My Boss Is Scary Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Chapter 72

When Li Zi Yun entered the office after a month, there were whispers among the people who saw her. When she hadn't come to office for a month, everyone was convinced that Li Zi Yun had left the company, so they were surprised when they saw her again. Li Zi Yun walked slowly and confidently to the elevator, completely ignoring the others.

When the elevator doors were about to close, someone stopped it from closing. A woman in high heels entered the elevator. Li Zi Yun had seen her somewhere but she couldn't remember where. The woman looked at Li Zi Yun. The one who entered the elevator was Huang Nian.

Huang Nian looked at Li Zi Yun. Huang Nian remembered her from Wu Li Shu's birthday party. Since Li Zi Yun did not know who the other woman was, she totally ignored her. Huang Nian did not know Li Zi Yun was Wang Yu's secretary, so she was curious about why Li Zi Yun was here in Wang Yu's company.

Huang Nian looked at Li Zi Yun and asked her, "Who are you?"

Li Zi Yun turned towards Huang Nian when she heard a voice.

Li Zi Yun pointed the fingers at herself and asked Huang Nian, "You're asking me?"

"Yes. Is there anybody else here?"

"I'm Li Zi Yun", after saying that Li Zi Yun turned towards the front; completely ignoring Huang Nian once again.


Huang Nian could not control her temper. She was Wang Yu's fiance and how dare someone treat her like this at Wang Yu's company.

Huang Nian yelled at her, "Do you think you are someone great to be recognized by your name?"

Li Zi Yun found Huang Nian very annoying. No matter what, even if she was quiet without disturbing others, someone was always trying to provoke her. Li Zi Yun couldn't stay quiet any longer.

"If you can't recognize me by my name then why did you ask me who I am?" Li Zi Yun was starting to feel irritated. At last, she wanted to have a peaceful life at office but now she hasn't been in the office for ten minutes, someone was trying to provoke her.

"Why are you here?" Huang Nian was staring at Li Zi Yun.

"Hmmm" Li Zi Yun did not want trouble at office so she stayed quiet and she was not interested in talking to the woman who was rude to her.

The elevator door opened at the fiftieth floor revealing Wang Yu. Wang Yu was standing there talking to Assistant Liu Guang. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun and asked her, "Why are you here?"

Before Li Zi Yun could answer, Huang Nian thought Wang Yu was speaking to her moved in front of Li Zi Yun and said, "Brother Wang, I missed you and wanted to see you. Who is this girl? What is she doing here?"

Wang Yu did not even look at Huang Nian; his entire concentration was on Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun looked at both Wang Yu and Huang Nian, seeing that Wang Yu was speaking to her, she wondered if Wang Yu had gone back on his words and removed her from the position. 'Did he think I was no longer useful and throw me away? Is that why he is asking me why I came back?'

Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu. Since Li Zi Yun did not answer him, Wang Yu asked again, "I told you to take rest, why did come so soon? Has your foot healed completely?"

Assistant Liu Guang was standing there mouth open wide in shock. CEO Wang Yu's reaction towards Li Zi Yun had taken a 180 turn and he was not expecting it. Liu Guang knew what happened before a month but he did not know the entire truth, Wang Yu did not tell him, so he had no idea.

Huang Nian's anger was rising now. Wang Yu was ignoring her completely as if she was invisible and looking at Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu had never once spoken to her the way he was talking to Li Zi Yun now. She was starting to feel a bit scared now. Did Wang Yu like the new girl? Huang Nian was able to easily become Wang Yu's fiance only because he did not have any girlfriend nor did he like anybody in particular at that time. Her position was at risk if Wang Yu liked someone else. She would not let that happen.

Again, Huang Nian interrupted and said, "Brother Wang, this woman bullied me. She doesn't even know the future wife of the CEO. She was very rude to me. You should fire her."

Wang Yu was getting irritated now. He signaled with his fingers asking Li Zi Yun to come forward. Li Zi Yun had never seen Wang Yu's fiance up close so she had no idea how she looked like. She looked at Wang Yu's face, his face looked like he was irritated, so she no idea if Wang Yu believed his fiances words or not.

Li Zi Yun was wearing heels after a long time, when she was walking she slipped. Wang Yu caught her before she fell down.

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