My Boss Is Scary Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Chapter 70

Li Shu Chen was in a dilemma about what to do. First the factory explosion, now Li Xin Yi's accident and Chan family ignoring them, everything was happening one by one and Li Shu Chen was going mad dealing with it. He was not used to facing so many problems at the same time and it was tiring him. He had run out of options to acquire money and it was stressing him out.

Li Shu Chen asked Li Cheng Zhi to help him in the company but Li Cheng Zhi was not a bit interested in that. Li Cheng Zhi did not want to burden himself with work. He loved spending money not earning it. Therefore, Li Shu Chen was desperate to meet Li Zi Yun in order to get an appointment with Wang Yu. He tried calling Li Zi Yun, but could not reach her, he had sent his men to her house but there was no positive response from that side and he had even sent his men to wait outside the office to stop Li Zi Yun, but there was no response from that side either.

Li Zi Yun woke up late in the evening and food was served to her immediately. Wang Yu entered the room, when she finished her food. He handed her the new mobile that he asked Liu Guang to get for her. Li Zi Yun raised her eyebrows looking at it. She did not get it from his hands, Wang Yu was holding it out to her.

"This is yours," saying so Wang Yu handed it to her.

All the contents from her old phone had been transferred to this new one.

"Thank you. You can deduct the money for this from my salary"

Wang Yu looked at her. Did she think he was so petty?

Li Zi Yun continued, "Oh I am sorry, I don't get my salary, so maybe when I get it after three months you can deduct this amount"

One thing was clear to Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun had only said the words that she forgave him, but the truth was she hadn't. Wang Yu could remember clearly how he made her run for loan and made every bank reject it. He stayed quiet without answering, though he had asked the HR department to credit her salary, he was still feeling guilty.

Wang Yu changed the topic, "Maids are waiting outside for you, so if you need anything call them and they will come to you. You can stay home for a month before returning to work"

Li Zi Yun asked him, "CEO Wang, if you don't mind can you tell me when I can go home?"

Wang Yu said in a final tone, "You will be staying here for a month" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Before Li Zi Yun could protest, Wang Yu left the room.

Li Zi Yun murmured, 'Will he ever a complete a conversation and not leave after saying what he wants to say'

Li Zi Yun checked her mobile. There were several messages from Chu Yan, Wu Li Shu, Meng Sen Xi, Li Shu Chen and Li Cheng Zhi. She was surprised when she saw she had received a message from Li Cheng Zhi. Even when they were at the same house, Li Cheng Zhi had never speaking with Li Zi Yun. He considered that a waste of time so the message from him surprised her.

Li Zi Yun opened the message, it contained very few words, 'I wanna meet u'

Li Zi Yun couldn't even guess why Li Cheng Zhi wanted to meet her. She ignored his text message. There were nearly a hundred text messages from Li Shu Chen alone. Its contents were mostly, 'Where are you?', 'Come home right now' and 'I want to meet you'.

The text message contents varied from threats to pleading. There was even an image of Li Xin Yi in hospital bed with full of bandages. Did Wang Yu put Li Xin Yi in the same condition as Wang Yiran? Li Zi Yun zoomed in the image to take a clear look. Wang Yu had done a number on her. She felt no sympathy for her. Karma is a bitch. Li Zi Yun could only say that Li Xin Yi got what she deserved. If Li Xin Yi had not left Wang Yiran to die, then Wang Yu would have rewarded Li Xin Yi or at least Li Xin Yi would not be in this condition, all this happened due to her actions and this was a consequence of her actions.

After taking medicine, she fell asleep soon. She was in the middle of sending a message to Chu Yan when she fell asleep. Li Zi Yun very much wanted to leave the house but she had no time to think at all, she ate and slept the whole day without being given a choice. Since she was tired, she did not complain.

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