My Boss Is Scary Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Chapter 82

Li Zi Yun was dressed in simple clothes, as she got ready to leave. She walked out of her apartment and came out to find Liu Guang waiting for her. She was surprised to see him standing there.

"Assistant Guang, why are you waiting in front of my house?"

"Boss asked me to pick you up"

Li Zi Yun got inside the car quietly. Wang Residence was outside the city, so it took some time for them to reach there.

Huang Nian was waiting outside the gates of Wang Residence, but she was not granted permission to enter the house. She had threatened the guards that she was the soon to be lady of the family and she will have them all fired. The guards were not bothered by her threats they only followed Wang Yu's order.

At that time, Wang Yu's car was about to enter the gate. Huang Nian stopped it. She thought Wang Yu was inside the car but it was actually Li Zi Yun. Huang Nian was behaving in an embarrassing manner banging at the car window. Liu Guang asked the chauffeur to enter the house without being bothered by her. Li Zi Yun did not expect such a rash behavior from Huang Nian, she couldn't control her laughter. Huang Nian still hadn't delivered the invitation personally and her birthday party was the next day.

Huang Nian was waiting outside the gate. She was shocked to the core when she saw Li Zi Yun get down from the car. She, Huang Nian, Wang Yu's fiance was not allowed entry to the house; but Li Zi Yun who was just a secretary was given free pass. She waited by she did not see Wang Yu getting down. Huang Nian asked the guard to give the invitation to Mrs. Wang and she left the place.

Li Zi Yun saw Wang Yu dressed casually for the first time. In the two weeks she stayed there, she saw Wang Yu mostly only once a day and he was always fully suited up.

Mrs. Wang took her to the garden to chat with her while Wang Yu called Assistant Liu Guang to his private office.

Wang Yu asked him, "Was there anyone suspicious there in front of Li Zi Yun's apartment?"

"Boss there were two men and two women who were waiting outside for Li Zi Yun. They followed us until the gate"

"Find out who they are"

"I already did Boss", saying that Liu Guang handed Wang Yu the ipad. Liu Guang had captured their faces while he was waiting for Li Zi Yun and gotten his men to check whom they were. There were all sent by Fu Ming Zhu to stalk Li Zi Yun. They had traced out their calls and found that they were linked to Fu Ming Zhu. Liu Guang had also gathered everything he found related to Fu Ming Zhu.

"You can leave" Wang Yu said to Liu Guang.

Liu Guang was hesitating to leave, confused whether he should tell Wang Yu or not.

"What is it?"

"Boss I also think there were some more people who were watching Li Zi Yun but I am not sure."

Wang Yu thought for some time, he could not decide whether they were trying to harm her or protect her.

"Inform Zhou Nan Xi to follow her. Li Zi Yun should not know it was me who sent him"

Liu Guang left the room. Wang Yu couldn't understand why he was doing all this for Li Zi Yun. When Li Cheng Zhi was talking badly about Li Zi Yun and him, he wanted to kill Li Cheng Zhi on the spot. Since they were in public, he controlled himself. There was no need for him to involve himself in Li Zi Yun's business; he could have easily refused her request.

Wang Yu did not harm the Li family when he came to know about Li Xin Yi because, then others will start wondering about the reason why he did that. Then the truth about Wang Yiran may come out. The culprit who tried to kill Wang Yiran will be alerted. That is why he wanted to avoid all this. With this opportunity in front of him, everyone will think that he did this for Li Zi Yun. He wanted to protect Li Zi Yun because the consequence of his actions may put Li Zi Yun in danger. He sent Zhou Nan Xi his most trusted person for this duty.

In the file about Fu Ming Zhu, there were many shocking revelations. Wang Yu read everything carefully. There was much information related to Li Zi Yun. He wanted to tell her everything, but he thought it would be too much to handle for her right now.

Mrs. Wang took Li Zi Yun to the garden. Li Zi Yun thought of speaking first and clearing the misunderstanding before Mrs. Wang assumed it was something else.

"Mrs. Wang about the news article"

Mrs. Wang smiled, "There is no need for you to explain all that to me"

Wang Yu came to the area where they were speaking. Hearing them discuss about the news article Wang Yu said to his mother, "Mom, it was me who helped her voluntarily, she did not ask me to come and help her."

"There is nothing wrong in helping others. I never asked for an explanation."

Mrs. Wang looked at Li Zi Yun and said, "I understand your family situation, feel free to call him any time you need."

"Thank you Mrs. Wang. I will remember that."

Li Zi Yun would never dare to call CEO Wang Yu for petty things like this. He was her boss and she was just an employee at his office.

A maid came to deliver the invitation to Mrs. Wang that Huang Nian handed earlier. Mrs. Wang passed it to Wang Yu.

She asked him, "You are attending the party right?"

Wang Yu thought for a moment and said, "Yes"

Then after a second he looked at Li Zi Yun, "Li Zi Yun get ready for this. You are coming with me"

"Sir, why should I come to your fiance's birthday party?" Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. Was he trying to get her killed by Huang Nian's hands?

"Who else will come other than you? You are my Personal Secretary."

Li Zi Yun nodded her head. She worked for Wang Yu and so she could nod for whatever he said.

Mrs. Wang was watching both Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun keenly. Wang Yu knew that if he did not attend the party then his relationship with Li Zi Yun would be pointed out as the reason. If he attended the party alone then the Huang family will be trying all their tricks. Now if he attended the party, Li Zi Yun will also be with him and he can be on guard. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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