My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 613


“They possess something you want?” Jiang Liushi was startled.

He was under the impression that the Sword Club was a sinister crime syndicate, but after further explanation, he learned that it had ties with Genesis.

“I want to take something back, which originally belonged to my father,” added Daylily, gnashing her teeth in anger. “The Sword Club’s Oyabun, Xue Sha, is a confidant of the current Chancellor. Amongst Xue Sha’s collection is a black cube, which my father had discovered at the lost civilization’s site. My father called it Black Rubik’s Cube. After my father’s death, Xue Sha obtained it, but he doesn’t know how to use it.”

“Oh? What is it?” asked Jiang Liushi.

Daylily hesitated momentarily, but she still explained, “The Black Rubik’s Cube is a storage container. Only my father and I knew how to use it. Although it’s as big as a music box, there’s a huge space sealed inside it!”

Although Jiang Liushi was surprised, he didn’t lose his composure as the Black Rubik’s Cube was similar to the storage space of his MCV. He had upgraded many times now, and the inner space had reached about 100 cubic meters. Such a large space could be used to store ammunition, commodities, food and rare materials. Moreover, as long as the goods remained in that space, they would never deteriorate. It was quite convenient for the Shi Ying Squad.

Jiang Liushi believed that he was the only person possessing such a miraculous space, but he was wrong as Daylily’s father also had something similar. Thinking carefully about it, Jiang Liushi felt it was quite normal, as Starseed was only part of what the lost civilization had left behind.

Jiang Liushi was quite pleased with the information Daylily provided them, as it helped to get a better understanding of Genesis. He also understood how invaluable Starseed and the storage space really were. In this treacherous world, if anyone were to discover that he possessed a portable space, a foul wind and rain of blood would be inevitable.

Jiang Liushi stared at Daylily for some time, and then he asked her, “You’ve provided me with useful information, and even revealed your secrets. If I’m not mistaken you want me to help, you fight against the Sword Club and snatch the Black Rubik’s Cube, right?”

Daylily took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes, you are right.”

“Why did you give me so many details? Aren’t afraid that I’d also be interested in the Black Rubik’s Cube?” asked Jiang Liushi. He was actually messing with her now as he already possessed a storage space, which was more than enough for him.

“If I didn’t reveal all these, would even be interested in helping me out? Moreover, I don’t want to conceal anything from you, keeping a hidden agenda. Actually, I only want my father’s notes and remains back. As for the Black Rubik’s Cube and the thing inside it, you can take them all”

Jiang Liushi didn’t expect that his casual question would lead to such an astonishing answer. Daylily’s determination left him awed.

Daylily added, “The inner space of the Black Rubik’s Cube is about ten meters in length and height. My father’s treasures are stored inside, as well as food, fresh water, clothes, and so on. He stored everything before the virus outbreak. Moreover, when my father obtained it, he discovered that it already contained a rare metal that isn’t from Earth. It’s 10 times heavier than steel and tougher than diamond. My father’s speculated that it was an important material for the lost civilization’s spaceship, or perhaps it was what remained after constructing the spaceship.”

“Really? Metal for the spaceship?” exclaimed Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi basically confirmed that Starseed was the spaceship’s AI, which was responsible for constructing and controlling it. That’s why with every evolution of the MCV lots of rare metals were needed. During the second evolution, in addition to metals, the Black Hole’s energy was also a necessity.

However, if Jiang Liushi wanted to build a spaceship, it would be impossible as all the metals on Earth were of a limited quality to meet the lost civilization’s standards.

How could Jiang Liushi not get excited now that he learned that the spaceship’s metal was stored in the Black Rubik’s Cube? If Starseed could absorb it, the third evolution may be stimulated.

Daylily said, “Are you interested in that metal? It just said that it’s heavy and hard. Although it’s superior to every other metal, it’s almost impossible to process it. Don’t get your hopes up that you can use it craft weapons or something”

“I’m just a little interested,” replied Jiang Liushi, realizing how excited he looked. “Of course, I’m also quite interested in the Black Rubik’s Cube. How about this, I’ll keep it as well as the rare metal. As for anything else inside, it’ll be yours. I’ll also compensate you with mutant nuclei or evolution crystals.”

After his team raided Shen Hai’s warehouse, their wealth had significantly increased, so he didn’t have any use for the goods in the storage space of the cube.

“Okay!” replied Daylily immediately. She was well aware that it was impossible to snatch the Black Rubik’s Cube on her own. Therefore, cooperating with Jiang Liushi was her best choice.

“Follow me back to my tour bus. We should make a plan first,” said Jiang Liushi. “Oh right, what’s your name?”

“My name is Ye Yuekong.”

“Ye Yuekong? Oh, good. Xiyu, from now on, you are responsible for protecting Ye Yuekong. If my guess is not wrong, a psychic must have left a spiritual imprint or something on her. That’s how they found her.”

Ran Xiyu nodded and replied, “Let me have a try. Although my power is inferior to that puppeteer, it will not be a problem for me to protect Miss Ye Yuekong!” As long as Ran Xiyu used her power, others would be unable to sense Ye Yuekong’s position.

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