My Boss Is Scary Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Im Zi Yuns boyfriend

It was already getting late. She got a call from Meng Sen Xi informing her he will wait for her outside when she leaves. She and the other assistants only left after they saw the CEO leaving.

When she came out of the office she found Meng Sen Xi waiting for her. As they were walking together his hands accidentally grazed her left hand which was injured. She whisked her hands away quickly.

Only then did he notice her hands were pink. The back of her hand was bright pink.

"What happened to your hands?" He took her hands in his, examining the extent of her injury.

"It's nothing, I poured hot water by mistake" she tried to withdraw her hands but he held it firmly.

"Come I'll take you to hospital" he was nearly dragging her to the cab.

"Don't over react, it's a very minor injury, can we go to a restaurant? I am so so hungry" She had experienced so much before that this wound was nothing to her.

As soon as they got inside she told him she was tired and she wanted to sleep and asked him to wake her up only after they reach the destination. But in real she did not want to be disturbed and just wanted to think about the days happenings.

Every time CEO Wang Yu looked at her, she felt a murderous aura around him. No matter how much she thought about it she couldn't figure out the reason. She had never interacted with him before and she had never met him personally. She had only seen him from a distance, but he was shooting daggers at her from the morning. Does he hate her? But she couldn't find any reason to support that.

Meng Sen Xi was looking at her hands. He had a crush on her from the moment he met her. In the three months he had known her, he had never stopped expressing his feelings towards her.

When her eyes were closed she felt a hand on her cheek. She understood Meng Sen Xi was trying to make her lie on his shoulders.

With her eyes shut she spoke, "What are you trying to do?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Li Xun are you sure you don't want to go to hospital?"

"I am fine, let me sleep" she closed her eyes again.

Meng Sen Xi sent a message in his mobile 'Did you find out anything?' He got a reply in negative. He gave orders to dig deeper.

The Li Zi Yun he knew was not the sloppy type to make silly mistakes like pouring water on herself, did Wang Yu give her a hard time today.

Li Zi Yun was a straight forward person but as far as he has seen her she was not the type to have enmity with other people. Li Zi Yun never shared about her family status to anybody in the company. So he thought she was a girl from an ordinary family with no chance of even getting to know the CEO before.

He looked back and found his men following closely behind. He informed them to get medicine for her hand.

They reached the restaurant. It was a pretty expensive restaurant.

She looked at him with a look do you know how much it costs to dine here. Though she earned enough it was not enough for her to dine at expensive hotels without any worries. He did not earn more than her and she did not want to burden him. When they ate together no matter the place he was always adamant that he should be the one to settle the bills so she was hesitating before entering.

Without hesitation Meng Sen Xi dragged her inside. On entering she found Wu Li Shu, Chu Yan and Wu Yiyang, Li Shu's cousin were eating there.

On seeing her they waved their hands and beckoned her to join them. Zi Yun happily went towards them. Meng Sen Xi was reluctant in having his alone time with Li Zi Yun being cut short, but still he went along with her.

Li Zi Yun introduced her friends to Meng Sen Xi. Before she could introduce Meng Sen Xi, Wu Li Shu asked Zi Yun, "Not going to introduce the guy with you?"

Meng Sen Xi took this opportunity to introduce himself, "Hi I am Meng Sen Xi, Li Zi Yun's boyfriend". "Huh?"

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