My Boss Is Scary Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Chapter 97

"Compensation? For what?"

"So you don't remember what you did to me yesterday?" Wang Yu moved Li Zi Yun's hand that he was holding down to his chest where she bit him last night.

"I I did not do anything" Li Zi Yun spoke in such a low voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"But you were forcing me to"

Hearing Wang Yu say these words directly made her want to kill herself. How she be so shameless and jump on Wang Yu. Whenever Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu's face, she could only see his swollen lips that she had bit last night. Maybe she had stayed away from this too long. It was time she started dating someone.

Wang Yu placed Li Zi Yun's hand on his face and traced the places where she kissed him.

He said to her, "You kissed me here (her hand was on his forehead), here (on his cheeks) and here (he places her hand on his lips and kissed her hand)"

"I'mI'm sorry" Li Zi Yun's clenched the her fist of her free hand tightly. She tried to pull her hand away from Wang Yu's grasp but Wang Yu did not let it go. Instead he moved closer to her.

"Then tell me when did you start liking me? You were too passionate in kissing me."

"What are you talking about? I did not" she knew that Wang Yu was aware that she remembered everything and she couldn't even refute his comments. She had been clinging to him the entire night and kissing him nonstop.

Wang Yu was smiling. He was thinking 'Thank God I did not give in to my instincts and sleep with her'. Just for a kiss, Li Zi Yun was going mad there and he did not know what would have happened if another step had been taken. He thought it was enough teasing for now. She looked energetic and he thought it was better to leave to office now. He released Li Zi Yun's hands and got up to leave.

At that moment Li Zi Yun caught his hand, Wang Yu turned around to look at her, she said to him, looking at his eyes, "Thank you"

If it were someone else in Wang Yu's position, she could not imagine what could have happened. Last night she had been provoking him sexually the entire night and was even ready to do anything for him, but Wang Yu had not crossed the limit with her. She might have killed herself if something more had happened. He had dealt with her patiently and looked after her carefully. She could not have asked for more last night. The least she could do was thank him. Wang Yu had kissed her only because she forced him and she could not blame him for that.

Wang Yu held her face between the palm of his hands and he kissed her forehead.

"Get ready to leave for office", saying that he left the room.

Li Zi Yun rolled over on the bed and lied face down. 'Did he really have to kiss her now? She only said a thank you. Only then, she realized she was wearing only a bathrobe and nothing inside. She could remember Wang Yu taking her to the shower and everything was blank after that. Did something happen? Why was she only wearing a bathrobe? She looked around there were no signs of the dress she wore last night. Mrs. Wang had gotten a brand new dress for her and she was sure it was ruined. A maid entered the room to give her a new pair of clothes.

Li Zi Yun looked at her phone. If she was with Wang Yu then who was in the photos that Li Cheng Zhi sent her? It must have been Li Cheng Zhi who drugged her. That is why she must have behaved like that. Fortunately, she was with Wang Yu so she was saved. She could not imagine what would have happened if she had really got caught in Li Cheng Zhi's trap. She would be dead now. Li Cheng Zhi would have ruined her completely and she wouldn't be able to save herself. But someone else had gone inside the room instead of her.

Li Zi Yun looked carefully at Li Cheng Zhi's message once more. He had sent a man infected with syphilis to sleep with her. She thanked god that she was with Wang Yu last night.

Li Zi Yun got ready and came out of the room. Assistant Liu Guang was waiting there to pick up Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun couldn't look at him. He had seen everything that she had done to try to make out with Wang Yu.

Liu Guang saw that Li Zi Yun was sick last night, so he asked her, "Are you alright now?"

She just nodded her head without saying anything and she stood there awkwardly. Wang Yu came out of his room.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun and said, "You said you would never let go of me, you have forgotten your words so soon?"

Liu Guang looked from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun wondering if it was time to leave them alone and give them some privacy. Li Zi Yun had hoped that he would stop teasing her now but Wang Yu was nowhere near stopping.

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