My Boss Is Scary Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Chapter 73

Wang Yu held Li Zi Yun's arm and shoulder decently unlike people who take advantage of the situation.


Wang Yu let go of Li Zi Yun after she had steadied herself on her feet.

'Bitch! How dare you seduce my fiance' Huang Nian was scolding Li Zi Yun in her mind. She knew that several women were trying to make Wang Yu theirs but they had never succeeded. Huang Nian was thinking in her mind, 'There was no need to hold her for slipping. He should have let her fall down and crack her skull'

Huang Nian walked angrily towards Li Zi Yun, "So you can't even walk properly? Do not think I cannot see your scheming ways. I can see you clearly trying to seduce my fiance. He will always be mine, don't even dream about him"

Though it was announced that Wang Yu and Huang Nian were engaged, Wang Yu had never proposed to her nor spoken like a fiance to her. Huang Nian did not even know Wang Yu's personal number and she only spoke to him when they meet. Even during that time, Wang Yu did not speak to her a lot. It was a wonder if he spoke more than a sentence to her. Their engagement party had not taken place yet but Huang Nian always went around and used Wang Yu's name to get things done. Wang Yu knew that his marriage would be an arranged one so his only condition was his fiance should not disturb him nor come to his office and home unannounced. He was satisfied as long as these conditions were met. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu and Huang Nian had been engaged for two years already but there was no real communication between them. Until he is married to someone, anything may happen, so he was not much interested in Huang Nian since this was just a business marriage. Huang Nian coming to company and disturbing his office hours was getting on his nerves. Wang Yu stayed quiet hoping that Huang Nian will leave quietly if he ignores her, but it looked like she had no idea of leaving the place. In the current situation, Wang Yu trusted Li Zi Yun more than Wang Yu trusted Huang Nian.

Wang Yu at last turned towards Huang Nian and faced her. Then he said in a clear voice, "Leave the building right now or I will have you thrown out"

Huang Nian had come here to invite Wang Yu to her birthday party. Her father Mr. Huang wanted to discuss with Wang Yu about getting finances from him and that was the main reason why she was here. Wang Yu knew that the Huang family was using his name but he let it go, as long it did not affect him. Wang Yu had received the message from Huang Nian inviting him to her birthday party but he was not interested in going to her birthday party. Yet he decided to go, as he had to give face to his family. With Huang Nian coming here and annoying him, he decided he wouldn't go to the party.

Li Zi Yun was shocked to see Wang Yu's reaction. She knew it was a business marriage but she hadn't expected their relationship to be so bad. Huang Nian also did not expect that Wang Yu would insult her in front of others. She knew Wang Yu did not like her and was staying quiet only because of his family and he may break this engagement any moment. In the birthday party, Huang Nian's father was planning to announce officially in front of friends and family that Huang Nian will be getting married to Wang Yu soon. When Mr. Huang suggested this to Huang Nian, she immediately agreed to go to his company and flaunt in front of everybody that she was Wang Yu's fiance and soon she will be Mrs. Wang. Wang Yu had already warned her never to try anything like this, so when Huang Nian came there even after being warned, Wang Yu couldn't stay quiet.

Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun in a tender voice, "Can you walk now or do you want to rest?"

Wang Yu's attitude toward Li Zi Yun were on the extreme opposite side and this was scaring Li Zi Yun. The look on Huang Nian's face when she looked at Li Zi Yun confirmed one thing; Li Zi Yun had gained one more enemy. Li Zi Yun was staying there quietly and it was Huang Nian who provoked her, both in the elevator and also in front of Wang Yu, but she knew that no matter what, Huang Nian would anyway direct her anger towards her, only her, because Huang Nian did not have the guts to say anything to Wang Yu. Huang Nian was staring at Li Zi Yun.

Huang Nian couldn't stand being insulted in front of Li Zi Yun. She started feeling a bit suspicious that Li Zi Yun was getting a bit closer to Wang Yu. Her father, Mr. Huang was on the verge of being appointed as the Presidential candidate from the current opposition party and he needed Wang Yu's monetary help and support. Huang Nian did not want to anger Wang Yu her father would kill her. With failing to invite Wang Yu, Huang Nian stomped into the elevator. Wang Yu ignored her completely. When the elevator door was closing, Huang Nian could see that Wang Yu's eyes were looking only at Li Zi Yun. She was burning with rage.

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