My Boss Is Scary Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Chapter 76

Everyday lunch and snacks were sent from home for Wang Yu, now there was also food for Li Zi Yun. Mrs. Wang had liked Li Zi Yun so much that she wanted to do this for her. On the first day when Li Zi Yun returned to office, there was lunch for her too.

Li Zi Yun had lunch with Wang Yu since she could not act arrogant over food that Mrs. Wang had sent for her. During the time that Li Zi Yun stayed at Wang Residence, Mrs. Wang had known about Li Zi Yun's preference in food so all the food that was sent were her favorites. After eating a heavy lunch, Li Zi Yun slept at the sofa that she was sitting on inside Wang Yu's office. When the documents that was in her hand fell on the floor with a thud that is when Wang Yu saw her. Li Zi Yun had slept a lot during this one month and mostly she spent her time eating and sleeping. So she automatically dozed off.

Assistant Liu Guang had asked the assistant to get flat shoes for Li Zi Yun. He mistook Wang Yu's care towards Li Zi Yun as Wang Yu's love and did not bring the shoes until evening so that Li Zi Yun can stay at his room. Wang Yu covered the sleeping Li Zi Yun with his jacket and continued with his work. Many people who visited CEO Wang Yu's room saw Li Zi Yun sleeping, with Wang Yu's jacket covering her.

The employees who saw this had immediately told this to others and now almost everyone in the office knew about this. Many woman were cursing her for seducing the CEO, others were worried that Li Zi Yun may fire them for being rude to her. The employees who entered CEO Wang Yu's office were staring at Li Zi Yun's sleeping figure whenever they saw her. So Wang Yu carried her and laid her in the room that was inside his office room. If he worked late night and couldn't return home, he stayed there.

Wang Yu was very strict when it came to work so when the employees heard about the Personal Secretary sleeping inside the CEO's office everyone was beyond shocked. Li Zi Yun had entered the company only before four months and in such a short time, she was in a position where no one in the company could touch her. Many were envious of her while the others were jealous of her. Li Zi Yun had no idea of any of this and she was sleeping peacefully.

When Li Zi Yun woke up, it was dark. She laid in the bed thinking about when she slept. Only then, it came to her mind she had come to office that day. She sat up immediately and looked around. A jacket fell on her lap; it was CEO Wang Yu's. She walked to the door. She adjusted her hair and dress before opening the door. When she opened the door, she saw Wang Yu discussing something with Assistant Liu Guang. Both of them greeted her with a warm smile.

"CEO Wang, I'm sorry"

Once Wang Yu had noticed an employee sleeping in the work hours, she was fired immediately, and everyone knew this in the company. Li Zi Yun was also aware of this.

Wang Yu pointed at the shoes lying on the floor and said, "Wear that". Li Zi Yun looked at the shoes and then Wang Yu. He continued, "It's time to leave. Come I'll drop you home"

Li Zi Yun handed over the jacket that was covering her to Wang Yu. Liu Guang has been having an headache ever since Li Zi Yun came to the fiftieth floor. Wang Yu's mood swing had started then and he hadn't had a single peaceful day. Now it looked like at last peace had returned to the fiftieth floor but he was not sure of that either. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Zi Yun knew that Wang Yu was tolerating her behavior at office only because of what he had done to her before. She did not want to take too much advantage of the situation. When Li Zi Yun was sitting in the car with him she started speaking slowly, "Sir I'm sorry for sleeping in the office. You could have woken me up"

"I tried to but you did not budge even a bit. You slept soundly in the office"

Wang Yu replied with such a calm face that Li Zi Yun couldn't say if he was actually joking or talking seriously. Wang Yu dropped Li Zi Yun home and left after he saw her entering her apartment.

From then onwards Li Zi Yun received lunch daily and she had to spend most of her time at Wang Yu's office. Wang Yu did not pile up work for her like earlier and Li Zi Yun only had to do the current work. Now she came to know how much work Wang Yu had made her do unnecessarily before.

Everyone's attitude towards Li Zi Yun in the company had changed drastically. However, many women thought that Li Zi Yun had gotten this far by sleeping with Wang Yu and were not satisfied with her but they did not show it on their faces. All the employees respected her and were doing whatever Li Zi Yun asked of them trying to curry favor with her.

Since Li Zi Yun was well now, Mrs. Wang had invited her to come to the Wang Residence during the weekend for lunch and dinner.

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