My Boss Is Scary Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Chapter 78

"What will you gain from that?" Li Zi Yun was looking at Li Cheng Zhi keenly as if trying to read his mind.

"You do all the work instead of me and I will give you five times the salary you get now"

"You must have gone insane" Li Zi Yun scoffed. The entire family has gone nuts.

Liu Guang was transmitting what Li Zi Yun and Li Cheng Zhi were speaking right now to Wang Yu.

"Don't you want to revive your mothers company? The company is suffering huge losses now and"(Li Zi Yun's phone rang and Wang Yu's name flashed on the screen)

Li Cheng Zhi paused for a second before he continued, "And you can also tell your boyfriend to invest in the Li company, sorry your 'MOTHERS COMPANY'" he smiled mockingly pointing towards Li Zi Yun's mobile.

Li Zi Yun picked up the call, "Hello, CEO Wang?"

"Where are you right now? Did you leave the office?" Wang Yu was looking at Li Zi Yun from his car as he spoke in the phone.

"Yes Sir. Do you need anything? I am at the caf opposite to the company's main building"

"No I will talk to you later"

"So you came here to get me to talk Wang Yu into investing in Li Company? Sorry sorry 'MY MOTHER'S COMPANY?'"

Li Cheng Zhi nodded his head.

"Before I do that, why don't you transfer all the property in my mother's name to my name including her shares in the company?" Li Zi Yun thought of provoking him a little, otherwise she knew that Li Cheng Zhi would not stop bothering her like Li Shu Chen.

"What?" Li Cheng Zhi was only concerned about money and nothing else, so he had no idea about the property or the company.

"Since little brother is ignorant let me explain to you clearly. If I want all of my mother's property transferred to my name or if father wants to transfer her property to his name, both our signatures are required to do that. So get his signature on the documents, then come and see me. Then I may consider the deal. Fuck off now"

Li Zi Yun got up to leave. Every second spent with Li family members was a waste of time for her. Li Cheng Zhi caught her arms before Li Zi Yun could leave the place.

"Do you think you are high and mighty now that you are Wang Yu's mistress? Just like how your mother was treated by father no man will love you truly either. You will always only be second"

Li Zi Yun started laughing, "I don't think its right for a bastard to say this. Did you mistake your mother with mine? Fu Ming Zhu is the home wrecker and the slut who slept with another woman's husband. And she was the second and always will be only the second"

Li Cheng Zhi's face was red with anger. No one had ever spoken like this straight to his face about his mother.

Li Zi Yun did not stop, "The entire family is shameless and using my mother's wealth to live happily and I have to work my ass off for your family so that you enjoy some more? You will make me CEO and give me salary? You must have gone insane. Li Shu Chen had already destroyed my mother's company as much as he could. I would rather see it destroyed than being revived. Go to hell"

Li Cheng Zhi was griping Li Zi Yun's arm very tight, stopping blood flow to that area. It was painful for Li Zi Yun but she did not let out a single sound.

Li Cheng Zhi said in a low voice, "You are just Wang Yu's bed warmer, you shameless slut. Dont act as if you are pure and innocent. And never ever speak about my mother like that." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"If I am Wang Yu's bed warmer, then who is your mother? Another woman's husbands bed warmer? You never heard about how your mother seduced my father and slept with him even after he was married? Are you sure I'm the shameless one? Why don't you find out if you are actually my father's son, just like how Fu Ming Zhu slept with Li Shu Chen to get money she may also have done the same with other men. Did you not know that Fu Ming Zhu was chased away from her house for being a slut?"

"LI ZI YUN" Li Cheng Zhi screamed, making everyone in the caf turn their heads and look at them. The entire time Li Zi Yun was standing there with a smile on her face. She had successfully provoked Li Cheng Zhi.

Someone placed their hands on Li Zi Yun's shoulder protectively and tightly gripped Li Cheng Zhi's wrist, forcing him to remove his hands from Li Zi Yun's arm.

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