My Boss Is Scary Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Chapter 89

The topic of Wang Yu coming to Huang Nian's party with Li Zi Yun was the top news at the moment. The photos from the party had already been posted online by the reporters. Every time Wang Yu wanted to speak to Li Zi Yun, he spoke in her ears softly making all the young women feel jealous. Only Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun knew that they were speaking about nothing important or romantic. Wang Yu speaking like this made it seem like they were an intimate couple.

Wang Yu whispered in Li Zi Yun's ears, "Tell me when you want to leave the party"

Li Zi Yun whispered back, "CEO Wang, Why are you whispering instead of talking directly?"

Wang Yu winked at her. Li Zi Yun looked around and saw that Huang Nian was looking at them. Not just looking but also staring at them. If looks could kill, Huang Nian would have killed her. Li Zi Yun was thinking in her mind, 'Does he really hate me so much that he wants me to die in Huang Nian's hands?'

Huang Nian was watching this from afar while Gu Hui Ying was watching her. Huang Nian had drugged the drink that she gave to Wang Yu but he did not accept it. Wang Yu did not drink even a drop of water in the party and Huang Nian was getting anxious.

Mr. Huang came near Huang Nian and asked her, "You said Wang Yu will be under your control? But he did not even glance at you" her father was staring at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Father, please wait for some more time. He will definitely be wrapped around my fingers"

The guests have already started talking about Wang Yu ignoring the Huang family, about the other members of the Wang family not attending the party and Wang Yu coming to his fiance's party with his new girlfriend. Mr. Huang knew that it would be difficult to shut everyone's mouth if Wang Yu was ignoring them completely throughout the evening. Wang Yu hadn't gotten even a gift for Huang Nian for formality. He came there empty handed. Many people came to speak to Wang Yu either to greet him, or just to talk to him. No matter how important the conversation was, Li Zi Yun did not move from his side. From Wang Yu asking Li Zi Yun not to leave, Li Zi Yun had decided this was the safest place for her today, staying beside Wang Yu was better than voluntarily falling on the hands of Huang Nian.

Mr. Huang gritted his teeth and said to Huang Nian, "I don't care about what you do or how you do it. I have huge plans based on this and don't you dare ruin it for me"

"Father trust me" Mr. Huang left her alone to talk with the other guests.

Gu Hui Ying was waiting for the right moment to drug Huang Nian. There was competition between Gu Hui Ying's father and Mr. Huang in being selected as the president candidate and Mr. Huang had the upper hand. Since the whole drugging incident has been arranged by Li Cheng Zhi, Gu Hui Ying thought of shifting the blame onto Li Cheng Zhi in case any problem arises. Huang Nian had been boasting to her about being Wang Yu's fiance and Gu Hui Ying did not like her much either. So this was the best opportunity for her to get rid of Huang Nian and also to help her father contest the elections.

Li Cheng Zhi was the one who had arranged the drugs, the waiter and even the infected man, so Gu Hui Ying could wash her hands clean off this when it ends. She had nothing to lose and a lot to gain from this. Then she thought of an idea. Maybe she should tell everyone about what happened later on and destroy the reputation of Huang family and also ending Li Cheng Zhi with that. He had used her too many times and it was her time to end it now once and for all. She was patiently waiting for the opportunity. Huang Nian hadn't touched any food or drink yet.

It had been only thirty minutes since the party started but Li Zi Yun was starting to get bored. She was also feeling thirsty, as she hadn't eaten anything or drunk anything for some time now. Her lips felt dry, but Wang Yu did not allow her to touch any food nor drinks. Many people came for a toast but Wang Yu refused every one of them. He knew that if he relaxed even for a single moment then the Huang family will take advantage of it and he would not know how the end result will be.

Li Zi Yun said to Wang Yu, "CEO Wang, I am feeling really thirsty. Can I get something to drink?"

"Wait for some time. I'll take you out for dinner."

"Boss. Isn't this your hotel? Can't I at least drink water? I am really very thirsty"

Li Zi Yun was repeating the same question every few minutes until Wang Yu agreed at last. Wang Yu asked the waiter to bring him a small size sealed water bottle. When Huang Nian saw this, she got excited. She has been waiting exactly for this moment from when the party started. Huang Nian was watching Wang Yu from a distance to not get caught. She signaled her assistant to follow the waiter.

The assistant enquired and found that Wang Yu was thorough enough to ask for a sealed water bottle. But Huang Nian was more prepared than this and had planned for every situation. So much was at stake for her so she had planned everything thoroughly without any loophole for error. The only thing left was for Wang Yu to consume it.

Huang Nian thought that if she drugged Wang Yu with only aphrodisiac, he may try to overcome the effects of it and may also succeed in it. There was a high chance of Wang Yu leaving with his assistant saying that he was unwell. Huang Nian mixed ecstasy along with Viagra. She wanted him to enjoy sleeping with her and also be in a state of trance for some time so that she could keep him under control. The drug takes some time to kick in so the sooner he takes it, the better chance for her to take him down soon.

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