My Boss Is Scary Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Chapter 85

Wang Yu was thinking about what Li Zi Yun told him. If Wang Yiran had really murdered someone, then who would help her hide the truth? Their grandfather and grandmother were so strict and disciplined and they would never accept something like this. He knew that his mother also would never hide something like this, and then the only other person was his father. Wang Yu's father Mr. Wang loved Wang Yiran; therefore, he would have readily covered up Wang Yiran's mistakes without batting an eye. With the new information, he understood that so many people held a grudge on her, therefore only if Wang Yiran wakes up he would know the truth.

Li Cheng Zhi did not come out from the moment the video became viral. Fu Ming Zhu kept calling him, but he did not respond to her calls. Li Zi Yun had slapped him publicly and that was the talk of the town. Moreover, everyone had come to know the truth about the Li family. He couldn't rest until he had done something to Li Zi Yun. He spent the entire day drinking and smoking wondering what will destroy her name and reputation the same way she destroyed his. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

First, he had to get hold of Li Zi Yun to do whatever he wants with her. Li Shu Chen had appointed an assistant and few bodyguards for Li Cheng Zhi to get him out of odd situations and to completely destroy the evidences of his wrong doings. Li Cheng Zhi called them and ordered them to find out Li Zi Yun's location and to find out what she was up to.

Fu Ming Zhu came to know what her son was trying to do. She thought that her son would have a peace of mind only if he destroyed Li Zi Yun by himself so she told them to follow whatever orders Li Cheng Zhi gave them and not to stop following Li Zi Yun for a second. Fu Ming Zhu was already thinking about what to do when she heard that Li Zi Yun had stayed at Wang Yu's house during the weekend. If Li Zi Yun started spending more and more time with Wang Yu then it would be difficult to touch her. Something had to be done very soon.

Li Zi Yun got ready to leave in the morning. She had calmed a bit when Wang Yu did not say anything even after she said so much about Wang Yiran. But she thought its better to stay alert. Mrs. Wang asked her to have breakfast first. When Li Zi Yun was eating, Wang Yu came down from his room. Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu's face but he did not show any unusual reaction on his face. So she continued eating. Mrs. Wang looked from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun, she had seen Wang Yu coming out Li Zi Yun's room last night but both of them did not show any sign there was something going on between them.

Mrs. Wang said to Li Zi Yun, "I want to go for shopping. Are you free to join me?"

"Sure Mrs. Wang. I will come with you"

Mrs. Wang then said to her, "We also have to get a dress for you for the party"

Li Zi Yun was not interested in getting a dress for the party. She had a new one that she got for Wu Li Shu's birthday, she thought of wearing it again. It was Huang Nian's birthday party, no one was going to look at her, and there was nothing wrong in wearing a dress for the second time.

"Mrs. Wang, I already have a dress for the party. There is no need to get another one"

Wang Yu then spoke from the other side of the table, "don't forget that you are my personal secretary now. The company gives allowance for all this. Get a new one today"

Wang Yu said what he had to say and left the table.

Mrs. Wang took Li Zi Yun out with her for shopping. Wang Yu had sent bodyguards to protect them.

When Li Zi Yun was alone with Mrs. Wang in the car, Mrs. Wang said to her, "you can call me auntie Wang, you need not be formal with me. "

Wang Yu had also sent women bodyguards for them, only two of them were by their side while the rest were following them in secret. Li Zi Yun thought it must be normal for Mrs. Wang to go in public with bodyguards, so she did not ask anything.

Mrs. Wang selected a dark gold tone gown for Li Zi Yun. She asked Li Zi Yun to try that mousseline gown. The strapless gown showed her neckline clearly and the flared skirt was flowing on the ground. Mrs. Wang saw for the first time Li Zi Yun in such a dress. She knew that if Li Zi Yun wears this dress to the party then she would be the centre of attention.

Mrs. Wang immediately got that dress for her, but Li Zi Yun was hesitant to get it. The scars on her shoulder were also shown out and she did not want wear such a revealing dress. Seeing that Li Zi Yun was hesitant to wear that dress, Mrs. Wang asked the store assistant to bring a shawl to wrap around Li Zi Yun's shoulders.

Mrs. Wang smiled, "Now you feel comfortable in that dress?"

"Thank you Auntie Wang" she knew she had a good body structure and she was not bothered about wearing low revealing dresses, the only thing that bothered her were her scars. With her shoulder hidden, she felt comfortable now.

Someone had taken photos of Li Zi Yun shopping along with Mrs. Wang. Speculations were rife in the internet regarding whether Wang Yu will attend the party tonight or not. There was even news published that Mrs. Wang had approved Li Zi Yun as her daughter in law. There were so many rumors but nothing was close to the truth.

Li Cheng Zhi was informed immediately that Li Zi Yun will be attending Huang Nian's birthday party today and she was seen shopping with Wang Yu's mother.

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