. But the sudden pang of pain as Zhou Nan Xi was holding her arm tightly was too much and made her stay awake. Li Xin Yi wanted to escape from this place. She knew she was the only one at the scene and so what she tells others would be considered as the truth.

"Trust me. I am telling the truth. My sister Li Zi Yun hates Wang Yiran because I was friends with her. Li Zi Yun often bullied us in school. It was her who did that"

Zhou Nan Xi was crushing her arms making her scream in pain. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu spoke to her, "I will give you one more chance to speak. Speak the truth and stay alive or else I will kill you slowly taking my time to torture you"

He continued, "I have the video of you strangling Wang Yiran and trying to kill her"

Li Xin Yi started panicking. Did someone take a video of her approaching Wang Yiran after she had fallen? Was someone trying to frame her? In that panic state along with the pain from Zhou Nan Xi crushing her arm she could not think of lies to shift the attention towards Li Zi Yun, she vomited the truth.

"I never strangled Wang Yiran. I went to the old building only because Wang Yiran had asked me to come there. When I found Wang Yiran, she was half-dead and was only breathing lightly when I saw her. I did not touch her nor try to kill her. Believe me."

Wang Yu's eyes were red with anger. Li Xin Yi had left his sister to die. If Li Xin Yi had informed earlier then there was a slight chance of saving Wang Yiran and she would not have been in coma for so long. Wang Yiran had fallen on the sunshade before falling on the ground, halting her fall. Wang Yiran's bones were cracked and she had suffered heart attack and due to the lack of oxygen to her brain for a long time, she had gone into coma. Wang Yu had never expected that his sister would be in a life or death situation and still no one saved her.

There was silence in the room. The silence made Li Xin Yi more uncomfortable. She was in so much pain and the ropes were cutting through her skin. She could not think of something to save her from the wrath of Wang family. Since she had said the truth, she knew nothing but the entire truth would save her now.

"I was too scared when I saw Wang Yiran in that state. I lost my sense of reasoning. Wang Yiran was already dead when I saw her. I could not do anything. Please believe me."

"Then who pushed her?"

"I looked up and there was no one. Please let me go. Please"

Li Xin Yi continued begging him, "Please trust me. I never killed her. Please". Li Xin Yi was in so much pain that she spoke the truth without thinking about telling lies for a second. All she wanted was to leave this place. Tears were flowing down from her eyes and her voice was hoarse and nothing like her usual voice. It has been a long time before Li Xin Yi cried and she wailing loudly now.

"So you don't regret what you did?"

"I do please stop this please this hurts please let me go please"

Zhou Nan Xi brought a bright light in front of Li Xin Yi and then took of her blindfold. After being accustomed to the darkness for a while now, the bright light was blinding her eyes. She could not look straight.

Zhou Nan Xi came behind her and broke her other arm. Li Zi Yun yelled in pain. Her scream resonated throughout the dungeon. Before leaving the dungeon, Wang Yu ordered Zhou Nan Xi to break her legs and leave her on the side of the road. He wanted Li Xin Yi to suffer the same way Wang Yiran suffered, desperately waiting for someone to save her. Zhou Nan Xi did not expect Wang Yu to let her leave this place alive.

Wang Yu was not content with letting her leave like this. He instructed Zhou Nan Xi to slap Li Xin Yi until her cheeks were bleeding.

Before leaving that place Wang Yu spoke, "She is unlucky no matter whether she survives this or not, she will suffer her whole life"

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