My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Hope
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After Jiang Liushi left the Jiangning Safety Zone, the Assault Team, as well as various troops started to set out. Many people were standing on the walls, looking far away. The huge black shadow was still looming over the high-rise buildings in the urban area of Jiangning, getting close to them slowly and resolutely. Once it arrived, it would devour the entire Safety Zone, destroying it in the blink of an eye.

Countless people were praying silently for the Assault Team to exterminate the Black Hole smoothly. During this period of time, they had not received any good news. Instead, they had heard that none of the scouting teams that had been sent out to investigate had returned. Many people felt very proud while watching the departing convoy, which resembled a long dragon, and hoped that they would be successful.

"I hope that General Han can exterminate the Black Hole, or at least find a way to eliminate it. Otherwise, what awaits us is a hard and bitter fight," said an one of Jiangning Safety Zone's influential figure.

"We can only wait! If they exterminate the Black Hole, it will be the best outcome. But even if they don't kill it, don't be afraid. We have many people! We can always bombard it!" said Commander Luo. He was filled with arrogance.

"Maybe General Han knows something about the Black Hole that we don't," commented General Zhang. He was also standing on the wall, watching the long convoy consisted of off-road vehicles and battle tanks moving further away.

The reason they had agreed that Han Yuan should be the one to lead the Assault Team was not only because they trusted him, but also his attitude indicated that he may know something about the Black Hole. Since he had taken the initiative to solve the problem, they could only grant his requests.

"Other than the Huaxia Region, several of the newly established Regions are developing quite well." General Zhang suddenly changed the topic. Ever since the establishment of the Huaxia Region, several Generals had been sent to the other Safety Zone through air transportation to assist in the new Regions' development. After that, following the Huaxia Region's paradigm, they grew quite fast. It seemed that they would soon form a united government, presiding over all Regions. Moreover, the number of ordinary people and paranormals joining the Regions was steadily increasing. Due to their increasing numbers, some of the Regions' development speed was superior to those that were under the military's direct control, like Jiangning Safety Zone.

Although some Safety Zones, like the Xiayuan and Xiangming, had level-2 paranormals, Li Yinqiang, and Commander Luo respectively, it didn't mean they could deal with level-2 mutant zombies and beasts as effectively as the Huaxia Region's paranormals. It was said that some members of the newly established Regions had surpassed the restrictions of level-2 with the help of Huaxia Region's officials. In addition to those paranormals, the Regions' technological development was also advancing; the most striking example was Bai Jiayan's Shockwave Truck. In reality, nobody knew clearly the Huaxia Region's circumstances.

"Yeah. If we overcome this disaster, our Jiangning Safety Zone will also become a large Region. Its development will skyrocket, and we will recover the whole South Area," said Commander Huang.

Although the enemy was practically one step away from their door, he looked handsome and confident.

General Zhang took a glance at him and felt that he was stronger than before. However, that feeling lasted for a brief moment. General Zhang was not sure if what he felt was real, as he was not a paranormal, but his accumulated experience told him that there was indeed something different with Commander Huang.

General Zhang looked into the distance and sighed. "As far as the technology of modification is concerned, then Jiang Liushi's minibus is the epitome of it."

He had already learned that Jiang Liushi had rejected General Han's invitation and Commander Luo's assistance, as well as that he had left the Safety Zone. General Zhang was a broad-minded person. The reason he had repeatedly extended the olive branch to Jiang Liushi was that he appreciated him as a person and valued his modification ability.

It was a pity that people like Han Yuan were only interested in the after-product, the minibus, and not in his exceptional ability. No matter how powerful could be, it was impossible for anyone to fight against a tide of mutant zombies in their own. They had to use technological tools against the mutant beasts and zombies' overwhelming numbers.

What's more? General Zhang had an inkling that the origins of some new energy sources that appeared after doomsday were connected with the technology behind Jiang Liushi's minibus. He had also learned through the radio, they were called the New Energies of Doomsday. The evolution crystals were a good example of the usage of such energies. But merging them with technology was only at the initial research stages.

'Alas, even though I value him, I was too busy to personally invite him yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't introduce him to Commander Luo earlier,' thought General Zhang. He may feel dejected now, but he was dead-set on inviting Jiang Liushi again after the latter returned.

"General Zhang, you don't have to feel down. After establishing our Region, we'll gather all kind of resources here. Jiang Liushi is a single person," said Commander Huang after noticing General Zhang's sadness.

General Zhang sighed once again. At the meeting, it was Commander Huang who had supported and praised Han Yuan the most. It was then that General Zhang vaguely felt that Commander Huang and Han Yuan were quite close. But General Zhang thought that it was not the time to pry into that matter, as his only care was to deal with the Black Hole. If it was not destroyed, the Jiangning Safety Zone would cease to exist. It was meaningless to think about the future when something was threatening to take it away from them.

As for Jiang Liushi, even though he also headed to the urban area of Jiangning, General Zhang thought he was going to hunt mutant beasts. He could only focus on the long convoy heading for the Black Hole. It was the entire Jiangning Safety Zone's last hope.

After doomsday, the once bustling Jiangning urban area was now in ruins. The streets were eerily silent, and the black-walled buildings, as well as the dirt-covered abandoned vehicles in the area, enhanced that effect. But the zombies that would suddenly rush out from the dark, and the little red lights flickering in the darkness, indicated that it was a forbidden area. If anyone was careless, they could be eaten at any time.

That was not the case for Jiang Liushi's minibus, which was being driven leisurely. Some zombies had attempted to attack it, but they were either sent flying or pulverized. As for the occasional zombies' groups, once they tried to stretch their hands to grab the minibus, it would accelerate and leave them far behind.

Inside the minibus, popular songs before doomsday could be heard. Except for Zhang Hai and Sun Kun that were sitting in the cockpit, the girls were sitting in the small living room. Li Yuxin was looking at the map while Ran Xiyu was holding a book, reading it.

"There is a group of zombies in front, about five or six," said Ran Xiyu.

"Then change direction, turn right," said Li Yuxin immediately.

Ran Xiyu could detect and scan around a small area and simultaneously do something else with her current mental power. Her grey eyes were shining like the galaxy at night. Even the pages of the book in her hands were being turned by her power.

Jiang Liushi had a faint feeling that Ran Xiyu's abilities had reached a new level. But nobody knew when she could break through. The evolution of mental abilities was a challenging matter for psychic paranormals. Mental powers were unlike body-based powers that one could use their power through their fists, legs, etc. Psychic paranormals required a highly concentrated mind to control, condense and manifest their power. Only Ran Xiyu, who was quiet, hard-working and arrogant, was suitable to use her powers in that way.

"We will get close to the Black Hole in about half a day," said Ling after getting down from the gunner room. She was like a top-rate assassin, merging with the darkness. Her eyes were cold, and her graceful figure was like a sharp dagger. If not for her cute baby face, people would think that she was a natural-born killer.

"Black Hole..." Jiang Zhuying was lying on the bed lazily, but an electric light was flickering in her eyes while an electrical current was dancing in her palm like an obedient kitten. Although Jiang Zhuying looked like a young girl, her body contained an incomparably violent and devastating power.

"Yeah." Jiang Liushi vaguely felt that the Black Hole had sensed his existence and knew that he was approaching.

Questions like what was the Black, how it had suddenly appeared and how Starseed was connected to it had been barraging Jiang Liushi's mind all these days. But he had yet to find an answer.

Although he was in the dark, Jiang Liushi was certain about two things. The Black Hole was a threat to Starseed, and he needed to absorb the Black Light that the Black Hole had accumulated!
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