My Boss Is Scary Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Chapter 94

Wang Yu was kissing her back, open-mouthed, tasting Li Zi Yun's lips. He put his hand at the back of her head, taking control. When Wang Yu leaned against Li Zi Yun, her head moved back and hit the glass panel. Wang Yu turned her body towards the seat, making her lie on her back without breaking the kiss. Li Zi Yun was pressing her body against his trying to cool down her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist making Wang Yu lie on top of her. Li Zi Yun's fingers were gripping his hair, pulling him closer to her.

Wang Yu stopped for a moment when he was out of breath. Both of them were lying in the same position with their foreheads touching. The moment Li Zi Yun caught her breath she was trying to kiss Wang Yu again. She was full of energy and she did not want to pause a second. She wanted to taste every inch of his body. Li Zi Yun felt like Wang Yu's kiss was sucking away her heat.

The car reached the basement of the penthouse. Li Zi Yun had successfully removed the zipper in her dress and it was about to fall off any minute. Wang Yu carried her out of the car and he covered her with the shawl that she was wearing earlier.

Liu Guang was shocked to see Wang Yu when he got out of the car. Wang Yu's shirt was open and he was not wearing a jacket. Li Zi Yun's body was pressed against his. She was clinging onto his neck nibbling his neck. Wang Yu was holding her tightly to not let her dress fall down. Carrying Li Zi Yun in his arms, he got into the elevator. Liu Guang was hesitant to follow them. Both Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun looked messy and he was sure they must have been making out in the car and he did not want to disturb them.

Liu Guang entered the elevator only when he heard Wang Yu's voice, "Get in"

Liu Guang could not disobey his boss. He quietly entered the elevator and stood before them trying to avoid looking at them. Li Zi Yun was trying to push the shawl off her shoulders, while Wang Yu was holding it tightly.

"It's hot" Li Zi Yun said in a low voice trying to pull him closer to her.

"Be good. Stay quiet for a minute".

Li Zi Yun turned her focus towards Wang Yu. She was biting and nibbling his ear.

When they entered the house, Wang Yu asked Liu Guang to wait in the living room and inform him when the doctor arrives. Wang Yu took her to other bedroom and laid her on the bed. Li Zi Yun was too energized to stay still. She pulled Wang Yu on top of her.

Li Zi Yun was feeling dehydrated but she was not ready to let go of Wang Yu. The ache in her vagina was making her lose control. She rolled on the bed and now she was above Wang Yu. Wang Yu's chest was bare and her fingers were drawing circles on it. She climbed over him, and could feel his hardness on her crotch. She was going crazy sitting over him. She unbuckled Wang Yu's belt when she was on top of him. He immediately caught her hands and rolled once again. Now Wang Yu was at the top and Li Zi Yun was under him. He held her wrist tightly and raised it above her head.

"Li Zi Yun, you will regret it tomorrow. Stop it"

"Please I want you inside me please. The heat is killing me" Li Zi Yun was trying hard to release herself from Wang Yu's hold. She was wriggling her body under him and Wang Yu was on the verge of losing control. Holding her hands with one hand, he held her waist with the other hand. Li Zi Yun's slightly parted lips were too much for him to control himself.

Wang Yu's lips were conquering hers the next second, smooching her. His cold lips were pressed against her hot burning lips. There was a sound from the back of his throat, half growl, half moan. Little shivers of pleasure and panic shot through her as he deepened the kiss, parting her lips. Their tongues fighting to take control. They were kissing like crazy. Only when their lips parted Wang Yu understood what he was starting to lose control. He had been trying so hard not to lose control but being near Li Zi Yun was making him go mad. Her lips were swollen from the vigorous kissing. He got down from the bed.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. He was standing there with his shirt open and with his belt unbuckled and he looked sexy as hell. She wanted to eat him up. She got up from bed. Since she had unzipped her dress as she walked it was getting lower and lower revealing her upper boob and her brassiere.

Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu towards her as she wrapped her right leg over his waist. As her back hit the wall, she pulled Wang Yu's face to her height, taking full control of his lips. She sealed the tiny gap between them, by pressing her body against him, digging her fingers into his hair. Time stopped for Li Zi Yun. They were devouring each other. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lowering her hands, she tugged at his shirt, but it was stuck under her legs. She wiggled down until her feet were on the floor. Then she got a hold of his shirt and yanked it up. He broke apart. He knew what would happen if he did not stop it now. It was getting way out of control.

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