My Boss Is Scary Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Chapter 63

Wang Yu's investigation was at a dead end again. What exactly happened was still unknown and he had no other clue or evidence. Everything ended with Li Xin Yi. He had no other leads. He left the dungeon and entered his house. Then directly Wang Yu entered the room where Li Zi Yun was sleeping. Li Zi Yun was still sleeping. She had not woken up yet. Wang Yu left the room because Liu Guang was waiting outside for him.

Assistant Liu Guang was standing in the living room waiting for CEO Wang Yu. Assistant Liu Guang had been waiting for Li Zi Yun from the morning. He had also tried calling her. Liu Guang had not forgotten the angry outburst by Wang Yu yesterday. He did not want Li Zi Yun to be punished but he could not reach her but he also could not hide the fact that Li Zi Yun was absent today from his boss.

When Liu Guang saw Wang Yu coming down he knew that Wang Yu had dealt with Li Xin Yi. He greeted his boss and gave him the files which needed Wang Yu's approval.


Wang Yu had an unsatisfied look in his face. He was now more confused after talking with Li Xin Yi. Now it looked like no one except Wang Yiran could tell them what really happened. When Assistant Liu Guang called him, he looked up.


"Boss, Secretary Li Zi Yun hasn't come to work today." Liu Guang said in a low voice, scared of mentioning Li Zi Yun in front of Wang Yu.

"Yes, I know."

Assistant Liu Guang looked at Wang Yu's face. Wang Yu's face reaction did not change a bit.

Wang Yu continued, "She is sleeping upstairs. She won't be coming to office for some time"

Liu Guang's mouth was wide open in shock. He did not know how to react to this sentence. He knew that Wang Yu never allowed even his fiance to visit his house or stay there overnight. Therefore, this news was a bit shocking to him. Wild thoughts were running in his mind. Did CEO Wang Yu do something to Li Zi Yun? Why was she staying here? Nevertheless, he could not question his boss directly, so he shut his mouth without asking out anything loud.

Wang Yu asked him, "Did you credit Li Zi Yun's salary in her account?"

"Yes Boss"

Seeing that Liu Guang did not reply, Wang Yu continued, "Get me an iphone 11 pro" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu remembered that he had broken Li Zi Yun's mobile yesterday. He knew this was the least he could do. Assistant Liu Guang had initially wanted to ask CEO Wang Yu if he would not be coming to office today. With Li Zi Yun staying at Wang Yu's place, he did not ask him anything. He left Wang Yu's residence curious about what was happening between Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu. He noticed that CEO Wang Yu's reaction towards Li Zi Yun had changed from one extreme to the other.

Wang Yu had asked the butler to have food ready anytime Li Zi Yun wakes up. His conscience was killing him. He regretted every bit of what he did to Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu did not know how Li Zi Yun would react when she wakes up. He sat in the same room to wait for Li Zi Yun to wake up.

Li Xin Yi had passed out from the pain and torture and now she was a complete mess. Li Xin Yi's cheeks were tear stained and swollen and her hands and legs were hanging at an odd angle. Wang Yu's men took her out and they put her in some road where very few vehicles passed by just like what Wang Yu ordered them to do. They had parked Li Xin Yi's car by the side and left her there.

Fu Ming Zhu had tried calling her daughter to ask how the situation was in Chan Sheng's house, but Li Xin Yi did not pick up the call; so she gave a call to Chan Sheng to ask him when Li Xin Yi left their home. Chan Sheng was surprised when he got this call from Fu Ming Zhu. Li Xin Yi had begged Chan Sheng to wait for her at his home, but Li Xin Yi had not come there. He did not bother calling her and asking the reason, he thought Li Xin Yi was not planning to visit his family. Chan Sheng was thinking of using this excuse against her. When he received the call, he informed Fu Ming Zhu that Li Xin Yi did not come to their home that day.

Fu Ming Zhu was worried when she heard this. Li Xin Yi had gone alone so she had idea where she was. She had asked Li Shu Chen's assistant to track Li Xin Yi using the GPS in her mobile, but Li Xi Yun's mobile was switched off so they could not track her. They tried tracking her through her car GPS, but Wang Yu had them removed too, so they could not find out Li Xin Yi's current location.

Fu Ming Zhu was anxious not knowing where Li Xin Yi was. She asked Li Cheng Zhi to look for his sister, but he was too lazy to leave his room.

Some passerby had seen a girl lying on the side of the road. They had called an ambulance and sent her to the nearby hospital. The facilities in the hospital were not so good and the doctors did not know who the girl was. There was difference in their opinion in deciding whether the girl should be amputated or not. They also did not know who the young girl was so they could not perform surgery on her without the guardians' permission. Time was running.

In the Wang residence, Zhou Nan Xi informed Wang Yu that someone had saved Li Xin Yi and had taken her to the hospital. Wang Yu asked him to return and he need not follow up on Li Xin Yi. He knew Li Xin Yi knew nothing else other than what she told him, so he was no longer interested in her. He went to visit Wang Yiran who was in a vegetative state.

Wang Yu sat besides Wang Yiran, thinking about what Li Xin Yi told him. The only thought that was running repeatedly in his mind was how badly she had behaved in the past that even her friend was not ready to save her when she was in a critical situation. He knew Wang Yiran was a spoilt kid, but only after reading the report, he received on Wang Yiran's relationship with Li Zi Yun he knew it was a lot worse than what he had seen.

Wang family's butler called Wang Yu to inform him that Li Zi Yun had woken up. He immediately left the room.

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