My Boss Is Scary Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Chapter 99

Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun got into the car. She knew that if she doesn't say anything Wang Yu will start teasing her; so she started talking about the issue that has been bothering her from the morning.

"Sir what do you think about the photos that you saw in my phone in the morning?"

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"If I was with you last night, then who was the woman in the photo?"

"Are you really curious?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head. When Li Cheng Zhi sent the clipping to Wang Yu, he had them checked by Liu Guang. Li Cheng Zhi had sent the video along with the details of the room where the photo was taken. Since it was his hotel, finding the details was not such a difficult task. Liu Guang had immediately received the video from the hotel and he gave it to Wang Yu to watch.

Last night Wang Yu had the cctv's in the party checked and he found out it was Huang Nian who had drugged the water. Huang Nian was crossing his path often and dabbing her hands in things she shouldn't be involved, so Wang Yu was thinking about what to do with her. The doctor had informed him that there was a high chance that an overdose of drugs had been given to Li Zi Yun. Initially he had thought that Huang Nian wouldn't have drugged him with anything serious or life threatening and it must only be an aphrodisiac. But the doctor told him that Li Zi Yun's condition could have been serious if he had come late.

When Wang Yu saw the video Liu Guang gave him, he was really shocked. He saw that Huang Nian was the one who entered the room that Li Cheng Zhi had booked for Li Zi Yun. Even the hotel room was booked under Li Zi Yun's name. The evidence had automatically fallen into his hands and this was enough for him to throw away the Huang family. Huang Nian had dared to hurt him directly. He was not going to let her off easily.

Another interesting information he got was Gu Hui Ying working for Li Cheng Zhi. From the party video, he saw that Gu Hui Ying was the one who had drugged Huang Nian. He knew that Gu Hui Ying was one of Wang Yiran's friends and he had questioned her normally in the past without revealing anything. He could not guess the reason why Gu Hui Ying will work for Li Cheng Zhi and destroy Huang Nian. He knew there was political enmity between the two families though they seemed friendly outside maybe that was the reason. If Li Cheng Zhi had wanted to drug Li Zi Yun then why did Gu Hui Ying change the target to Huang Nian? He never expected the woman to be involved in so much drama and warned himself that he should be more alert. The drug that Li Zi Yun had consumed was originally planned for him and he couldn't imagine the consequences if he had taken it.

Wang Yu turned towards Li Zi Yun. She had no makeup in her face and even her bare face was very pretty.

"It's Huang Nian"

Li Zi Yun had been feeling sorry for the woman who had taken her place. Her mouth was wide open in shock.

"Your fiance?"

Wang Yu was looking at her with his eyebrows raised.

"She gave you a green hat?" Li Zi Yun could not stop giggling. She did not know why but she found this situation too funny.

Seeing the look in Wang Yu's face, she shut her mouth. That is when Wang Yu received Huang Nian's message "Brother Wang I will always only love you. I really enjoyed 'the party' last night". Li Zi Yun also saw the message from Huang Nian.

"Weren't you insulting her yesterday in the party? She enjoyed that?"

"Don't tell me your brain is not working after you took the drug"

Li Zi Yun thought about everything only then she understood.

"Wait. So she thought it was you? I never expected her to be so dumb. How did you make her your fiance?"

Wang Yu was looking at Li Zi Yun with a strange face. He was wondering if the drug hadn't worn off yet. Li Zi Yun usually did not talk so much and she was speaking exceptionally a lot toady.

"So there is a high probability that she is infected with syphilis?" Li Zi Yun said in a low voice.


Li Zi Yun showed Wang Yu the messages that Li Cheng Zhi sent her once more. Wang Yu was initially not interested in his messages so he hadn't seen it properly. He never thought Li Cheng Zhi would be so ruthless and even do all this to his blood relation. Wang Yu sat quietly deep in thought. He was thinking about how to deal with Huang Nian. If she had tried drugging him once, she definitely would also have other things up her sleeve. He thought of taking Li Zi Yun to the hospital. Her behavior made him doubt if the drug had really worn off.

Li Zi Yun turned her face to the window. She was finding it hard to keep her mouth shut today, especially in front of Wang Yu.

Liu Guang had earlier showed to Wang Yu the comments under the news section. Many people were abusing Li Zi Yun and calling her names. Liu Guang had his men take down everything but still new news articles and comments kept popping up and it was difficult to control.

Li Zi Yun had already seen all this, but she was not bothered at all. She did not care about what others thought about her. People who did not know about her will definitely judge her no matter what she does and she did not want to waste her time on that. Based on the news everyone expected that Wang Yu would have joined with Huang Nian again and left Li Zi Yun.

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