My Boss Is Scary Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Chapter 83

Mrs. Wang was looking from Li Zi Yun to Wang Yu. Neither of them looked excited nor lovey dovey. She was convinced that it was nothing more than Wang Yu taking his secretary to a party. It was normal for Wang Yu to take Liu Guang wherever he went and now he was taking Li Zi Yun also along with him. It did not seem like a big issue to her.

Mrs. Wang was lively throughout the day and Li Zi Yun spent almost the whole day with her. She saw Wang Yu only when she sat down for lunch and dinner. The other times Wang Yu was occupied with work. It was almost dark when Li Zi Yun bid goodbye and got ready to leave. Mrs. Wang insisted that she stay there. It was raining heavily and Mrs. Wang did not want Li Zi Yun to travel for an hour in this weather. She had already arranged the guest room where Li Zi Yun had stayed earlier.

Li Zi Yun looked outside, Li Shu Chen already tried kidnapping her in front of her office and this weather was favorable for him to do his dirty works. Staying at Wang Residence will be safer for her, so she accepted their request and thanked them for letting her stay overnight.

At night, Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun if she was feeling sleepy. When she replied in negative Wang Yu asked her to come with him. Wang Yu was walking in the front and Li Zi Yun followed behind him. After walking for sometime Wang Yu asked her to enter a room.

Wang Yu asked the nurse to leave the room. Li Zi Yun looked at the figure sleeping on the bed. She guessed it should be Wang Yiran but there was such a vast difference between the Wang Yiran she saw in school and the Wang Yiran lying motionless.

Li Zi Yun sat on the chair next to the bed where Wang Yiran was lying. Wang Yu was standing next to Li Zi Yun looking at his sister.

Li Zi Yun was sitting quietly for some time, and then she started speaking.

"CEO Wang, when I was in middle school, I saw Wang Yiran fighting with another girl from my class. That girl was one among the few who had come to the school in scholarship. I don't know the details of why they started fighting but Wang Yiran always bullied her with her gang. That girl was not the one who gave up easily. There were always clashes between them and that girl was their punching bag. That girl started fighting back and that touched Wang Yiran's ego that a single girl was going against her gang."

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and asked him, "Do you know what happened after that?"

Wang Yu shook his head 'No'. He had never heard about something like this.

Li Zi Yun continued, "I saw with my own eyes, Wang Yiran pushed that girl from the terrace. I was just a few meters away from where the girl fell down. She died on the spot. "

Wang Yu did had never heard about this before.

"Do you know how they closed the investigation? It said that the girl committed suicide due to stress from studies, when I saw with my own eyes what happened. I said the truth to the police as a witness. However, the girl's family was compensated with money and even they were not interested in continuing the investigation, but I know the truth. "

Wang Yu was sitting there shocked. He did not know that such an incident had happened in the family. He knew that his sister was spoilt but he did not know that she would go to the extent of killing someone.

Li Zi Yun smirked looking at Wang Yu's face, "So CEO Wang doesn't know anything about his sister. That was one among the many crimes that your sister committed. When I see Wang Yiran only one saying comes to my mind, 'Karma is a bitch'. Your sister may have lost seven years, but at least she has a chance of waking up. But because of her as far as I know, three people died, and they are never waking up. "

Wang Yu stood there quietly, his face looked icy cold but Li Zi Yun did not stop, she had to tell him what she thought about Wang Yiran.

Li Zi Yun continued, "I wouldn't say she deserved this, but I would say that this was a consequence of what she did to others. Just like what she did was a crime, the person who did this to her also committed a crime. Just because she was in coma, it does not justify what she did earlier. At least after she wakes up I hope she will repent on what she had done, your fingers are not enough to count the number of wrong she had wronged. I hope you find out who did this to her." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu was looking at Li Zi Yun. He had certainly not expected such words about Wang Yiran. People always sympathize when they see sick people, but Li Zi Yun did not hesitate to say what was in her mind.

"CEO Wang I couldn't help but say what was in my mind. After she pushed that girl down, do you know what she did? She smiled. She smiled victoriously as if she won a battle. She was neither scared that she had killed someone nor did she feel sorry that she had done something like that."

"She also tried to kill me once. Her unruliness increased when she gained the confidence that she could even escape murder. Sorry Sir, I don't feel pity for her even when I see her in this state. You loved your sister, but she was no angel, everyone at school was relieved that she would be no longer attending school. That was the impression she left at school, no one missed her instead everyone was happy that they did not have to see the evil witch any longer"

"You don't have to trust my words; you can ask Wu Li Shu or anyone else who isn't afraid of telling the truth"

Wang Yu nodded his head. He couldn't say anything. All this information was too much to process for him. He knew his sister was no angel, but he had no idea that she would be so evil. This meant that so many people had a grudge on her and anyone could have hurt her.

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