My Boss Is Scary Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chapter 74

Wang Yu repeated again, "Can you walk or do you want to rest?"

Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu. What is wrong with this guy? It has not even been a minute since he had yelled at Huang Nian and now he was talking to her casually as if nothing had happened.

Li Zi Yun knew Wang Yu will not stop asking her until she gives him a reply, so she said, "I am fine. Sorry I slipped."

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's feet. She was wearing heels, though it was not high, he asked her to remove it. Li Zi Yun was not sure why he asked her to remove it, yet she took it off. Wang Yu lifted her off her feet. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What are you doing?"

Wang Yu was holding her close and her face was closer to his. It was not as if she hadn't seen him up close, but she turned to the other side and saw Assistant Liu Guang standing there open mouthed. Li Zi Yun couldn't understand why Wang Yu was doing all this.

Wang Yu spoke calmly, "Get her flat shoes" and he entered his office carrying Li Zi Yun as if she was light as a feather.

"I can walk" Li Zi Yun spoke in a low voice.

Wang Yu lowered her on the sofa and said, "How can you walk barefooted in the office?"

'Did he not notice that I was barefooted that day when he dragged me out of the company?' Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu in disbelief. The last time she was at office, Wang Yu had dragged her out even though she was not wearing any footwear but now he is concerned.

Wang Yu then told her, "You can sit here and do your work. If you're tired, (he pointed towards a door by the side) you can rest there"

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. She did not hate him to the extent she hated her family. When she was staying at home for a month, she had thought about this. Wang Yu poured tea on her, he cut her salary and made her stand on her injured foot and took her out in the car once making her relive her trauma. At least after all this, he had apologized to her and even his family had taken care of her. Moreover, he loved his sister and did this all for her. This was something she did not see in her family, so she had forgiven him mostly. Now he was just her boss nothing more. Assistant Liu Guang had also informed her about her salary being increased three fold so she no longer hated him, but she not forgotten what happened. Still she felt that Wang Yu's behavior to her now was a bit too much. She did not expect so much attention from him.

Wang Yu was still feeling guilty for his actions towards Li Zi Yun and all he could do was take care of her and make her feel comfortable.

Li Zi Yun asked him directly, "Sir why are you treating me this way? You don't have to do all this"

Wang Yu's answer was what she had never expected, "I always treat everyone nicely. What are you talking about?"

Li Zi Yun did not reply. She sat there quietly.

Li Xin Yi's wounds were healing. Her mother Fu Ming Zhu had continuously asked her who did this to her but Li Xin Yi did not answer. She did not have the guts to say it was Wang Yu. Though she was blindfolded she was sure it was Wang Yu who did that to her. Only the Wang family will be interested in Wang Yiran therefore it has to be Wang Yu. She could clearly remember the questions he asked her and everything he said. If she said anything against the Wang family then her father would try to gain from the situation, but she knew the result. The Wang family would ruin her Li family. She was not ready to go back to the time when they had very less money.

Li Xin Yi could remember clearly that she had shifted the blame on Li Zi Yun but Wang Yu did not believe her but till now there no news unusual about Li Zi Yun, so Wang Yu hadn't done anything to Li Zi Yun. Was Li Zi Yun close to Wang Yu now? Did she seduce him and make him fall for her? Is that why he left her alone? When Li Xin Yi woke up, she was scared that Wang Yu would have forced the Li family into bankruptcy. Wang Yu was not so kind hearted to leave them alone. The only reason she could guess was 'Li Zi Yun'.

When Li Zi Yun's maternal grandparents died, Li Zi Yun's mother was only eighteen and she became the sole owner of their business. Li Shu Chen had married her only because of the company and Li Zi Yun's mother who was not interested in business and company gave it to him to look after her daughter at home. Li Shu Chen had not only changed everything to his name, he also had a mistress at the side and had two kids with her. Though the company name had changed, it was originally Li Zi Yun's property and no others had any claim to it. Li Xin Yi thought this must be the reason why Wang Yu did not destroy their family. Li Zi Yun must have asked him to go soft on her property.

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