My Boss Is Scary Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Chapter 79

The long sleeve of Li Zi Yun's shirt was covering her arm but she was sure there were bruises in the region where Li Cheng Zhi gripped her tightly. She could feel the blood rushing back to that area.

"I think someone here is very brav"

Wang Yu's cold voice reached Li Cheng Zhi's ears. He started sweating when he saw Wang Yu.

Wang Yu was staring at Li Cheng Zhi.

"I heard you mention something about me. Why don't you repeat now what you said earlier?"

Li Cheng Zhi was speaking confidently and arrogantly earlier to Li Zi Yun because it was only Li Zi Yun in front of him. He never expected Wang Yu to come and speak for Li Zi Yun.

Li Cheng Zhi thought that Li Zi Yun must be one of the many women of Wang Yu just like how he used to fool around with women. Seeing Wang Yu stand there, he was thinking hard how to control the damage he had done.

Wang Yu said once again, "Forgot what you said about me so soon?"

Though Li Zi Yun spoke bravely when she was alone with Li Cheng Zhi, she was a bit embarrassed when Wang Yu was standing near her. She did not have any other relationship with Wang Yu, but she was a bit terrified that Wang Yu may have heard what she said just now. Li Zi Yun stood there with her ears red from embarrassment.

Li Cheng Zhi started speaking slowly, "Brother Wang"

"Brother??? I don't remember asking you to be informal with me" Wang Yu was furious now. He had heard the entire conversation Li Zi Yun had with Li Cheng Zhi.

"CEO Wang, beware of my sister. I know that my sister has been trying to take revenge on our family by sleeping with you but you have to know that you are not the only man in her life. Don't trust her, then you also may be fooled, she is just like her mother, fooling around with men"

The second Li Cheng Zhi closed his mouth; there was a loud slap sound. Li Zi Yun slapped Li Cheng Zhi right there. Li Zi Yun's right hand impression could be seen clearly on Li Cheng Zhi's left cheek. Ever since Li Cheng Zhi had been born, both his mother and father had spoiled him. He was always boastful and Li Shu Chen had named him as his heir, so he always went around as if he owned the world.

Li Zi Yun said in a loud clear voice, "One more word about my mother and you will wish you weren't born. Like mother like child. How dare you try to slander me publicly when my mother and I were the victims. A day after my mother died, your mother entered the family and destroyed the household. You are not the heir to the Li family; you are my father's bastard child just like your sister. I have always been avoiding the entire family for so many years, but you always want to bring trouble for me? Bother me one more time, then I will have to start digging about whatever your mother did. Be careful"

Seeing the commotion, many people had crowded around them and most of them were recording this.

Li Zi Yun had been staying patient with them for so long because she did not want trouble. However, they were provoking her continuously without giving her a single peaceful day.

Li Zi Yun turned towards Wang Yu, "CEO Wang, can we leave?"

Assistant Liu Guang and Wang Yu's bodyguards cleared a pathway for them to leave.

Without turning behind Wang Yu said to Li Cheng Zhi, "You will be receiving the summons tomorrow, for publicly disgracing my secretary's name and my name" the entire time, Wang Yu had been holding Li Zi Yun protectively.

Li Zi Yun got inside the car with Wang Yu. She could not remember the last time she was so angry.

Both Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were quiet for some time. Wang Yu wanted to say something but he stayed quiet waiting for her to speak first.

Li Zi Yun thought for a while before speaking. She knew that because of Li Xin Yi, Wang Yu hated the Li family. This was a good chance to make use of his hatred.

"CEO Wang, Can you help me?"

Wang Yu turned to his right to face Li Zi Yun.

"What is it? Do you want me to get all the share of Li Company transferred to you?"

"No. Can you send a prostitute to seduce Li Shu Chen and have a child with him?"

Wang Yu thought for a second before replying, "That can be arranged. But why?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Fu Ming Zhu, the one who is now Li Shu Chen's wife, I mean my father's wife was actually his secretary. Like how he fell for Fu Ming Zhu, I am sure he will fall for another young girl. I want her to feel exactly like how my mother felt and to be chased out of the house"

"Sure I can help you with that. Is that all?"

"That is enough for now. I want them to suffer slowly" Li Zi Yun wanted them to face one trouble after another.

"Don't you want the Li Company?"

"Li Shu Chen had changed everything in the company. All the people and share holders support him. Even if I get hold of it, he will be always trying to ruin me. I don't want anything to do with him."

"Then what about your mothers property?"

"My mother trusted the wrong person, he would never give a cent."

"Do you want me to get it for you?"

"I am content with what I have. What I earn is enough for me."

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu's eyes and said, "CEO Wang, I owe you one. If you help me with this, in the future if ever you need me to do anything, whatever it maybe, I will do it for you. I promise you now"

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