My Boss Is Scary Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Chapter 81

After Li Zi Yun returned home, she had gone to take a shower. She did not expect there would be serious issues because of what happened today. Wu Li Shu sent her screenshots of the news articles. Only when Li Zi Yun saw the news she realized how much the matter has escalated. This would have been a normal family feud if Li Cheng Zhi hadn't mentioned about Wang Yu. With Wang Yu getting involved and taking her with him, many people had become interested in this.

Li Zi Yun could remember Huang Nian's hateful look and with the Li family out to hunt her, she knew there would be difficult times ahead.

Chu Yan knocked on her door.

As soon as Li Zi Yun opened the door, she asked Chu Yan, "Are you hungry? Should we order something?"

"Don't try to distract me with food. What are you doing nowadays? Why are you getting involved with Wang Yu?"

"Then should I cook instead of ordering?"

"Answer me first Zi Yun"

"Isn't it obvious that I am trying to avoid the topic?"

Talking with Li Cheng Zhi today had rekindled her hatred towards them some more and she still hadn't cooled off. The news articles had irritated her some more and she was in a very foul mood. She never wanted her private life to go public, but since she was born into a rich family she could not avoid that fate even if she wanted to.

Chu Yan dragged to the sofa and sat opposite to her.

"Being with Wang Yu will bring you nothing but trouble. Why are you with him?"

"I was not with Wang Yu. He was the one who came there when I was talking to Li Cheng Zhi. Don't forget that he is my boss."

"Wang Yu's fianc Huang Nian is a cunning evil bitch. How are you going to deal with her? What are you planning to do to save yourself from Li family?

Initially Li Zi Yun had thought of getting Chu Yan's help in sending a girl to Li Shu Chen, but she did not want to take advantage of her friendship with him. That was one of the main reason why she asked Wang Yu for help. In addition, Wang Yu's men are more experienced and they would do things cleanly without leaving any trace or evidence.

"Why do I have to deal with Huang Nian? Huang Nian is not my problem. CEO Wang Yu is the one who has to explain to her."

"Do you think Wang Yu would care?"

"She is the one who should keep him in her palms. How can she blame me? I am only the personal secretary of Wang Yu" though Li Zi Yun said that she knew very well that Huang Nian would blame only her.

Li Zi Yun's phone rang it was Wang Yu. She picked up the call immediately.

"CEO Wang..."

"Don't forget to come home tomorrow"

"CEO Wang, for what purpose?"

"Did you forget that my mother invited you?"

Li Zi Yun had completely forgotten about. She was not sure if was a good idea to go to the Wang family residence now. With the ongoing news article, it will only add fuel to fire but she could not refuse Mrs. Wang's kindness.

"I will be there on time Sir."

Wang Yu hanged up first.

Chu Yan was having a bad feeling about Li Zi Yun getting close to Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun staying at Wang Residence for a long time had bothered him a lot. When he asked Li Zi Yun about that he did not get a proper response from her. He knew she was hiding something, but did not know what it was. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Chu Yan asked her, "What was the call about?"


"So even if there is nothing to talk about, Wang Yu calls you?"

"He reminded me to come to his house for lunch and dinner" Li Zi Yun was losing her patience. She was already in a foul mood and Chu Yan's investigation was getting on her nerves. She tried to answer patiently, but her bad mood was getting to her.

"You're going to Wang Yu's home tomorrow?"


"Why are you hiding that? What's your relationship with Wang Yu? He never lets even Huang Nian inside his house, but you are going there often and stayed at his place with him for two weeks. What does that mean?"

"I know you would overreact like this. That is why I did not say anything. It was his mother who invited me, not him."

Chu Yan's face reaction did not look normal.

Li Zi Yun lost her temper. "Chu Yan, you know very well about me. I don't mind what the people whom I don't know think about me. But did you think that I will sleep with Wang Yu just to achieve what I want? Then I would have done that long back with you. You are the President's son after all. You have stayed at my house so many times, does that mean something is going on between us?"

"Zi Yun what are talking about?" Chu Yan was flustered. He realized he had crossed the limit. He should have asked her patiently instead of interrogating her like she was a criminal.

"Then what do you mean by me being with Wang Yu? I am no longer a kid, and it has no other meaning other than that."

"Please leave, I want to be alone" Li Zi Yun was done talking to him.

Li Zi Yun held the door open for him to leave. She did not even look at his face. Chu Yan left the house quietly, he thought of talking to her again when she had calmed a bit.

Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu had asked her many times why she was staying at Wang Yu's place. Li Zi Yun did not tell both of them about why she had to stay there and how her leg condition became worse. If she told them about that then she also has to tell them about Wang Yiran. No one knew that Wang Yiran was alive and it was not her secret to tell.

Meng Sen Xi saw pictures of Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu all over the internet. That was the most searched about news that day. He rushed to his uncle Meng Jian.

"Uncle did you look at this? Wang Yu is with her."

Meng Jian asked the men around him to leave.

"I told you to be careful when you speak about Li Zi Yun. Never speak about her when someone else is present in the room expect our trusted people"

"I am sorry but look at this"

Meng Jian replied coolly, "I did"

"Are you going to let her be with that psycho?"

"Do you think he would let the news articles be released if he did not want it to be released?"

Only now Meng Sen Xi understood why his uncle was calm, "Then do u mean?"

"Have extra men watch her. Wang Yu must have done this because of the Li family. But they are vicious. Stay alert for the next few days. Have men and women monitor her 24*7. We cannot relax and expect Wang Yu to be there always"

Uncle Meng Jian continued, "Li Zi Yun had survived for the last fourteen years on her own. She knows what to do and she is mature enough to handle the situations. I am watching over her only for her protection. She can decide what she wants to do in her life. I will never interfere in that nor control her in any way and neither should you. Save her if she is in trouble that is the only thing we can do"

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