My Boss Is Scary Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Chapter 84

Wang Yu left that room with Li Zi Yun. The entire time, Wang Yu hadn't spoken a single word. Li Zi Yun's words were ringing in his mind and he could think of nothing else. Li Zi Yun would not lie to him about Wang Yiran because she had nothing to gain from that. The truth whether Wang Yiran really killed someone can be found out if he asks his family members, they would know if they compensated with money. Therefore, Li Zi Yun would not have lied to him about this.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. There was no expression in his face and he showed no sign of talking. When Li Zi Yun reached the room where she was staying that night, she said good night to him and was intent on leaving Wang Yu's side.

Wang Yu at last spoke to her. "Tell me, what did Yiran do to you?"

"Huh?" Li Zi Yun tried to read his face. He looked neither angry nor sad, his face was completely out of expression and she couldn't guess in what mood he was. The best she could do was pacifying him and leave him as soon as possible.

Li Zi Yun said in a low voice, "CEO Wang, I have said enough about Wang Yiran to shatter the memory you had of her. I think it's better to stop it now" she had already spoken a lot today. Li Zi Yun did not know when Wang Yu will have a change of heart and turn his anger against her. She had audaciously spoken to Wang Yu about Wang Yiran until now, but now she was a little scared. She had seen what he could do when he tortured Li Xin Yi and it did not even take few hours for him. She thought it was better to keep her mouth shut now, she had said too much. The look on Wang Yu's face was not helping either.

Wang Yu asked her once again, "What did she do to you? You said she tried to kill you once. Tell me what she did"

Wang Yu spoke in a calm deep voice and this was scaring her more than his angry look. When Wang Yu took a step towards her, she thought she was finished. Li Zi Yun moved back until she hit the door of the room where she will be staying for the night. Wang Yu was in close proximity to her.

Wang Yu held up Li Zi Yun's face by hooking a finger under her chin. He lifted her face up to look up at him. He asked her, "Do I scare you?"

This felt like dj vu. Li Zi Yun could clearly remember the last time a similar incident happened. It was in Wang Yu's office before he dragged her out. The weather was cool but Li Zi Yun was sweating profusely. Wang Yu's behavior in the past month had made Li Zi Yun relax a bit around him. Now she felt that was a mistake. She should not have said directly what was in her mind.

Wang Yu asked her again, "Are you scared of me?"

Li Zi Yun was looking into Wang Yu's eyes but she did not reply. She tried to move back, unfortunately the door opened behind her. Li Zi Yun's body fell backwards; she closed her eyes tightly anticipating the fall. Wang Yu's strong hands held her tightly before she hit the ground. Wang Yu was looking at her with his eyebrows raised.

In the current situation, Li Zi Yun did not expect him to hold her when she fell down. Li Zi Yun held on to his chest and steadied herself on her feet so that Wang Yu can let go of her. Her ears were red and her cheeks were flushed. Wang Yu was still standing close to her. The close proximity was making her feel hot. She quickly moved a few steps back. This time her foot was caught at the edge of the carpet and it caused her to fall down once again. This time she held onto to Wang Yu's arm as she fell down, as that was the only thing she could grasp nearby.

Wang Yu caught her again and as he slightly lifted Li Zi Yun up, she held onto his neck. As she clung to his neck, Li Zi Yun's face was very close to Wang Yu's face. Wang Yu could hear Li Zi Yun's heartbeat clearly. Li Zi Yun was blushing some more as they were at a kissing distance. Wang Yu had caught her when she was about to almost hit the ground. So he was holding her with both his hands and Li Zi Yun could smell his cologne. Her body was totally pressed against his.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's face when he was holding her. She was blushing deeply and holding onto him tightly as if scared that he will let her fall down. Li Zi Yun's lips were trembling a bit and he could feel that both of their heartbeat rates has increased and it was beating at a rapid speed. The position was as if Li Zi Yun was sitting on his lap, clinging to his neck. Wang Yu slowly let her down until she steadied herself but he did not release his hold on her.

Wang Yu lifted her off her feet and placed her on the bed.

Wang Yu sat in the bed beside her and asked her, "Have you always been this sloppy?"

Li Zi Yun wanted Wang Yun to leave the room right now. She had already embarrassed herself enough and her cheeks were still red from blushing. This was so embarrassing for her. She was looking at her fingers to avoid looking at Wang Yu's face. She only shook her head.

"Look at me" this time Wang Yu was holding her chin with his fingers and he lifted her face to look into her eyes.

Wang Yu looked at her face and said, "I don't think you're afraid of me" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Zi Yun's eyes were looking everywhere other than Wang Yu. She could hear her heart pounding fast.

Wang Yu then asked her, "Are you feeling sleepy?"

Saying yes, Li Zi Yun covered herself with the comforter.

Wang Yu got up and walked to the door and sighed, "Looks like you're too sleepy to know about Fu Ming Zhu"

Li Zi Yun immediately sat up, "What did you find out about her?"

Wang Yu smiled and said, "Good night" and left the room. Li Zi Yun sat there with her mouth open wide. Was he playing with her?

Li Zi Yun murmured, "He really knows how to frustrate me"

Wang Yu asked from near the door, "Did you say anything?"

"Nothing CEO Wang, Goodnight"

Mrs. Wang couldn't sleep that day night and she thought of checking of Li Zi Yun. That is when she saw her son Wang Yu coming out of Li Zi Yun's room at night and he was smiling. Mrs. Wang quietly returned to her room.

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