My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Coveting Jiang Liushis Minibus
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

On the second day after the mutant beasts' attack, Jiang Liushi drove his minibus to the Safety Zone's gate. Unexpectedly, as they were about to cross through it, two soldiers stopped them.

"Hey you, stop the minibus! You can't leave this area!" said one of the two soldiers.

The two soldiers were not responsible for guarding the gate. They were stationed elsewhere, but they had received the order to wait at the gate for the Shi Ying Squad.

"What's the meaning of this? Why don't you let us leave?" asked Ling coldly.

"You can leave, but without your vehicle," replied the other soldier coldly/

Jiang Liushi rolled his window down and asked angrily, "What did you say?"

Upon seeing the angry expression on Jiang Liushi's face, the two soldiers tightened the grip on their rifles vigilantly.

"We've received this command from our superiors. At such a crucial time, everyone has to contribute and dedicate on helping the Jiangming Safety Zone. All Chinese should obey this command. You have to hand your minibus over to the military. That doesn't only apply for your vehicle, but for others too."

"Please get off the minibus and hand it to us as soon as possible."

Jiang Liushi sneered. "Who gave you such an order?"

"It's none of your business," replied the soldier solemnly.

Jiang Liushi stared at that soldier and said, "Xiyu!"

A girl's voice sounded from the minibus. "Yes!"

The two soldiers felt something was wrong, so they lifted their guns immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late as their vision became blurry the next moment.

"Who ordered you to come here?" asked Jiang Liushi.

"Secretary Wan. She said it was General Han's order," replied one of the two soldiers dumbly.

After Jiang Liushi understood what was happening, he ordered, "Tell them to open the gate now!"


Then, the soldiers ordered the guards to open the gate. The Safety Zone's gate was heavily reinforced, so it left creaking sounds in the process of opening. While the gate was opening, Jiang Liushi launched the minibus and stepped on the gas.

"Wh- What happened!?" Wan Yiling was sitting in an off-road vehicle not too far from the gate, waiting to watch Jiang Liushi's ugly expression as he would get off the minibus.

In the case Jiang Liushi didn't get off the minibus, it would mean that he was disobeying the military's rules. If that were to happen, she would step in to annihilate him and his team. After all, the Assault Team was under Han Yuan's complete control.

After the previous meeting, all of the Safety Zone's influential leaders had agreed to hand the Assault Team to Han Yuan, as he wanted to fight in the front lines against the Black Hole. However, they didn't know what Han Yuan's real endgame was.

At that moment, Wan Yiling felt baffled as to why the two soldiers had helped Jiang Liushi pass through the gate. Suddenly, she thought of Zhang Haojing's mysterious death and the psychic paranormal that was in the next room but hadn't noticed anything.

'F*ck! There is a psychic paranormal in Jiang Liushi's team! I didn't expect that she could mind-control others!' Wan Yiling immediately picked up her walkie-talkie. "The situation has changed! You must send the first and second team now! Moreover, close the gate as soon as possible!"

As long as Jiang Liushi's team remained in the Safety Zone, Wan Yiling had plenty of methods to deal with them. They had not tried to find Jiang Liushi back to his residence as they didn't want to make General Zhang their enemy. But if they could stop Jiang Liushi under the pretext of insubordination, nobody would dare to say anything. Even General Zhang would be unable to help them.

'Jiang Liushi, it's impossible for you to run away!' thought Wan Yiling.

Currently, a part of the gate was opened, which was enough for a vehicle to pass through it. At that moment, one of the guards picked the walkie-talkie and received an order. Then, he looked at Jiang Liushi's minibus. At the same time, the minibus sped up as Jiang Liushi had pressed a certain button on the dashboard.


The minibus' engine let out a roaring sound before it shot forward like an arrow.

"Close the gate! Close it!" shouted the soldier, but it was too late.

Before the guards could even raise their guns, the minibus had already passed through the gate. In the next moment, the gate started closing while the minibus was getting far away out at top speed. Just before the gate closed shut, Jiang Liushi activated his brain domain, enhancing his vision, and turned to look at it. Then, he saw Wan Yiling's ugly face behind a window. After seeing her face, Jiang Liushi linked all the dots. Then, he turned back and saw Jiangning City in the distance.

'Wan Yiling! Han Yuan! I'll make sure to pay back this favor!' thought Jiang Liushi.

Initially, there was no enmity between them. They just didn't share the same views. Although Jiang Liushi didn't take the matter at heart, the two of them didn't leave it at that and even coveted his minibus. He couldn't allow such a thing to happen, nor leave them to do as they wished.

Presently, Wan Yiling was feeling dejected. After a while, she calmed down. 'That's only a small setback. Since he is out there, I can always order the teams to capture him. He will never enter this Safety Zone again, as he disobeyed General Han's direct order. I'm sure we will meet again,' thought Wan Yiling.

The Assault Team would soon be sent outside to complete a few tasks, so Wan Yiling had to make new plans. Naturally, everything was possible. In Wan Yiling's mind, the ordinary-looking survivors' team would stay as far away as possible from the Black Hole, so she decided to make plans according to that mindset. Unfortunately, how could she know that Jiang Liushi wanted to directly attack the Black Hole?

"Let's go," said Wan Yiling hesitantly. She felt it was a pity that Jiang Liushi had escaped.

"Hateful! They actually covet my brother's minibus!?" said Jiang Zhuying angrily.

"Don't take it to heart. Fortunately, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun are with us," said Jiang Liushi.

Presently, both Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were sitting in the cockpit. They were going to hunt the Black Hole, and their off-road vehicle was not suitable for the dangerous territory they were about to enter.

"When did the military become like this?" said Zhang Hai in disappointment. At first, he was not of the military, as the top brass had forsaken ordinary people to save the elites, but with the passage of time and the many times they had cooperated with soldiers, he had started to change his mind. He even admired the soldiers, but after this incident, his heart started wavering.

"It's not the military as a whole. If I'm not mistaken, Han Yuan and Wan Yiling are scheming behind their backs. If everyone was on in it, we could have escaped that easily," said Li Yuxin. Even so, she was still worried as Han Yuan was a Major General, while their team's status was inferior.

"Don't worry. Han Yuan may be in charge of the Assault Team, but they don't pose a threat to us. I'm pretty sure that they will come out soon. If we meet them, I'll make sure to ask for an explanation," said Jiang Liushi coldly.

Han Yuan couldn't be regarded as a formal member of the military as he had been awarded the Major General title for being an exceptional paranormal. Jiang Liushi was curious as to why he was sent to the Jiangming Safety Zone, and he had taken the initiative to hunt down the Black Hole.

Was he really as fearless as he seemed to be? Was it really necessary to sacrifice so many lives to destroy the Black Hole? If they hadn't met Han Yuan or experienced so many things, Jiang Liushi might have been believed that his goal was pure and noble. But Jiang Liushi had seen through his true intentions so he would not believe or trust anything Han Yuan said anymore.

'No matter who he is or what his intentions are, I will throw a wrench in his plans! That's what you get for coveting my minibus!' thought Jiang Liushi.

As they were getting closer to Jiangming City, Starseed could sense that the ominous feeling from the Black Hoe was getting stronger. At the same time, Jiang Liushi was receiving countless notifications from Starseed.

Jiang Liushi not only did not stay away from the threat but continued to move closer to the Black Hole. The absorbed Black Light was at 45%, while the minibus' upgrade progress had reached 36%. Both the minibus and Starseed were undergoing their final transformation, in the most dangerous area!
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