My Boss Is Scary Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Chapter 86

Li Cheng Zhi acquired the guest list invited by Huang family for tonight's party. He looked at the list to find out if there was anyone that he knew personally. At last, he found the name Gu Hui Ying.

Gu Hui Ying was Wang Yiran's friend and was one of the school bullies. Li Cheng Zhi had lot of secret files and photos of some people whom he had come across in his life and he always used that to threaten them to get what he wants. Li Cheng Zhi was at a year junior to Li Zi Yun at school. So he had known Gu Hui Ying from school days. He had some very sensitive information related to Gu Hui Ying and this was his chance to use it to his advantage.

Li Cheng Zhi immediately contacted Gu Hui Ying. She was also aware of what he had in his possession so she had always done what Li Cheng Zhi had asked of her. She was not ready to let her secret be revealed to the public. Her father was a politician and she was among those people who were invited to Huang Nian's birthday party.

When Gu Hui Ying received a call from Li Cheng Zhi, she hesitated before picking it up. Nothing good had come from talking to Li Cheng Zhi and she hated him but because he had her secrets, she had to obey him and pick up his call whenever he contacted her that was how he had blackmailed her. Gu Hui Ying bad returned from abroad only in the morning and she had no idea about the incident that happened between Li Zi Yun and Li Cheng Zhi. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What do you want?" she asked irritably. She had landed only before an hour and now she had to get ready for Huang Nian's party, she had no time to waste on him.

"Drug someone in the party you're attending today"

"You can do all the illegal work on your own. Don't bother me"

"I am already in a bad mood. Don't push me and make me publish your photos."

Gu Hui Ying's voice changed into submissive the next moment, "Who do you want to drug?"

"That Wang Yu's bitch. I want to see her suffer and see her life totally ruined. After drugging her, send her to the room I tell you. With that your job is done"

"But how I can I drug H"

"Don't tell that witch's name in front of me. I never want her to forget this day in her life ever"

Gu Hui Ying was confused not knowing what to do. She did not know how Huang Nian offended Li Cheng Zhi. It was Huang Nian's birthday party, how could she drug the host?

Li Cheng Zhi did not want to mention Li Zi Yun as his sister. How dare she slap him in front of everyone, he will make her entire life hell now. He had asked his men to bring a bum from the streets who looked revolting, and was had syphilis and ordered his men, to send the bum to a room in the hotel at night where the party was held. Wang Yu's lawyer has sent summons to Li Cheng Zhi regarding his derogatory comments about his boss and his boss's personal secretary in public. This had irritated him some more.

Li Cheng Zhi had some men stationed at Hotel V where the party was held. He had given them specific instructions that once the girl entered the room, they have to make sure that she doesn't leave the room till morning.

Huang Nian was planning on the other side to drug Wang Yu. She knew that this was the only way to make Wang family accept her. Wang Yu was not showing any interest on her and if she was lethargic then Li Zi Yun would easily take her place. Since Mr. Huang had planned to officially announce in front of family and friends that Wang Yu would be marrying his daughter soon, he had invited many important persons both from his personal life and from political life. This was a major event for him and he said that Huang Nian had to be on her best behavior today otherwise he would skin her alive.

Huang Nian had spent her time from morning grooming herself and she wore a red dress that was custom made for her. She had received information from the staff that Wang Yu will be attending the party and she wanted to look her best today. Her dress was studded with diamonds that glistened under the light. Her father had spent a small fortune on her dress today. She had planned everything perfectly and she wanted this to be a day she would never forget in her life. She had even checked her cycle to see if there is a possibility of her getting pregnant. It was one of her fertile days and she happily got ready.

Li Zi Yun returned to Wang's Residence because anyway she had to leave for the party with Wang Yu. Mrs. Wang asked the servants to get Li Zi Yun ready. Mrs. Wang was not satisfied with their makeup and hairdo and made them redo everything. Wang Yu was ready but Li Zi Yun hadn't come down yet.

When Li Zi Yun came down, Wang Yu couldn't take his eyes of her. She was prettier than the last time he saw her in Wu Li Shu's birthday party.

Before leaving Mrs. Wang said to Li Zi Yun, "Don't let him drink a lot. It doesn't sit well with him. Liu Guang knows about it. Since you are accompanying him for the first time I am informing you."

"Don't worry Auntie Wang. I will take care"

Mrs. Wang had initially planned on attending the birthday party. With Wang Yu taking Li Zi Yun to the party she did not want to get involved in the drama that will take place.

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