My Boss Is Scary Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Chapter 87

The party had started at Hotel V and the guests were streaming in. Mr. Huang had invited several people who could help him win the next presidential election. He was eagerly waiting for Wang Yu to arrive. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mrs. Huang entered the room where Huang Nian was chatting with her friends. Everyone was complimenting her clothes and jewels.

Huang Nian's friends were teasing her, "Brother Wang wouldn't be able to take his eyes off you today. You're so lucky" and others were praising her, "You look so pretty", "Brother Wang must be lucky to have you".

Huang Nian blatantly lied in front of her friends, "Brother Wang had this dress custom made for me and had gifted it for my birthday. I was so surprised"

Mrs. Huang was watching this from afar.

One of her friends asked her, "Nian Nian did you not see the article? Your fiance was holding another woman in public and took her home. You must be angry with him"

Huang Nian did not want to show that she was annoyed. She put on a fake smile and said, "Brother Wang explained it to me. She is just a secretary. We never let another person ruin our relationship. Haven't you seen her? She is so ugly. Why would Brother Wang be interested in her?"

Everyone agreed to Huang Nian's words and were nodding their heads. Mrs. Huang smiled and said to Huang Nian's friends, "I want to have a private moment with my daughter. Can you leave us alone for a moment?"

When everyone left the room, Mrs. Huang whispered to Huang Nian, "Have you gotten everything ready for tonight?"

"Mom, relax. From tomorrow onwards, even if Brother Wang wants to see another woman, his family will not allow him. I have gotten everything ready."

"Good. There are so many important people here. Be careful"

"Mom I will. Don't worry"

"My daughter is the prettiest" saying that Mrs. Huang kissed Huang Nian on her forehead and both of them came out to greet the guests.

Huang Nian was looking around, searching for Wang Yu. Hotel V was a property of the Wang family. Therefore, Huang Nian had carefully planned everything beforehand so that there were no mishaps later. Since Hotel V was under Wang Yu's control, she had to plan every tiny little detail so that she doesn't get caught before the night starts. As long as she got pregnant, it does not matter even if she was caught after she had slept with him.

The drug takes some time to take effect, therefore she had instructed them with also the timing. She had booked a room and planned everything meticulously. She wanted to have Wang Yu for herself.

In the car, Li Zi Yun was sitting nervously beside Wang Yu. She had already been exposed too much to the public because of the incident with her step sister and stepbrother. Now there would definitely be a lot of reporters, because this was a high profile party and several important people would be attending it. If she were given a choice, she would have happily stayed back at home instead of coming here.

Mrs. Wang had the maids tie Li Zi Yun's hair up in a bun and her neck and collar bones were in full view. Li Zi Yun's dress was hugging all her curves and dark gold tone dress made her look glamorous. Li Zi Yun sat in the car looking outside the window. She was waiting for the moment when she can go back to her house and sleep on her bed. Wang Yu was in deep thought.

"Li Zi Yun" Wang Yu called out, only then Li Zi Yun turned around to face him.

"CEO Wang"

"Never ever leave my side in the party, no matter who comes to speak to me or whoever calls you away. You will be standing by my side. Do you get it?"

"Yes Sir. But" Li Zi Yun dragged the words. It was Huang Nian's birthday party; Huang Nian will definitely want to cling on him at all times. How can she stay by his side all the time?


"Sir how can I stay near you when your fiance will want to stay by your side?"

"Did you not hear what I said just now?" the next second Wang Yu's face was next to hers. Li Zi Yun automatically her body backwards and held onto the car door, she did not want to fall down on the road today.


"You should not move away from my side in the party. I don't care who comes to speak to me. Understood?"

"Yes Sir" Wang Yu moved back to his original position how he was sitting earlier.

Already Huang Nian must be holding a grudge on her for staying by Wang Yu's side, now with this, Li Zi Yun did not know what Huang Nian will do to her.

Huang Nian was waiting near the entrance, greeting the guests. The main reason why she was standing there was to go to Wang Yu's side the moment he arrived.

The car reached Hotel V. Before getting down Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun to wait inside the car. From the moment Wang Yu's car arrived, the photographers were clicking photos. Wang Yu walked around the car. Everyone thought that Wang Yu must have come with his mother or grandfather and had come to the other side to escort him or her out. On seeing Wang Yu, Huang Nian walked towards him.

Wang Yu opened the door for Li Zi Yun and held his hand out for her. When the car door opened, Li Zi Yun could see so many flashes and many were focusing on her. She saw Huang Nian standing at a distance and looking at her. Li Zi Yun held Wang Yu's hand and gracefully got down from the car. Mr. Huang was standing there stone-faced seeing this and Huang Nian would have had a street fight with Li Zi Yun right there if there weren't reporters around. Some reporters had turned towards Huang Nian to capture her reaction.

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