My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Another Unknown Man?

Jolin knew pretty well what Fu Shiyi was like. Whenever he got a girl, he would definitely show off his relationship to the entire world, just to tell everyone how charming he was.

So if he denied that it was him, then he was probably telling the truth but if it were not Fu Shiyi, who else could it be?

Could it be the relative his girl had always been trying to hide from everyone?

He had suggested that she should move out of her home or that he should drive her home several times, but she turned those proposals down each time.

If Fu Shiyi was not her man, that relative of hers must be the suspect.

He was just about to hang up when Fu Shiyi asked, "Oh, I heard that you are asking everyone to take the roles that Chu Chen auditions for, why?"

"Dont mention it, that b*stard went to knock at my girls door last night and tried to create a fake story!" Jolin got extremely annoyed when he heard it mentioned again.

Fu Shiyi asked after hearing this, "Is he still alive?"

"The film is still going on, so I cant do anything right now. We will wait after the filming is done." Jolin said.

"Oh man, so nothing is happening to him?" Fu Shiyi asked in disbelief.

His brother must have been in Mu Weiweis room the other night at that time, so if Chu Chen did go to knock at her door, he should have died, considering what his brothers personality was like.

He, as his younger brother, was already seriously punished when nothing was going on between him and her.

But Chu Chen was a man with ill intentions and it was so strange of his brother to have not done anything.

Losing energy to talk with him any more, Jolin hung up when he saw his girl finishing with the makeup artist.

When they returned to the capital this time, he should definitely pay some attention to see which b*stard was flirting with his artist.

His artist was young and pretty and if he did not keep an eye out for her, she would be cheated by those men with their ill intentions.

Having had the makeup done, Gu Weiwei saw Mo Jiao coming towards her. He had already heard about what happened the night before.

"I am sorry to have caused you trouble."

It was a very normal thing in this industry, but Chu Chen was way out of line to aim at a 19-year-old girl.

But they did not replace the actor so he did actually save some face for Chu Chen.

"It is all in the past and I wont delay the filming." Gu Weiwei said with a brief smile.

Mo Jiao looked at this girl who knew how to behave properly. She was beautiful, talented and never arrogant. No wonder Yi An kept recommending her to him!

"Chu Chen has asked for leave today, so you and Song Yu will do your scenes together."

It would be a bad decision to make Chu Chen and her complete the scenes together today, especially after what had happened the night before. They would have both been dominated by their remaining emotions, which could affect the ambiance of the scene.


Gu Weiwei had no objection towards that and she truly did not want to see Chu Chen today either.

This man had paid haters to leave mean comments about her some time before but now when he saw her rising career, he decided to get involved with her instead. How terrible could this man be?!

When she was talking with Mo Jiao about the scenes to shoot, Jolin saw the incoming message on her phone. He came over to her.

"Weiwei, your Baby Zheng says that she is leaving, want to reply?"

Gu Weiwei smiled guiltily and sent one text from the phone.

[Travel safe]

Seeing her finishing the reply, Jolin took her phone and went onto the set with her.

"Arent you in a way too close relationship with this Baby Zheng?"

He had thought about men who might try to create something with his girl but maybe, it was a woman instead!

She kept talking with this Baby Zheng and the phone kept ringing and messages poured in like a waterfall it wasnt normal at all!

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