My Boss Is Scary Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Chapter 69

Wu Li Shu could not believe her eyes when she saw Li Zi Yu sleeping. She looked at Wang Yu suspiciously. Neither was Wang Yu the type to let his employee sleep until late in the morning nor let them stay at his place. Since her brother had asked her to leave, she left quietly but she was not convinced. When Wu Li Shu left, Wu Qing asked Wang Yu, "What game are you playing now? You know she is not the culprit, then why are you not letting her leave?"

"I told you it was her choice. If she wants to leave I am not stopping her"

Wu Li Shu wanted to stay back until Li Zi Yun woke up, but Wang Yu did not want them to stay back. He was convinced that even if Li Zi Yun was okay with staying, Wu Li Shu would change Li Zi Yun's mind.

Wang Yu asked Wu Li Shu, "Are you interested in me? Is that why you don't want to leave or do you want to convince my mother to let me marry you?"

"Don't be such a narcissist. I will never be interested in you"

Wu Li Shu turned towards her brother Wu Qing and told him, "Brother let's leave. We can come back tomorrow to pick her up" she did not want to stay there for another second. Since she saw that Li Zi Yun was safe, she did not hesitate to leave.

Wang Yu immediately took the chance and sent them away saying that he did not want them to disturb her and Li Zi Yun had loads of work to do.

Fu Ming Zhu came to know about Li Xin Yi's condition a bit late and she rushed there with her husband Li Shu Chen. They had tried sending Li Xin Yi to Wang family hospital but they did not accept their request and sent her away saying that they could not provide advanced treatment for her. Wang Yu had given instructions beforehand not to admit Li Xin Yi inside. Therefore, they transferred Li Xin Yi to another hospital. Li Shu Chen had sent his men to find out who did this to his daughter, but Wang Yu had clearly erased any evidence that pointed to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Fu Ming Zhu was crying her eyes out without knowing what will happen to her daughter. Li Xin Yi bones had cracked into pieces and her hands and legs were fractured. Fu Ming Zhu was weeping and yelling at the chief doctors outside the operation theatre. She was threatening them that she would sue and kill them if they did not save her daughter. When Wang family hospital refused to take in Li Xin Yi, Fu Ming Zhu got truly scared that Li Xin Yi's condition was critical. She had tried pleading in the Wang family hospital but they did not head to her, therefore they rushed Li Xin Yi to another hospital without wasting time.

Chan Sheng came with his family to the hospital. There was not a hint of worry in their faces. Anyone who saw them there would have thought they were not here to see a patient. Chan Sheng's mother, Mrs. Chan had dressed up and come there. Only Chan Sheng felt a big pity for her and not love. The family left the place after staying for some time not bothering to wait until Li Xin Yi's surgery ended. Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu did not expect the Chan's to be so indifferent to their future daughter in law, but with Li Xin Yi in this condition she had no time to think about them.

Surgery continued for a few hours before the doctors finally came out. They informed Fu Ming Zhu that Li Xin Yi's condition could only be confirmed after she wakes up. Li Shu Chen sent his men to somehow track and find out what happened to Li Xin Yi and who had the guts to do this to her.

Meng Sen Xi returned home after more than three months. He had no choice but to return home when his uncle's assistant had asked him to come.

Meng Sen Xi went straight to meet his uncle. When he entered the room, his uncle asked the assistants to leave the place.


Meng Sen Xi's uncle, Meng Jian sighed. "Sen Xi, I called you here to talk as your uncle"

Meng Sen Xi was surprised. What did uncle want to talk to him?

He sat before his uncle, waiting for him to speak.

Meng Jian came straight to the point, "Stop dating Li Zi Yun"

Meng Sen Xi looked at his uncle for a moment then replied, "If this is what you want to talk about then I am leaving. No one can stop me from dating her"

Meng Jian's tone did not change. He replied, "I am not asking you whether you will stop dating her. I am ordering you to stop dating her."

"No one has the right to control me in this." Meng Sen Xi was starting to get angry. He had always obeyed all the family rules. Now do they have to control him even in dating?

Meng Sen Xi had joined Wang Yu's company on his uncle's order. Initially he did not want to work there, but when he saw Li Zi Yun, he immediately changed his mind. She was the only reason why he continued working there. No matter what, he was not ready to let go of her.

Meng Jian knew it was not an easy task to convince Meng Sen Xi. He had no option but to tell the truth.

Meng Jian continued in a calm voice, "Li Zi Yun is your cousin"


Meng Sen Xi had no idea how Li Zi Yun could be his cousin. He had his men investigate her and there was no such thing.

Meng Jian then spoke in a serious tone, "Very few people know what I am about to tell you. This is our family secret so listen carefully"

When Meng Jian finished speaking, Meng Sen Xi only nodded his head. He felt like a huge rock has fallen over his head. He got up to leave.

Meng Jian then told him, "Protect Li Zi Yun, but don't let her know the truth till we are ready to tell her."

All Meng Sen Xi could do was nod his head and leave the house silently. When he entered the house, he never expected this would be the reason for being called home.

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