My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 329

Chapter 329 : Long Distance Relationship Extra

Early in the morning, Gu Weiwei was woken up by the ringing of the phone.

Fully-dressed, Fu Hanzheng was watching her from the sofa not far away and approached her as she got up.

"The breakfast has been delivered, do you want to wash your face and brush your teeth?"

Gu Weiwei nodded with a pair of drowsy eyes and dragged herself out of bed.

Fu Hanzheng carried her and went into the bathroom.

"Want my help?"

"No thanks, I am not unable to care for myself!" Gu Weiwei quickly started to brush her teeth .

Fu Hanzheng chuckled as he stood next to her.

"Do your legs or waist hurt?"

Gu Weiwei glared at him and busied herself with brushing her teeth.

Fu Hanzheng brushed away some strands of hair and said, "I need to deal with some matters back home so I wont be here for a while."

Gu Weiwei casually asked, after she finished brushing her teeth, "Still about the Yuan Family?"

He had been gone for so long and she had wondered how the search was going on but it seemed that Yuan Meng was safe and sound.

"The Dorrans Family have sent some men here to Hua Land and they are looking for them too. Its not good for the Fu Family." Fu Hanzheng looked a little serious.

Gu Weiwei nodded, looking contemplative. "Wait for me outside and I need some coffee."

Fu Hanzheng went out, made a phone call and asked the private butler to deliver a pot of coffee to the room.

Closing the bathroom door, Gu Weiwei washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror. It was a strange face, one that baffled her a little.

Cayman Dorrans was her real father, someone whom she had no idea of until she was dead.

There had once been a moment when she had the intention of telling him what had happened but as she thought back on it, she realized that no one was going to believe that she was his real daughter even if she went there.

What was more, she had no idea what Cayman Dorrans was like.

The Dorrans Family had too many enemies and her other-self was killed because of his opponents; she was afraid that her stabbing was because of him too.

That was how Ling Yan gained the chance to take her heart out of her body and to have it for herself.

Fu Hanzheng went to knock on the door because she had been inside for a little too long.


Gu Weiwei came back to herself, dried her face with the towel, opened the door and walked out.

"I am going to get changed."

She went back to the bedroom, got changed and sat down by the table. She took a sip of coffee to get some energy back into herself.

"I need to work after breakfast, so I cant see you off."

"Okay, I will come here when I have the time." Fu Hanzheng said.

"You dont have to, actually." Gu Weiwei expressed her own feelings.

It was already great when they lived out a long-distance relationship. He truly did not have to come and visit her.

She already had a very long work day and when he was with her, she couldnt even get a good nights sleep. How painful it would be if he came all the time!

Fu Hanzheng said, "I dont like long-distance relationships."

But her work made her run about everywhere and she had to be away from home for months.

Gu Weiwei did not reply but smiled instead. She enjoyed this long-distance relationship Especially when she thought of the condoms that filled the drawer, she wished that she would be too busy to go home for the foreseeable future.

They had just finished their breakfast when Jolin came knocking at the door, urging her to leave.

"I am leaving now."

Fu Hanzheng saw her off behind the door and kissed her for a long time before letting her leave.

Gu Weiwei walked out with a flushed face and joined Jolin outside the door before they both headed towards the set together.

Jolin frowned at the girl who was glowing, and flushed in the face. "Weiwei, are you in a relationship?"

"What?" Gu Weiwei shook her head with a smile. "Didnt you say that I am too young to be in a relationship?"

"Really?" Jolin gazed at her suspiciously.

The way she looked and her shining eyes were very charming, this was apparently a result caused by love.

But he knew everything about her whereabouts so how would a man manage to infiltrate?

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