My Boss Is Scary Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Chapter 65

The Zhao family and Wang family were the powerful families in the country. There was a mutual understanding between the two families that has been going on for several decades. Zhao Industries and Wang Group of Companies had set foot in several industries, but they made sure that they had a monopoly in the industry. They never clashed with each other and they co-existed without any enmity between them. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Zhao Industries were mostly involved in manufacturing defense equipments, which they supplied to the government. They were involved in producing explosives, machinery, advanced ammunition, surveillance equipment and several other military grade equipments.

Wang Group of Companies was involved in construction, automobile, aviation, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, communication and several other industries. Though they were the richest family in the country, since they were in different fields, they did not have disputes.

In the public, they looked like enemies and were each other's throats. What others did not know was there was no such enmity between them.

The names of Zhao family and Wang family were well known in the public, but they kept a low profile. Many people were trying to climb the social ladder by trying to befriend them, so they did not show their face much in public and very little was known about them.

The name Wang Yu was well known to the people and they respected him. He was known as the young heir of Wang family who had led his company to new heights at a very young age. Though he did not start the company or built the company on his own earning, he had ventured his company into new fields and entered the markets of countries, which had not been penetrated before. Thus, Wang Yu was quite famous in the country almost like a celebrity.

And such a great Wang Yu was kneeling beside the bed where she was sitting. Wang Yu was no longer looking at her with a murderous aura. His look had softened. This was new to Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu was kneeling before her!!!! She could not believe her eyes. Why would Wang Yu do this????? Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu with her mouth wide open without saying a word.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's eyes and spoke, "I am sorry for what I did to you. I should not have done that to you without knowing the truth. It was wrong of me to have treated you like that. I do not ask you to forgive me; I can only sincerely apologize for what I did to you"

Wang Yu have never knelt before anyone nor said sorry to anybody but when he committed a mistake, he did not hesitate to ask forgiveness.

"CEO Wang Yu, can you please get up"

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's eyes. Many people had bullied her and many others have hurt her both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, no one had sincerely apologized to her. Many have apologized to her mainly because she was friends with powerful people and they did not want their family to be ruined because of their mistakes.

Wang Yu was a very powerful figure in society and she knew that Wang Yu had no use of her. Wang Yu was more powerful than Wu family and even Chu family. Just a sorry would have sufficed or he could have just left without even apologizing to her; so when Wang Yu spoke those words Li Zi Yun was shocked.

Wang Yu got up and sat opposite to Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun's mind was wavering thinking about how to deal with this situation. She knew Wang Yu was wrong and there was no justification for what he did to her, but she came to know about his character through this. There was every possibility that he may get angry if she yells at him. Though the money she had received that week from the stranger was enough to last some time for her, she wanted to stand on her own legs without anyone's help and she needed a permanent job for that. The job was the one that was keeping her steady and going and she did not want to lose that. Her friends would help her if she was having troubles, but everyone had their own life to look after, so she had to take care of herself on her own without expecting help from others. If she lost the job then everyone will trample on her. Li Zi Yun was angry on him, but she knew she did not have the power to fight against him, nor did she want to involve her friends in this. So, Li Zi Yun chose the other option, dealing the situation in a softer way.

She thought of dealing with this practically and logically instead of showing her anger outside. Wang Yu had no use of her now, but she needed him. Though he may not angry at her now for yelling at him, Wang Yu may use this against her in the future. If Wang Yu fired her and blacklisted her, then no company would be ready to take her, Li Zi Yun would be on the streets. If any company selected her, it would be like waging a war with Wang Yu and going against him and no company was ready to do that. If she stayed in the secretary position then she may get an opportunity to get revenge on Wang Yu, she thought of dealing with the situation patiently instead of rashly taking decisions.

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