My Boss Is Scary Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Chapter 75

Li Xin Yi had been bedridden for a month. Li Shu Chen had tried to find out who did this to his daughter, but his investigation had yielded no result. Li Xin Yi also told him that someone blindfolded her and she had no idea who did this. The doctors had said that she could walk soon and she could also use her hands, but her hands were shaking terribly and only physiotherapy may help improve her condition but even that they were not sure. Staying in the bed without moving anywhere and not able to hold anything properly with her hands trembling was making Li Xin Yi go mad.

Li Xin Yi had played the kidnapping memory in her mind so many times and Wang Yu's voice was ringing in her mind. Thinking about the kidnapping again and again along with Li Zi Yun she had convinced herself to the point that Li Zi Yun was behind this and it was Li Zi Yun who was Wang Yu's secretary, must have asked Wang Yu to do this to her. Her obsession clouded her mind and stopped her from differentiating reality from imagination. There were rumors going around that Li Zi Yun was staying at Wang Yu's home and Li Xin Yi was going crazy.

Chan Sheng had come to visit her only twice during the entire month, once with his family and once alone and both were to mainly discuss business with her family. When she was in this pitiful condition, she did not want Li Zi Yun to stay happy.

One day Li Zi Yun said to Fu Ming Zhu, "Mom I think it was Li Zi Yun who did this to me" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What? What are you saying? Li Zi Yun is a beggar who works for a salary. How do you think she can do this without leaving any evidence? She is not that clever, she is just a dumb idiot."

"Mom what if someone helped her?"

"Who?" Fu Ming Zhu had been asking Li Xin Yi for a very long time and only now, Li Xin was speaking about it. If Li Zi Yun did anything to her daughter, she would kill her without second thought.

"Wang Yu"

"Wang Yu? Why would he help this bitch Li Zi Yun?" Fu Ming Zhu was now confused.

"Mom that bitch must have seduced him. I heard Li Zi Yun's voice when I was kidnapped"

"What? Why didn't you tell me so long?" Fu Ming Zhu could not wait to kill Li Zi Yun.

"Mom, Li Zi Yun must have asked Wang Yu to kidnap me and torture me. She has to suffer the same way I suffered"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am. Why don't you trust me? Why do you keep repeating this question again and again?"

Fu Ming Zhu could not understand why Li Xin Yi did not tell this so long. She saw this as an opportunity to get rid of Li Zi Yun; she had been waiting for this for a very long time. Before several years when Fu Ming Zhu used to torture Li Zi Yun, Li Shu Chen had asked her to stay patient until Li Zi Yun turns eighteen so that he could get her signature and legally transfer all the property to his name. Li Zi Yun's mother had left the property in Li Zi Yun's name and Li Shu Chen could not touch it until she turns eighteen. However, when Li Zi Yun turned eighteen she had left the house and so Fu Ming Zhu lost the opportunity of killing her silently at home. This was her chance.

Li Shu Chen looked very old now. This one month of worries had taken a toll on him, he had gotten skinny, and there were grey hair on his head now. As soon as he returned home, Fu Ming Zhu told him everything that Li Xin Yi told her. Though what Li Xin Yi said was far from truth, Fu Ming Zhu exaggerated it some more as if confirming Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were in a relationship and Li Zi Yun had taken a revenge on Li Xin Yi using Wang Yu. Fu Ming Zhu was forcing Li Shu Chen to make a decision, and the only favorable solution to her was Li Zi Yun's death.

When Fu Ming Zhu was thinking in this way, Li Shu Chen's mind was on another track. If Wang Yu was really in a relationship with Li Zi Yun, then he had to somehow make Wang Yu marry her and reap benefits from it. Seeing that Li Shu Chen was not much interested in killing her, Fu Ming Zhu decided to take it in her own hands. If her husband was not ready to kill the bitch then she would kill Li Zi Yun and then inform her husband.

Li Cheng Zhi had come home after a long time. He barely visited his sister when she was in hospital. Fu Ming Zhu immediately rushed to his room.

"Xiaozhi, listen to mom"

"Mom I am tired. Not today" Li Cheng Zhi stopped coming back home because his parents were always nagging him to come and work at the company. Even a designation has been set aside for him, but he was not ready to go. Li Cheng Zhi once tried going to the company, mostly to flirt with the young girls, but they had assigned work for him and he was the not least bit interested in it, so he had never visited the company after that.

"Xiaozhi you can't let the bitch Li Zi Yun take over the company. This is your company; you cannot give it up easily. Moreover, that bitch is now the Personal Secretary of Wang Yu. We do not know what underhand ways she used to get to that position. So you have to take over the responsibility of the company otherwise with Wang Yu's help she may take it saying it's her mother's company"

Li Cheng Zhi had been thinking of another idea and he thought of finally putting it to work.

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