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  • Genres : ghost -  calm mc -  girlfriend -  paranormal -  psychopaths -  crazy exgirlfriends -  skeptical mc -  escapism -  distorted reality
  • Status : Ongoing
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My Psychotic Ghost Girlfriend summary:

Volume 1 Word Count: 86K Available on Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YL46WWLSynopsis:Taketh one for thou team, honorable Dio. Please allow thy fellow wielders of rods to bathe in the windfall thou has been bequeathed by the heavenly order of thots.-Some Unsung Hero, Friend of Dio, Friend of Mankind, A Thirsty BroPerhaps my life would have turned out differently if it was not for the moron who spouted those nonsensical words. If I could go back in time and shoot that friend, I probably would if I knew what pursuing her would lead to.Thanks to the choices I once made, my world became one built by the characters around me, the dreams and nightmares in my head, the illusions that misconstrue and veil the truth, and my imagination that runs rampant out of my control.What is real may not be real at all, while what is false may neither be false or true. To me, reality is simply a work of fiction pieced together by what is differentiated between truths, falsehoods and the unknown.There were some days I came across love born in the moment. Some days I came across the unknown in unexpected places. Some days I came across truths as I touched upon death. But there was one day my world shattered to pieces upon rebirth.Laced in double meanings, nothing is ever as it seems. Anything can potentially be a form of deceit, to doubt is to live and to live is to slowly die.What does any of this mean? Maybe there is no meaning at all and people just wish to find some sort of deeper meaning when there was never any meaning to begin with. Or maybe you were just deceived into thinking there was no meaning, but buried in unexpected places, there were infinite hidden meanings or ways to interpret them just waiting to be discovered.

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