My Boss Is Scary Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 A bunch of trash

Li Zi Yun did her work thoroughly as she was afraid of having any slip ups in the first work assigned to her. Though the time given to her was very less she put in her complete effort to get a cent percent result. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Her entire afternoon was filled with calls from various departments and also the CEO made her go up and down to collect the files.

When the clock struck 5 pm she took the contract to the CEO's room. She knocked and entered and found that Assistant Liu Guang was also present.

She placed the document in front of CEO Wang Yu. He went through the pages of the document.

The next moment the papers were flying towards her face and it fell down scattered all over the ground.

Both Assistant Liu Guang and LI Zi Yun were shocked beyond limit. Though Li Zi Yun has been mistreated before she did not expect this reaction on the very first task from her boss, on the other hand Assistant Liu Guang had never seen the boss treat anyone in this manner. Maybe she really was his mortal enemy.

Li Zi Yun stood there stunned not knowing how to react or what to do next.

"You call this a contract? I call this a bunch of trash."

He continued, "Get lost and bring a new one in three hours"

She bent down to collect the papers, but Assistant Liu Guang stopped her and signaled her to leave.

He collected the papers and looked through the documents and there were no errors and the document was fairly well done given the time restriction.

"Boss what is wrong with this?" as far as he knew this was up to standard and he couldn't help but ask the reason. His boss has been reacting differently from the morning ever since he met Li Zi Yun.

He made her do works which were not required immediately and he also set time limits which made it difficult to produce quality work.

"Have you standards also reduced subpar that you can't even recognize the quality of that document?" Assistant Liu Guang had no reply to this question.

He silently took his leave.

Wang Yu was thinking in his mind, this is only the beginning Li Zi Yun, wait and watch how you're going to suffer in the future.

Li Zi Yun went to her desk and started checking the document, she was sure that she must have done some major blunder for the boss to react like this. She read the document fully and still couldn't figure out what was wrong, was the reaction because she did not consider some more information or was her analysis of the company wrong?

She waited impatiently for Assistant Liu Guang to come out. As soon as he came out of the CEO's office she rushed towards him, "Assistant Liu can you tell me what is wrong with the contract? How can I make it better?"

"Miss Zi Yun, I cannot help you on this one. Please take of it yourself". He walked away before Li Zi Yun could stop him.

Assistant Liu Guang had no idea what were CEO Wang's expectations on this one so he thought it was better to steer away from this problem rather than offending the boss. He did not want to anger his boss.

She started analyzing various parameters that may be helpful and corrected the contract again. She was nervous as she entered CEO Wang Yu's room after two hours.

"CEO Wang, here is the contract". Her voice was shivering slightly.

Without looking at her he asked her to bring tea for him and he started looking at the document.

She inquired Yi Yao what tea was preferred by CEO Wang and prepared it. She took it to him hot.

Wang Yu was a bit surprised that that Li Zi Yun was so capable. The document he held in his hand was done very professionally and she had put so much effort into it. Selecting her for this task had more than one use after all.

She entered the room with the hot tea. She served it to him and waited impatiently to know whether the contract was up to par.

He took a sip of tea and threw the content at her. The hot tea fell on her hand and scalded her left hand while the tea cup hit her thighs and fell down shattered to pieces. She felt her skin burning. Pouring hot drinks over her was one of her step mother's favorite pass time. So she did not even flinch when the tea was splashed over her and stood there quietly.

Wang Yu knew how hot the tea was when he tasted it. He saw the tea splashing on her hand, and he was waiting for her to yell and scream about the eldest Miss Li being treated this way but to his disappointment there was no reaction. She stood as if nothing happened. He looked at her hands and it was pink.

"Tea was so cold, prepare tea hotter next time"

"Hotter?" 'If this was not hot then was she supposed to bring it in boiling temperature?'

"Miss Zi Yun did not even flinch when it was splashed, doesn't that mean its cold?"

'Did he ask tea to drink or pour it on her?' She muttered "Yes Sir" and walked away.

"You", hearing the boss speak she turned around. He asked her "Aren't you supposed to clean the mess caused by you?" saying so he pointed at the floor.

'How was this caused by her?' She nodded her head and cleaned it.

As soon as she came out she let running water touch her scalded skin. This was soothing her skin which had turned bright pinkish red now.

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