My Mr. Song Is Extremely Protective Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323: Chapter 1403-journey to the South China Sea

Xu Ying was still hesitating when she saw the expectant look in her daughter's eyes.

She put down the last bit of hesitation and nodded hard. "Miss, I don't know if I'm qualified for that job.

"But I'm going to give it a try for my daughter.

"The father of the child is gone. I can only rely on myself to raise the child. "

Lin Lei was very happy that she was not a saint. They wanted to change their fate.

She had to work hard. She could give her a chance. As long as she grasped it well, she could create a new future for her daughter.

After the matter was settled, she thought of her previous plans. Lin Lei raised her eyebrows and said, "aunt, I want to ask about the weather by the sea.

Will it rain soon?"

"Rain? " Xu Ying thought for a moment. "I'm not sure about the approximate time, but there should be a rain in about three days. I don't know when it will rain. "

Hearing that she had to wait for three days, Lin Lei frowned and looked at Song Yi. "Hubby, what should we do next? "

"Let's find a place to stay first. We'll talk about it when it rains! " Song Yi replied that staying here was the only solution at the moment.

Lin Lei nodded in agreement with Song Yi's suggestion.

"You guys are staying here? " Xu Ying asked after hearing it. "Are you waiting for the rain? "

"Yes! " Lin Lei looked at Xu Ying and said, "Auntie, can you help us find a temporary place to stay?

"If it's difficult, I can pay some money first as the accommodation fee.

"As long as it can accommodate the five of us. "

Xu Ying waved her hand. "You don't have to pay. My house can accommodate two people.

"I'll go to someone else's house and ask. "I'll lend you another room.

"It can accommodate three people just by squeezing a little. "

Everyone was very happy after hearing this. They felt that they had met the right person today. After having a meal, they had settled their accommodation.

Seeing that they were very happy, Xu Ying looked troubled. Then, she thought of a very important question. She looked at everyone and said,

"Ai, I'm not afraid of you laughing at me. There's just one thing. You have to settle the issue of eating. My House has no more food.

We don't farm here. All the food is bought from outside.

If it's just one or two meals, it's still fine... ... ..

"Auntie, I UNDERSTAND! " Lin Lei took out ten yuan from her pocket and handed it over. "Is this enough money? "

"Yes! " Xu Ying took the money, looked up and said, "two Yuan is enough. I thought you gave me two yuan just now.

"You don't have to give so much money. You have to take back the rest of the money. "

After saying that, she handed back the remaining eight yuan.

How could Lin Lei accept it? She quickly smiled and said, "Auntie, use the rest of the money to buy some meat.

Just think of it as US adding food for the next few days."

After hearing that, Xu Ying put the money away. She looked at the sun outside and turned around to say to everyone, "I'll go arrange a place to live. You guys wait for me at home now.

"I'll be back soon. I'm worried that if I ask too late, I won't be able to find a place for you guys to live. "That's bad. "

Lin Lei nodded. "Then I'll have to trouble auntie. You can go and do your work. The child will stay at home. We can help you look after her.

"Anyway, I like her very much. The child is really too sensible. "

"Alright, I'll go then. " Xu Ying was very happy to hear the other party praise the child. She stood up and went out to the neighbor's house to ask. Could she vacate a room.

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