My Boss Is Scary Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Chapter 77

After Li Zi Yun was injured, she was barely contacted by Meng Sen Xi. The day before Li Zi Yun returned to office after a month, she asked Meng Sen Xi about the date, he had replied that it was just a prank and he wanted to see her reaction to a proposal and nothing more. Meng Sen Xi couldn't bear to tell it to her face, so he avoided meeting her. Li Zi Yun did not force him nor ask him anything. When Li Zi Yun saw Meng Sen Xi from afar, she could see that his face looked different, he was no longer cheerful like before and he looked fit.

Meng Sen Xi was so different from his old self both in attitude and in appearance. Earlier when they worked together in the same department, he was the one who always playful but now he looked serious. After Meng Sen Xi had spoken with his uncle, he did not go to the office for a week. Due to his Uncle Meng Jian's compulsion, he returned to office but all his thoughts were on Li Zi Yun. When in office he started being serious and spent his entire time there focusing on work. In the evening when he returned home, he started working out his body. He tired himself out in the gym and then slept. This had become his routine for some time now. His body had become fitter and many women were ogling at his body, but he was not bothered by any of them. The news had hit him pretty hard and he was finding it difficult to wrap his head around what his uncle had told him.

The only thing Meng Sen Xi was grateful about was that he did not let Li Zi Yun mix with the underground world and not telling her the truth about his mafia family. Li Zi Yun was fragile and he did not want her to get hurt both physically and mentally. He saw Li Zi Yun on the day she returned to office, she looked healthy and pretty. He saw her from afar but did not go near her. Since Li Zi Yun had lunch with Wang Yu, she did not see Meng Sen Xi for a week.

On Friday when Li Zi Yun left the office, Li Cheng Zhi was waiting outside for her. Li Zi Yun did not notice him and walked past him. When a hand held her arm, she turned around. Li Cheng Zhi looked nothing like how he looked the last time Li Zi Yun saw him. She could not recognize him. Even though they had lived together in the same house for several years, there was very less interaction between them. When Li Zi Yun saw Li Cheng Zhi, she knew she had seen that person somewhere but couldn't identify him.

Wang Yu was watching this from a distance.

Li Zi Yun asked the guy, "Who are you?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Sister, don't tell me that you forgot your little brother"

"Li Cheng Zhi" Li Zi Yun looked at him from top to bottom. He looked nothing like before; no wonder she couldn't recognize him.

"What do you want?" Li Zi Yun wanted nothing to do with any member of the Li family.

"Come get inside the car. We can have a good chat over dinner" Li Cheng Zhi was about to drag her.

"I lost my appetite after seeing you. Come to the point. What do you want?"

Wang Yu got out of the car and wanted to stop the guy who was dragging Li Zi Yun, but seeing that she was talking to him casually as if she knows him, he asked Liu Guang to find out what they were speaking about.

"Let's at least go to the caf" Li Cheng Zhi pointed to the caf opposite to their company.

Li Cheng Zhi walked in the front. Li Zi Yun thought for a moment and then followed him. Liu Guang followed her and sat with his back towards Li Zi Yun in the caf.

Li Zi Yun was sitting there opposite to Li Cheng Zhi. He was talking about irrelevant things. Li Zi Yun sat there for few minutes with her eyebrows raised, waiting for him to speak about what he actually wanted to tell her. Li Zi Yun was losing patience; she got up from her seat.

"Unlike you I have work to do. So stop wasting my time"

When Li Zi Yun was about to leave he said, "I have to discuss with you about something important"

"What is it?"

"The Li Company"

"What is there to discuss about it? Daddy not giving you the money you asked him?"

"Sister I have the best deal you can ask for"

"And that is?"

"I want you to become the CEO of Li Company"


Li Zi Yun looked at Li Cheng Zhi, not sure, if he was joking or serious.

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