My Boss Is Scary Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Chapter 71

Two weeks passed by with Li Zi Yun staying at Wang Yu's place. Wang Yu daily visited her once at night. Wang Yu went to office daily in the morning and returned only at night so Li Zi Yun did not have to see him often. Rumors were afloat in the company that Li Zi Yun has been fired since they haven't seen her for two weeks. Many women were trying to get the position of Personal Secretary of Wang Yu thinking that Li Zi Yun will not return to the company. They asked Assistant Liu Guang regarding this but he did not answer them.

Wang Yu had arranged a separate room for Li Zi Yun and a table inside his office room. Though Wang Yu had asked Liu Guang to prepare all this, Wang Yu did not tell Liu Guang for whom he was doing all this. Assistant Liu Guang also had a separate room, but since Wang Yu had appointed Li Zi Yun as secretary only for torturing her, he asked Liu Guang not to bother about this earlier. Wang Yu would have removed Li Zi Yun from the position after he had found the truth but since she was efficient and perfect at her work, he thought of letting her remain in that position.

When Li Zi Yun was at Wang Residence, she once met Grandfather Wang. He chatted with her for some time and promised her that he will help her in any way she wants, not because he wanted to compensate for Wang Yu's mistake but because he liked her. Li Zi Yun had everything she wanted so she told him that she will get his help in future in case she needs it.

Li Zi Yun at last left the house after two weeks when she could walk a bit. Wang Yu was insisting that she should stay back but she did not want to overdo their hospitality. The Wang family had taken very good care of her in those few days when she stayed there. Mrs. Wang spent a lot of time with Li Zi Yun and they spoke about many things. Wang Yu's mother was such a soft-spoken woman and when she was at Wang Residence, she saw another side of Wang Yu.

When in office, Wang Yu always had a serious face, which did not reveal even a bit of humanity, but Wang Yu was the complete opposite at home. He respected the elders and obeyed them and he was a good son to the family. Mrs. Wang did not want to part with Li Zi Yun, but Mrs. Wang let her do what she wanted. When Li Zi Yun left the Wang Residence, Mrs. Wang sent her home with lots of food and gifts.

Wang Yu had asked Li Zi Yun to return to work whenever she wants and said that she was given paid leave. After a week after she returned to her house, she could walk steadily without support but she walked a bit slow. She started feeling bored. This was the first time, in a very long time that she had stayed at home without working for three weeks continuously. Earlier when she was in college, she worked double shifts sometime in her part time jobs during holidays. She never had leave for more than a day or two during the past seven years.

This was the time to relax for Li Zi Yun, but she started feeling bored after a week. Passing time by staying at the same place and doing nothing was not something that she enjoyed. The doctors have advised her to rest for a long time in order to recover quickly so she had to stay in bed without moving much.

Li Zi Yun stayed at home for one more week before she finally returned to work. In this one month, Meng Sen Xi did not speak to her much and he ignored her totally. After Meng Sen Xi had spoken to his uncle, he knew he had no hope of being with Li Zi Yun. All he could do was stay by her side and protect her. He wanted to tell her that he no longer wanted to go on a date with her but he preferred telling it in person rather than just sending a message. Meng Sen Xi wanted to leave the job but his uncle did not let him.

Meng Sen Xi's Meng family was the don of the underworld. That is why even though he was rich and the heir of the underworld mafia, very few people knew his identity. When he asked Li Zi Yun for a date, he wanted to tell her the truth about his family and date her truthfully. The main reason why Meng Sen Xi did not visit Li Zi Yun during this one month was that he did not want to be seen by Wang Yu's men. If Meng Sen Xi was seen visiting Li Zi Yun's house then he would definitely be interrogated by Wang Yu and his cover may be blown. He did not want to take the risk. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Meng Sen Xi's father was the head of the gang and next in line was his uncle Meng Jian. His uncle was ready to let Meng Sen Xi become the next leader but he wanted Meng Sen Xi to experience the real world before joining the underworld gang. This was one of the reasons while the other was to protect Li Zi Yun. Meng Jian made Meng Sen Xi join the company exactly when Li Zi Yun joined but he did not enclose the truth. Meng Jian wanted to wait for some time and tell Meng Sen Xi to look after Li Zi Yun without enclosing the truth only if there was something serious. What Meng Jian did not expect was Meng Sen Xi falling in love with Li Zi Yun. Since the unexpected had happened, he had no choice but to tell the truth. Meng Jian did not want the disaster, which occurred several years ago to Li Zi Yun to repeat again.

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