My Boss Is Scary Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Chapter 80

"Consider this as me helping an employee. I am not doing this expecting a favor in return"

"But Sir.."

"No. End of discussion. You will see the result soon"

"Thank you CEO Wang"

Wang Yu ordered Liu Guang to take care of the Li family. The very next day a young girl was waiting in Li Shu Chen's office to be interviewed. Liu Guang had taken much care to find a girl according to Li Shu Chen's preference.

Wang Yu was thinking about Li Zi Yun's last line to Li Cheng Zhi. He asked Liu Guang to get everything related to Fu Ming Zhu starting from her early life. He had been thinking about what to do with the Li family for some time now. Li Xin Yi leaving Wang Yiran to die was the reason why Wang Yiran was still in coma. This was the perfect opportunity for him.

Li Cheng Zhi did not go to the Li family. He went to his private apartment. In his rage, he was smashing all the things at home. The video of Li Cheng Zhi arguing with Li Zi Yun and being slapped by her had gone viral on the internet. Li Zi Yun's voice was clear in the video. He had been going around as the heir to the Li family, but now everyone came to know the truth about him. Li Zi Yun's mothers accident had taken place before fourteen years so not many people were aware of the Li family history.

Fu Ming Zhu was now a respectable socialite, but with the video going around now, her image was spoiled completely. The reputation that Fu Ming Zhu had tried to build over several years was all gone in a second. They will only see her as a home wrecker. She had been telling everyone that she was from a wealthy family in H country. In the video, Li Zi Yun had spoken about Fu Ming Zhu that she was only Li Shu Chen's secretary, now all her lies were found out.

Li Shu Chen was fuming inside. His family had become a laughing stock to the public because of Li Zi Yun. All his problems started only after Li Zi Yun became the secretary of Wang Yu. There were several articles about Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun on the internet. Li Shu Chen was getting the feeling that Li Zi Yun was growing stronger day by day and he no longer wanted to leave her alone.

At Huang Nian's house, she was throwing a tantrum. She was yelling to her mother showing the pictures where Wang Yu was walking with his hands on Li Zi Yun's shoulder. From the moment Huang Nian saw Li Zi Yun in Wu Li Shu's birthday party she had hated her. Just before a month Li Zi Yun was seen with Chu Yan, now Wang Yu was protecting her. When Mr. Huang returned home, Huang Nian spoke to him after showing him the news article about Wang Yu.

"Father we have to kill her. We can't let her stay near Wang Yu" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mr. Huang told her in a serious tone, "This is a crucial moment for me. Don't do you dare ruin everything for me by doing something silly and jeopardizing my plan."

"But Father, you will also get help from him only if I marry him"

"Then you should have gotten close to him"

Mr. Huang continued in a final tone, "I don't care how many women he has. Focus on becoming his wife. Try to bring him under your control by using whatever means. Now get out I have work to do"

Mrs. Huang was waiting outside the door listening to the conversation. When Huang Nian came out of the room, she pulled her aside.

"Xiaonian, do you really like Wang Yu?"

"Mom what are you talking about? Of course I love him"

Mrs. Huang hesitated for a moment and then she continued, "You know Mom loves you and will do anything for you right?"

Huang Nian nodded her head.

Mrs. Huang then whispered in a low voice in Huang Nian's ears, "Sleep with him and get pregnant, then Wang family will immediately get you married to Wang Yu"

Huang Nian whispered back, "But Mom, he never lets me near him. He doesn't even drop me at home after the parties"

"Then drug him. Be careful and do not get caught. Even if you get caught, if you're pregnant then everyone will forgive you"

Huang Nina thought this was the only way. She had waited two years and Wang Yu had never kissed her. So this was the only option. If she wanted to get married with Wang Yu then she had to do this. Otherwise, the Wang family will change their decision on their engagement if Wang Yu likes someone else. She thought of executing this on her birthday so that many people will get to know about it and Wang Yu will have no choice.

In the Li Family home, Fu Ming Zhu was yelling to Li Shu Chen. She had repeatedly asked him to stop Li Zi Yun but he was trying to make use of her and this had ended up with more trouble for them. When she saw the video of Li Zi Yun slapping Li Cheng Zhi, that was the final straw. Even Li Shu Chen was no longer ready to leave Li Zi Yun alone. She had slapped his only son; she had to pay for that.

Li Shu Chen consoled Fu Ming Zhu, "Don't worry, I have a plan. She will pay for what she did to our son."

"Enough with your plans. Leave her to me; I know what to do with her" she was no longer ready to listen to him. Li Shu Chen had been the one stopping her from getting rid of Li Zi Yun so long.

"Do you remember the old pervert Guo? He has agreed to invest in our company"

"What has that got to do with me? Are you even listening to me?"

"He has asked me Li Zi Yun in exchange for investing in the company. One stone two birds."

"I will take care of bringing her to him. You inform him. The next day her photos will be all over the internet. Let's see how she shows her face out in public after that"

Fu Ming Zhu was getting excited now.

She asked Li Shu Chen "Wasn't he the one whose fifth wife died recently?"

Li Shu Chen nodded his head. He was deep in thought.

Fu Ming Zhu continued, "You take care of the money. I will bring her to you"

Li Shu Chen had been hesitating for so long because he needed Li Zi Yun in order to get Wang Yu. With the current situation, he understood that Li Zi Yun had changed completely and she would never obey him. He thought that if he hesitated a bit then Li Zi Yun would be in Wang Yu 's hands and it would be difficult to even approach her.

Fu Ming Zhu had already started formulating a plan in her mind.

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