My Boss Is Scary Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Chapter 88

Huang Nian stood there stunned. She never expected that Wang Yu will bring Li Zi Yun to her party birthday party even though she was his fiance and it was her party. Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun were walking hand in hand and the reporters were taking hundred shots of their every movement.

Li Zi Yun's hands started sweating. She was holding Wang Yu's hands and walking in between a pool of reporters before Wang Yu's fiance. Li Zi Yun was feeling shy, as she was not used to this. Wang Yu's hands were feeling slippery when he held Li Zi Yun's hands and Li Zi Yun was gripping his hands tightly. Li Zi Yun turned around and she saw Assistant Liu Guang standing on the other side of Wang Yu. Why did Wang Yu bring her if Liu Guang also accompanied him?

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun's hand and placed it over his arm and he walked with her. Huang Nian thought that at least when he comes near he would give her face and pose for a picture with her as her fiance. But Wang Yu did not let Li Zi Yun leave his side.

When Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun came near Huang Nian, Li Zi Yun said to her, "Happy Birthday". Wang Yu did not bother to greet her; he crossed Huang Nian and entered the hotel, and did not look at her for even a single second. Huang Nian's friends were all standing behind her to see their lovely relationship, but what was happening there was exactly opposite to how Huang Nian described her relationship with Wang Yu. They were silently laughing at Huang Nian behind her back.

Huang Nian also entered the hotel behind Wang Yu followed by Mr. Huang. Wang Yu had come to know about Mr. Huang's plan to try to force him into marrying Huang Nian. He would not have dealt with the situation like this, embarrassing them in public if the Huang family hadn't been trying all the dirty tricks behind his back. He had warned Mr. Huang before the marriage alliance was fixed that he should never try anything behind his back. Wang Yu knew that Mr. Huang was a cunning old fox. In the last five years he had met so many men like him.

When Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun entered the hall, everyone's attention was on them. Li Zi Yun felt oddly uncomfortable with everyone staring at her. Everyone was waiting to see Huang Nian to enter the party with Wang Yu, but it was Li Zi Yun who came instead.

"CEO Wang.." Li Zi Yun whispered to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu bent down a bit to hear what Li Zi Yun was telling him. Li Zi Yun continued, "Boss I really don't want to get caught in your family drama. Huang Nian will target only me for you embarrassing her. I really don't want any trouble"

Wang Yu then whispered back to her, "Then stay by my side quietly without going anywhere. Otherwise don't blame me."

Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were whispering about this, but to others it did not seem that way. The people present in the party thought that Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun were showing off their relationship. Li Zi Yun did not move an inch from Wang Yu's side.

Huang Nian came near Wang Yu and started speaking, "Brother Wang, we have to meet the elders to get their blessing"

Wang Yu did not respond.

"Brother Wang, everyone is watching. Can you please come with me?"

Huang Nian signaled to Li Zi Yun with her eyes to leave the place. There was no one in the party whom Li Zi Yun knew except Wang Yu and Liu Guang and she was not ready to move. 'If Huang Nian wants to chat with her fiance in private then she should convince him to come with her. Why is she asking me to leave?' Huang Nian stared at Li Zi Yun, but Li Zi Yun did not intend to move from Wang Yu's side. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Huang Nian had a drink in her hand, "Brother please at least accept the drink"

Huang Nian offered the drink to him but Wang Yu did not accept it. He was not ready to even drink a drop of water in this party. There were very few people who approached him without any motive and Huang family was not in that list.

Li Zi Yun had already heard some people talking badly about her. Many women at the party were casting dirty looks on her. All of them had some story to tell about Li Zi Yun. They were calling her a home wrecker and cursing her for seducing her boss to become his girlfriend when he had a fiance. Others were laughing at Huang Nian.

When Huang Nian left disappointed, Mr. Huang came near Wang Yu to speak to him. Mr. Huang said, "Son, you can have as many women as you want in your life. But this is my daughter, your future wife's birthday party. It is not nice of you to bring a mistress here."

"Looks like Mr. Huang is here to find trouble"

"Of course not. Please come to the front to greet the guests. You have to be present by the side of Huang Nian. We are family, your (he looked at Li Zi Yun) ahem assistants can stay back. There are many important people here in the party that I want to introduce to you"

"I don't think I need an introduction to talk to others. I am sure I can meet anyone I want without introduction."

"Of course, of course you can Son. Can you please come to the front? We can start the party"

"It's your daughter's birthday party, why do you need me? Mr. Huang's compulsion would make me assume that you have some other motive"

Mr. Huang was dumbstruck. Did Wang Yu know about his scheme?

He tried to speak with a calm face, "Son, it's just a birthday party. What is there to assume? Enjoy the party, we can speak later."

The reason why Mr. Huang was calling Wang Yu forward was to announce immediately that Wang Yu would be marrying his daughter soon. He thought that Wang Yu would not do anything in the party as there are a lot of people. But Wang Yu was adamant and he did not show even the slightest interest in neither his daughter or anything else in the party.

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