My Boss Is Scary Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Chapter 96

Li Cheng Zhi had stationed his men outside the room to take photographs of Li Zi Yun with the beggar. But his manager informed him that the room has been locked from inside. He had attached a camera in that room, but since the room was very dimly lit, only the shape of the person could be seen and their face could not be identified. He did not expect Li Zi Yun to be so wild and even close the room. Since it had become like this, he thought of informing Wang Yu in the morning. It was Wang Yu's hotel and he would know the truth if he checked the cctv footage. No other evidence was needed to prove it to him. He was planning that if Wang Yu chased away Li Zi Yun, then it will be easier for him to do whatever he wanted with her. He slept peacefully that night, happily imagining about Li Zi Yun's misery.

Fu Ming Zhu was informed about this. She couldn't control her joy. She was sure that Wang Yu will no longer support her and it will be easy to destroy her. She was overjoyed that her son was able to do what her husband couldn't do for so long. She did not inform Li Shu Chen because he had other plans for her and they needed to send her to the old man to get investment. Therefore, she stayed quiet about it and informed Li Xin Yi alone.

Li Xin Yi was so happy. She had hated Li Zi Yun from the moment she saw her for the first time. She had to live a low life from when she was born without telling anyone about her father's identity whereas Li Zi Yun had grown up like a princess. Li Zi Yun was happy when she had everything and happy when she did not have anything. She knew that this was enough to destroy Li Zi Yun. She was waiting to talk to Li Zi Yun face to face after she had fallen at the bottom of the pit.

Wang Yu was not a heavy sleeper. He slept beside Li Zi Yun in the same bed. He got up from bed in the morning and was deciding whether he should go to office or not. The doctor had already told him that it would take at least two to three days for the test results to arrive and only then, he could tell clearly. An overdose of drugs had been given to Li Zi Yun for the first time so the doctor warned him that she might face various symptoms and to take care of her at least for a week.

Li Zi Yun woke up at the time she woke up usually. She woke up because of her phone ringing continuously. There were several messages from Li Cheng Zhi. Several photos were attached but in none of the photos, the face was seen clearly.

"Did you enjoy your night with that bum?"

"How will show your face out in public when the video gets circulated outside?"

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"Your moans could be heard outside the room"

"Do you think Wang Yu will support you now when he comes to know that you're fooling around with men?"

When Li Zi Yun saw this as soon she woke up, her mind went blank. The phone dropped down on the floor. Hearing the sound, Wang Yu rushed into the room. Li Zi Yun could remember that she was with a man but she couldn't remember exactly. She started crying thinking that what Li Cheng Zhi had sent her must be true.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Wang Yu was asking her but Li Zi Yun couldn't answer. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. All she could do was point her finger at the phone lying on the ground. Wang Yu looked at the messages. When Li Zi Yun saw Wang Yu, she started wondering why was she with him. She looked around and it did not look like Wang residence.

If she was with Wang Yu then how was she with.

Li Zi Yun slowly remembered last night's events. She could remember going to Huang Nian's party with Wang Yu and leaving the party with him and all the shameless things she did last night. Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun and saw that she was no longer crying.

"So you do remember what happened last night?"

"I did notI don't"

Wang Yu sat by the side of Li Zi Yun on the bed, with his hands on either side of her. The distance was making her feel awkward. She could remember her every move last night and her face became red in embarrassment. She had pounced on Wang Yu even when he said her to stop.

Li Zi Yun's head was bent down. She did not have the guts to look into Wang Yu's eyes. She wished that the ground would swallow her now. The thought of having to spend the entire day with Wang Yu was making her feel oddly uncomfortable.

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun's finger to his lips, "I don't remember you being shy yesterday night. You were not gentle either when you were attacking my lips (he placed her thumb on his lips). You were the one who made it swollen. Look"

She closed her eyes tightly. 'Please stop this. Let this be a dream.' She was mad at herself and wanted to kill herself. Wang Yu was sitting very close to her. She could remember not letting go of him for even a single second.

Li Zi Yun was scolding herself, 'He is your boss. How could you do that?'

Li Zi Yun had never expected that her first kiss would be with Wang Yu and the night ending with her begging him to fuck her.

Wang Yu whispered to her, "Closing your eyes and relishing the moment?"

"What?" She quickly open her eyes. Wang Yu talking about last night to her directly was making her go crazy. Why did he have to keep reminding her about it? Her eyes were wandering everywhere except looking at Wang Yu's face directly. That was also difficult because Wang Yu's face was directly opposite to hers at a kissing distance.

"Then compensate me"

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