My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 92

What is the concept behindthe ninesoul-calling pills? As the name suggests,they're pills that can even bring back a soul that has already left the body it inhabits. This kind of pill can only be crafted by master alchemists who haveprofound cultivationtalents. There are no more than five of this kind of people in the entire Galaxy, and they are either in somehigh position or the bossesof parts of heaven. It'seasier to climb up to the sky than to ask them to turn on the stove and practice alchemy.

The blue ball whowas a celestial had never seen these pills in his life, yet the girl in front of him not only had one, but a full bottle! Something like this couldonly meant one thing - shewas one with connections!
"Are those pills of any use?" Yao Si was a little impatient."Can theysave him or not?"
"He can be saved, he sure as hell can be saved." This kind of minor injury in the Dantianwas nothing, even ten of Zan Zichen couldbe saved with one pill.
Yao Si immediately took one pillout and fed Zan Zi Chen. As expected,the wounds on his body healed at the speed that could be detected bythenaked eye. Atthe centre of his chest,a white light seemedto converge. Ten minutes later, he could already stand up, eat, jump about, and doanything else that he might want. If it weren'tfor the bloodstains on his clothes, there'd be no way to tellthat he had been injured.
"Thank you Senior Si, andand this seniorforsaving my life." Zan Zichen bowed to them at the first opportunity, with devotion evident in his actions.
"You're welcome." Yao Si let out the breath she'd been holding."As long as you're okay! Don't be so obstinate in the future, if you can't beat them, run,all right?"
"Yes, senior!" he answered in a loud and earnest voice.
Yao Si nodded with satisfaction;the child could still be taught.
"HahaHey, sister!" The blue ball pushed his way over, his attitude having changed drastically. He asked carefully,"Are you familiar with the Heavenly Emperor of the Four Realms?"
"The Heavenly Emperor of the Four Realms? Who's that?"
"Don't know?" The blue ball stared blankly. This shouldn't beright"What other celestialsdo you know?"
Yao Si thought about it. "I only know one that's called Li Yue." To be exact, Yan Xuan knew him.
"His Immortality Li Yue !" His legs became a little flabbythis figure was even more formidable than the Heavenly Emperor of the Four Realms! His heart immediately trembled."Sister, are you lacking in leg accessories? The kind that have already ascended to heaven?" This sure is a coattail worth holding onto!

Before Yao Si could answer, there was a familiar buzzing sound; the blue ball's training time was up. His face turned pale,andhe grabbed onto her and yelled, "Sister, that Mahjong debt that I just owed, I'll repay it to youdouble, no, ten times! Let's be friends, my name is Lan..."
Hedisappeared in a flash before he could finish speaking.
"..." Hmm... So his name is Lan something?
Zan Zichen explained that he originally intended to go to a place called the Mystic Dimension of Grand Clouds, seeking for opportunities to enhance his cultivation. However, he had unfortunately encountered thedemonic cultivator midway. He said that the mystic dimension was a boundary of land independent of this world,andit only openedonce in a hundred years. It was extremely dangerous there, full of all sorts of demonic beasts and spiritual plants, but risk was accompaniedby opportunity. This path was oftenused to surge in cultivation and ascend to the heavens,but there would always be plenty of those who were never heard from again .

