My Boss Is Scary Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Chapter 68

"And what are you going to do now?" Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu shook his head. The investigation had reached a dead end and he had no idea how to proceed.

"Do you want to see her?"

"CEO Wang I am sorry to tell this but I hate Wang Yiran and I am not sure that I even feel pity for her and I don't want to see her. I know that she is your sister and you love her. To me she was a disease that I prefer to avoid. She was the main culprit next to my family who was always trying to make my life a living hell and she succeeded a few times. I would be lying if I said I have forgiven her just because she is in coma. I'm sorry if I hurt you talking about your sister like this, but I don't want to lie."

Wang Yu had seen in the report everything that Wang Yiran had done, so he did not get angry when Li Zi Yun said this. He would have normally gotten angry, but with seeing Li Zi Yun react in a calm manner to her problems, he was sure that Li Zi Yun would not have spoken like this if Wang Yiran had not gone extreme and she had her reasons. He just nodded his head without saying a word.

Noise was heard from downstairs because the room was quiet. Wang Yu gave Li Zi Yun the tablets that the doctor had prescribed for her. She took them without saying a word. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wu Qing had returned with Wu Li Shu and Wu Li Shu was making a commotion there. She barged into the house and asked for Li Zi Yun. Hearing the noise Mrs. Wang came out.

Seeing Mrs. Wang, Wu Li Shu greeted her told her, "Aunty I am to here to take Li Zi Yun home"

"How do you know her?" Mrs. Wang was surprised when following Wu Qing, Wu Li Shu had also come here to take away Li Zi Yun.

"My best friend and I am not leaving this place without her"

Wang Yu did not leave the room even when the noises were heard. The butler came to inform him that the Wu family young master and miss had come here to take Li Zi Yun home.

'Of course all Wu Qing had to do was bring the little devil to drag her friend away' Wang Yu murmured under his breath.

Li Zi Yun was overjoyed when she heard this; she can escape from this place now.

Wang Yu then spoke to Li Zi Yun, "I'll be back now" saying that he walked towards the door.

"But." Before Li Zi Yun could finish the sentence, Wang Yu had left the room. She sighed, 'he never changes does he'

Li Zi Yun closed her eyes and leaned back. The medicine had started taking effect. She was feeling sleepy so she sat still leaning against the head post. Drowsiness was taking over her.

The Wang family and Wu family had first decided on marrying Wang Yu to Wu Li Shu but Wang Yiran and Wu Li Shu had been against it. Though Wu Li Shu did not openly express her disinterest, Wang Yiran had made a scene and somehow stopped it. So Wu Li Shu felt a bit awkward around Wang Yu whenever this topic was brought up.

When Wu Li Shu saw Wang Yu coming down she asked him in a loud voice, "Brother Wang when are you going to let your Personal Secretary go home?"

Wang Yu looked at Wu Qing and understood that he had not told her anything about Li Zi Yun's condition. If she knew, Wu Li Shu would not have spoken to him quietly.

Mrs. Wang and Wu Qing were standing there quietly.

Wang Yu replied calmly, "I will let her go home when I want her to leave. Am I giving her salary for free?"

"But she too is human and she can't work for you 24*7" Wu Li Shu sensed that Wang Yu was not willing to let Li Zi Yun leave.

"Of course she is. That is why I have let her sleep until now without waking her up. You can check if you want, she hasn't woken up yet"

Wu Qing gave a mocking cough. Mrs. Wang looked at Wang Yu, just now, she had seen the girl sitting there awake, and how did she fall asleep so soon.

Knowing that Wu Li Shu did not trust him, Wang Yu took her to the guest room were Li Zi Yun was staying. The butler nodded at him before they entered the room. When Wang Yu opened the door, he noticed that Li Zi Yun was sleeping in sitting position. Wu Qing had also followed them. Wang Yu went near Li Zi Yun to lay her on the bed, but before he could do that Wu Qing stopped him. He laid Li Zi Yun on bed and said to Wu Li Shu that he wanted to speak privately to Wang Yu.

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