My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 1771

After seeing the white-haired youth had left, Qingfeng Li felt relaxed as well, just like the landlady.

When Qingfeng Li was facing the white-haired youth, he felt a constant emanating from the stranger’s body. Qingfeng Li felt that the youth was a powerful self-cultivator.

He asked the landlady, “Who was that? Why does he give me a bad feeling?”

The landlady smiled and said, “He is known as the White Hair Demon. He is ranked 49th on the Devil List and is a level higher than me; even I am not his opponent.”

Qingfeng Li was shocked because he knew how powerful the landlady was; she already reached the half-step spirit monarch realm. If she said that she wasn’t as strong as the youth, then exactly how strong was he? No wonder he gave Qingfeng Li an enormous amount of pressure.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li finally learned about the difference between the supreme realm and the spirit monarch realm. He always thought he was strong because he had killed level eight supreme realm masters and was invincible.

Now that he saw two half-step spirit monarch realm masters, he knew that he was being too nave. The difference between the supreme realm and the spirit monarch realm was much bigger than he thought.

Spirit monarch realm masters were able to borrow the powers of nature, but Qingfeng Li was still using his own vital essence. Just in terms of this difference, he was already outclassed against the spirit monarch realm masters.

Qingfeng Li looked at the landlady and asked, “I want to know why you guys think I have spiritual treasures on me. Who told you guys?”

Qingfeng Li thought he hid his treasures well and didn’t understand why other people would suspect him.

The landlady smiled and said, “People that reached the spirit monarch realm will become sensitive to spiritual treasures. Coincidently, I practiced a technique that helps with finding treasures. The spiritual treasures and techniques you practice are giving me a weird sense.”

Qingfeng Li was shocked. There were numerous spirit monarch realm masters on the Crimson Fire Continent. If they knew about the treasures on Qingfeng Li, they would all attack him and he would be done for.

Qingfeng Li became nervous and decided to get the Dark Night Emperor to think of a way to hide the treasures after the landlady left.

After chatting a bit more, the landlady had to leave because Mengyao Xu and Ya Yun had come back. They heard noises in the room and decided to rush back immediately.

“Why did you come?” Mengyao Xu asked to the landlady with a dissatisfied tone.

Mengyao Xu didn’t like the Peach Blossom She-Devil. Even though she was much stronger than Mengyao Xu, Mengyao Xu still didn’t like her because she kept on bothering Qingfeng Li.

The Peach Blossom She-Devil didn’t look at them and left the room, transforming into a beam of white light.

This was the true power of half-step spirit monarch realm; they could borrow the powers of nature and space. Mengyao Xu and Ya Yun didn’t even know how she left, so they could only stand there and get mad at nothing.

They both walked to Qingfeng Li and scanned him over with an investigative look.

Mengyao Xu and Ya Yun were prepared for each other, so they decided to both live in the same room. But they didn’t think the landlady would sneak in and take advantage of their absence.

Mengyao Xu walked to Qingfeng Li and smelled his clothes. Then she said, “Why do you have a woman’s scent on you. Is it from the landlady?”

Then she took out her fingers and pinched Qingfeng Li’s arm to show her anger.

Both of the girls were pissed, so Qingfeng Li had to tell a bunch of jokes and call them pretty and gorgeous. In the end, both the girls were satisfied and lightened up.

Qingfeng Li then said, “Mengyao Xu, Ya Yun, why aren’t you guys leaving yet. Are you guys going to sleep with me tonight?”

They both glared at Qingfeng Li and left. They were extremely shy and felt embarrassed from what Qingfeng Li just said.

Seeing the two girls finally leave, he sighed. His back had turned wet from sweat and his mind was beginning to feel dizzy as well.

Even though he was able to break through the landlady’s peach illusion, it was still a half-step spirit monarch realm level attack and had left him tiredt.

He took out a bunch of mental medicines from his space ring and consumed all of them. He then began channeling his cultivation technique and refined all of the medicines into mental energy to heal his mind.

After a while, Qingfeng Li’s pale face became red and healthy again. The majority of his spiritual power recovered, and his body became much more energized.

He stood up and moved his body; he felt his body was filled with power.

Qingfeng Li said to Dark Night Emperor, “Senior, please think of a way to hide all the treasures on me, or else the spirit monarch realm masters are able to find out easily.”

The emperor’s soul flew out from Qingfeng Li’s sword, thought for a bit, and said, “I will teach you the Saint Reclusion Method, it will hide the presence of the treasures on you.”

The emperor extended his right hand and sent a green light that went into Qingfeng Li’s mind. The light had information on how to practice the Saint Reclusion Method.

Qingfeng Li learned the technique extremely quickly, practiced it a few more time, and then activated it; it formed a green light within his body.

The green light was extremely light and hid all of his treasures within.

Qingfeng Li had too many treasures on him, he had the Fire Dragon’s soul, the black-white millstone, the dragon bone, the Gold Dao Seed, the Wind Dao Seed, his Golden Flames, and a bunch of others.

If the other self-cultivators found out, they would all come and try to rob him. After all, no one can tolerate the seduction of powerful treasures.


Suddenly there were sounds of fighting ringing from outside the hotel, making everyone run out when they heard the noises.

Qingfeng Li wasn’t an exception. When he came out of the hotel, he was shocked because he saw Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake fighting against the white-haired man.

The man was extremely powerful. He didn’t use his full strength and was able to force the puppy and snake back from carelessly waving his palms.

Even though the puppy and the snake were ancient godly beasts, they had only reached the sixth level of the supreme realm. There was too big of a difference between them and the youth, so they could only be forced back.

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