My Boss Is Scary Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Chapter 64

Wu Qing was sleeping in his room. Since he returned home late last night, he did not wake up until late morning. Wu Li Shu could not wait to ask him what happened and why he did not bring Li Zi Yun home. She waited for some time hoping her brother would come down soon, but he did not.

Wu Li Shu did not have the patience to wait longer. She knocked on his door. When he did not reply she burst into the room and yelled his name until he woke up. Wu Qing woke up with a start when someone was screaming his name. The scream sounded like someone was calling his name as if in danger. Seeing Wu Li Shu standing there, he relaxed.

"What happened last night?"


Wu Qing was not fully awake and it took him a minute to understand what she was talking about. He quickly sat up on his bed. He remembered the incident, which happened last night. Now he knew how to bring out Li Zi Yun from Wang Yu's home. His little devil sister could easily accomplish that task.

Wu Qing asked Wu Li Shu to get ready because they are leaving to Wang family residence now.

Li Zi Yun woke up. Her entire body was aching and she did not feel like moving an inch. Slowly last night's memory came to her mind. Her eyes quickly darted open and looked around taking in her surroundings.

Li Zi Yun tried to get up when she could not recognize the room. She was neither in her home nor in Wu Li Shu's house. Her legs were heavily bandaged and so were her knees and palm. She could clearly remember what happened last night but only until the point where she felt dizzy. Li Zi Yun had blanked out after that. She had no idea where she was.

There was noise around Li Zi Yun when she woke up. Two girls were running out of the room when they saw her wake up. Being in an unfamiliar place, she looked around. She was certainly not kidnapped; the kidnappers would not have tended to her wounds. She tried to sit but even raising her body up was hard for her, so she gave up and sank back on the bed.

Was she in Wang Yu's house? She immediately threw away that thought. He would rather throw her on the road and leave rather than taking her home. Then who was it?

A middle-aged woman entered the room. Li Zi Yun had never seen that woman before. The woman came near her and asked in a kind voice.

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The woman ordered the elderly man standing there to bring food to the room.

"May I know who you are and where I am?" Li Zi Yun asked the woman.

The woman smiled at her and said, "Wang Yu brought you home. I am his mother"

Li Zi Yun's eyes opened wide in shock. Why did CEO Wang Yu bring her to his home? Was he not done with her yet?

Li Zi Yun looked at Mrs. Wang. There was no resemblance between Wang Yu and his mother.

"Mrs. Wang, if you don't mind can you help me get up?" Li Zi Yun was feeling uncomfortable lying there like a patient with Mrs. Wang looking at her closely. Having failed in her attempt to get up herself, she couldn't help but ask for Mrs. Wang's help.

Wang Yu entered the room and looked at Li Zi Yun. He saw his mother helping her to sit straight. Their butler entered the room with a maid accompanying him with food. Seeing Wang Yu enter the room, Mrs. Wang got up to leave the room.

She said Li Zi Yun, "I will take leave first. If you need anything don't hesitate to call me." Mrs. Wang stroked her hair lovingly and then left the room.

Li Zi Yun did not wish to see Wang Yu's face. She looked away from him avoiding his eyes. The last nights events had drained her emotionally and she did not want to face Wang Yu in the current situation.

There was silence in the room and Li Zi Yun did not take the initiative to break it. Wang Yu had always yelled at her whenever he saw her. Since she was used to it she did not expect anything else.

Suddenly Wang Yu spoke, "Li Zi Yun I'm sorry"

Hearing Wang Yu speak, she quickly turned around. The scene before her was something she had never expected to see in her lifetime.

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