My Boss Is Scary Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 My boyfriend?

All of her friends were looking at her dumbfounded.

Before anyone could start talking she asked Meng Sen Xi "How am I unaware of my own boyfriend? Can you stop spoiling my mood, I have had too much today"

Meng Sen Xi looked around the table. One was the son of the president while the other two were from an influential family. He excused himself while they were waiting for food.

Chu Yan was looking at Meng Sen Xi who was now walking away from the table. He asked Li Zi Yun, "Zi Yun how you know him?"

"He's my colleague from work. Look we are not dating"

"Of course I know you're not dating, but I feel like I have seen him somewhere before"

"Just because you're the President's son doesn't mean you know every citizen of the country"

"No, I am sure I have seen him before."

"Ok you have seen him before drop it"

"Is he rich? I think he is rich. I am sure he couldn't afford such clothes with an ordinary salary" Chu Yan was not ready to let go of the topic.

"Can you stop it? Why does it bother you who he is?" Li Zi Yun was trying to put a stop to it since she knew Meng Sen Xi could be back any moment now.

"Your friends with him of course it bothers me"

Wu Li Shu couldn't take their fights anymore "Shut up both of you!"

Meng Sen Xi came back and took her left hand and started applying the ointment. Everyone was staring at him including Li Zi Yun.

Chu Yan looked at her red skin only then, before he could his move Wu Yiyang rushed to her side. He looked jealous as Meng Sen Xi was taking care of her. He was a shy guy yet he asked her out once but she rejected him, and he did not have the guts to bring up that topic again.

Li Si Yun couldn't help but ask "Guys this is too much drama for just a burn. The foods here let start eating."

Meng Sen Xi asked her softly, "Are you sure you can eat"

"Are you going to feed me if I say no?"

"Definitely I wouldn't mind feeding you?"

Wu Li Su mouthed to her 'Marry this guy'.

Chu Yan asked sarcastically "Zi Yun should I call an ambulance for you?"

"Very funny" Zi Yun was staring at him.

Wu Yiyang asked her, "How did you get hurt?"

"Just spilled some tea over".

"You spilled tea all over your hand?"

"Yes. I'm dumb. Happy? Continue eating"

She did not know why but she did not want tell them Wang Yu bullied her on the first day as his Personal Secretary, but she couldn't bring herself to speak it out loud. She was hoping as time went on it will get better.

When they left Meng Sen Xi offered to take her home, but Chu Yan dragged her out saying they will take her. Li Zi Yun excused herself and left with him.

Wu Li Shu and Wu Yiyang left in a car while Zi Yun left with Chu Yan.

Whwn they were alone in the car, Chu Yan started speaking, "What's the relationship between you and Wang Yu?"

"For the hundredth time, today was the first time I met him"

Holding her hand high he asked her "then tell me why he poured tea over you and why you are staying silent about it?"

"Huh?" 'How did he guess'

She tried to pull her hand away from his grip but he held it firmly. "Chu Yan it was me who spilled tea. It has nothing to do him"

"Why do you keep everything to yourself Zi Yun, we are here for you, speak out your mind"

"You want me to speak my mind? Let go of my hands right now"

He released her hand. There was silence till they reached Zi Yun's place.

When they reached her house, he got down and hugged her before she entered her house. Then he said in ears in a soothing voice, "Zi Yun if it gets difficult then tell me. Don't forget I am here for you" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

She whispered "I know. Drive safe. Good night"

Though she could have told him about Wang Yu she did not want to bother him with her problems. She waved him bye and entered her apartment.

From some distance a person was staring at her, looking at her every movement.

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