Due to the problems with Shi Fang Sect, Zan Zichenwanted to go in there and try his luck.
Yao Si's interest began to grow when she heard about this so-called mystic dimension. After experiencing that deceiving reward, she did find that her consciousness was now more flexible. She could now release her mentalenergy outward, and it even appearedto have a trend of beginning to condenseinto a solid form. Now,all she needed was toexercise it in actual combat.
So she made an important decision- to escape.
She would getrid of a certain group offour people and go to that mystic dimension with Zan Zichen. After all, the four had come here just to make trouble. With them around, she more than likely wouldn't be able to have the peace of mind to train. Luckily,the demonic cultivator had taken the other exit when leaving the cave, so they didn't even meet the four that were guarding the mouth of the cave.It wasthe best time to go solo.
She discussed it with Zan Zichen, then hailed a swan to bring them to theentrance to the Mystic Dimension.
It wasn't too far away, sothey flew for less than half an hour before reaching their destination.From a distance, they could already see a lot of people, bothmen andwomen, huddled together in groups of three and five, with a few being alone. There were some whoweredressed in black, having wrappedthemselves up like zongzi, a traditional Chinese rice pudding. Cold and gloomy aura wasemitted by them.
"Those are demonic cultivators," Zan Zichen explained.
Yao Si was stupefied."Then why..." Are they not fighting? Isn't the generic novels' plots always centered around the good and evil never being able to coexist?
"This is the entrance to the Mystic Dimension,sotemporarily they aren't!" Zan Zichen explained."To avoid missing the opportunity to get inside the Mystic Dimension, everyone waits here peacefully until theycango inside..."
He didn't continue, but if one thought about it, then it was obvious that once everyone went inside, it would be time to quarrel.
In less than ten minutes after they landed, a bright white light suddenly illuminated the sky. A round door appeared out of nowhere, and if one was attentive, they could see a layer of silver slowly covering the centre of the door like water spreading out in ripples.
That's...the Stargate! So the so-called Mystic Dimension goes to another planet?
"The Mystic Dimension has opened, quickly!" She didn't know who said that, but at once, everyone present rode their swordsand clouds, rushing through the door one after another.
"Senior Si?" Zan Zichen turned and looked at her.
Yao Si hesitated. Although she didn't know what planet this door ledto, but guessing based onthe people who've been waiting hereit should not leave the boundaries of the celestials' territories. Guess I'll have to go and see. She decided to send a message to NephewGu, informing him of her decision to go solo beforestepping through the gate.
The scenery changed the moment she put her foot down on the other side, the wide grassland having become aforest. The mob fight that she thought would happen when they came in didn't occur,however. Everyonejustscattered away, especially thedemonic cultivators. They flew like mad in every direction without stopping,clearly aware that couldn'tstayif they didn't want to be beat up!
There were only a few people on the site.
The instant Yao Si walked out of the Stargate, she received a message inher opticalcomputer.
[The Galactic Tourism Network informs you that you have reached SP 4, have a pleasant trip!]
SP 4? The fourth secondary planet of the Shadow Planet? Just as expected, they weren't teleported too far away.
"Senior, which direction should we go?" Zan Zichen asked.
Just as Yao Si thought about opening a map, two words suddenly appeared on the navigation system-Restricted Map. Based on that, she suddenly had a feeling that the danger here wasn't small at all.She clicked to call the swan,andjust as expected, an error message was displayed: Your map has aviation restrictions, so swans are unable to arrive!
Yep, she didn'teven have anytransportation anymore. This left her with not choice but to let Zan Zichen pick a random direction and wander aimlesslywith him.
"Okay, so where's the fifth level demonic beast you were talking about?" she asked, having pulled on his sleeve.Only demonic beaststhat were over the fifth level would have external consciousness domains, and she needed that to train. It was the only reason she'd come here.
"Senior, don't worry, we're still outside the bounds of the Mystic Dimension," Zan Zichen explained."High level demonic beastsare all atthe centre, sowe won't meet them for the time bei"
Before he could finish, a roar suddenlycame from afar. Large patches of trees fell down right in front of their eyes,andthey were surrounded by bird calls. Soon,a gigantic beast appeared not far away, slowly closing in on them.
"That voiceIt's a fifth level cloud-swallowing beast!" Zan Zi Chen exclaimin shock.How could it have appeared so soon?
"Fifth level!" Yao Si's eyes immediately brightened.
Zan Zichen was a little worried."Senioir, a fifth-level demonic beast is equivalent to a cultivatoratthe peak of Jindan stage. The cloud-swallowingbeastis extremely powerful. Its isimpenetrablewhether you useforce orweapon,so theyare extremely difficult to deal with."
"Don't worry, leave it with me!" It's just a small monster! Yao Si hit her chestwith one hand, battle thirst lighting up in her heart."Safe and sound!"
She took a deep breath andenthusiastically mobilizedher mental power. Just as she had wished for an opponent, one instantly came;what a great opportunity to practice!Her eyes followed the lump of shadow in the distance until it got closer, growing in size
And then itbecame two lumps!
Soon,thetwo lumps became three, three became a group...
A second later,shecould see a large group of silhouettes running toward them as a rumbling reached their ears andeven the ground began to vibrate.
Thiswhat is thissituation? I was promised just one!
"It's a swarm of cloud-swallowing beasts!" Zan Zichen turned pale. Hesitantly,he turned to her, trying to surreptitiously examine her expression. "Seniordo we fight?"
"FightYour *ss!" Yao Si didn't hesitate for a split second. She grabbed the hand of the person next to herwhile shouting"Run!"
This isn't a fight, it'sa mass brawl! The demonic beasts here are so unfriendly, starting with a group strike!
Yao Si pulled the person while dashing away madly asthe rumbling came closer and closer. The loud stomps made it seem like the ground would flip over at any moment.

Yao Si's heart twisted with worry.If she had known this, she wouldn't have set such a flag. Now,they will either die by being torn apart or trampled to death, there didn't seem to be a way for them to outrun those beasts.
"Senior, why don't we get on the sword?" Zan Zichen asked softly.

Yao Si came to a standstill, almost hitting the tree with her head. Damn! She had completely forgotten that therewasa pilot with her.
"Use it, use it! Hurry up and use it!"
Zan Zichen didn't waste time andimmediately summoned the flying sword and brought her up. Almost at the same time, the forest that was initially beneath their feet was trampled into a flat plain by the large herd of cloud-swallowing beasts, only then was she able to see these creatures clearly.
They were pitch black all over, looking somewhatlike cows but with four pairs of long sharp horns orderly arranged on their head and back. Their hooves were all burning with flames. Thecreatures themselves were hug,going throughthe forestlike tanks.
"The cloud-swallowing beasts never move in groups..." Zan Zi Chen looked with confusion inthe direction the herd had come from."I wonder what happened."
"Who cares!" Yao Si didn't care about it at all,beingmore concerned about the hardwon training opportunity that had come knocking on her door but now was nowhere to be seen
"Huh? There's one beast that's stayingbehind!"
She pointed at the back. There, asilhouetteof the cow-like beast was lurching over. On a closer examination, it was slightly smaller than the rest of the herd, because of which it must've fallen behind.
Take the life while it's weak!
"Come, let's go scavenging!" Yao Si patted the person next to her with excitement and they flew over in that direction.

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