My Boss Is Scary Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Chapter 67

Li Zi Yun sat there quietly without saying a word. Her stomach growled informing her that she has not eaten anything for nearly a day. The maids served her food and then left her alone with Wang Yu.

When Li Zi Yun was eating, she concentrated only on the food and did not look at Wang Yu. He had gotten up from his seat and walked towards the window. With his back towards Li Zi Yun, he started speaking.

"Yiran is four years younger to me. She was a spoilt kid from when she was young; everyone in the family showered her with love. She was only afraid of my grandfather and me when she was young. One day when she in middle school, she was throwing a tantrum because grandfather refused to get her what she wanted. The next day she ran away from home just to scare us a bit. Unexpectedly, someone kidnapped Yiran that day. We searched for her for two whole days. At last, when we tracked her we found that she taken away by people who wanted to ruin our family and the kidnappers were on the verge of selling her to some other country. After we found her, no one refused anything to her and she became more spoilt. My grandfather was feeling guilty that the kidnapping happened because of him so everyone listened to Yiran after that. She only listened to me but I studied abroad and I was not home most of the time so I did not try to discipline her much. I did not visit home often and even if I did, I stayed home for very less time."

Wang Yu paused for a second before continuing.

"I was at the age where everyone enjoys their life so I did not give much importance to family. I was living my life with my friends. After the kidnapping, there were always bodyguards who were assigned to protect Yiran. When she was in school, they waited outside the school campus and other times when she was out in public, they always followed her. One day the bodyguards were waiting outside but Yiran had not come out so they rushed inside and searched for her. That is when they found her."

Wang Yu had never spoken about this to anyone else. Even Wu Qing did not know the truth, but Wang Yu said everything to Li Zi Yun.

"Wang Yiran was hardly breathing, when she was found at the back of the school near the old building. She had either jumped from the top of the building or someone had pushed her. Yiran had fallen on the sunshade above the window and that halted her fall, but was not enough to keep her safe. It was too late when they brought her to the hospital. She had suffered cardiac arrest and oxygen supply to her brain had been cut for some time, so she went into coma. No one had any clue what had happened to Yiran and there were no evidence to prove that she was murdered. I know too well about her and I could not conclude this as suicide. I do not know about other things I know that she had a strong will and she would go to any heights to achieve what she want so I could not let this go as suicide. I have searched for so many years hoping to find something without giving up hope. At last I received the video I showed you"

Li Zi Yu listened without interrupting for so long. She was not sure why Wang Yu was telling her about the past. She was neither interested nor she did she want to know about Wang Yiran but she was curious about one thing.

"Why did you think it was me in the video before sending it for face identification and finding out who it was"

Li Zi Yun knew that it was impossible for him to guess it was she without knowing her. The video was not clear and the face was blurry. Wang Yu thought for a second, instead of answering her question he stayed quiet.

Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu's back and he showed no signs of replying her question, so she asked him, "Where is Li Xin Yi?"

If Wang Yu had tortured her to this extent even without knowing the truth then Li Zi Yun was sure that Wang Yu would not have left her alone.

Wang Yu looked at her and said, "She is still alive" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"So Li Xin Yi was not the culprit?"

"She saw Yiran lying there but she chose to run away rather than saving her"

Li Zi Yun could imagine this. Li Xin Yi was definitely the type who would leave someone to die.

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