My Sassy Crown Princess Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Ouyang Qi 2

Chapter 292: Ouyang Qi (2)

In the imperial palace

Wearing sullen face, Liu Feng looked at the report in front of him, and suddenly swept all the things on the table to the floor.

“Ge, don’t so angry, take care of yourself.” Lou Jing tried to comfort him.

Lou Feng took a deep breath. Dont be angry? How can he not be angry? The rampage potion was cracked, so that the idea he wanted to use the star beasts to kill Lou Yu was impossible to achieve.

One step wrong, every step wrong. If Mo Fei did not marry Lou Yu, how could everything ever be so smooth? If the assassins the Nalans had sent successfully killed Mo Fei, how can the rampage potion be cracked?

Lou Jing looked at Lou Fengs ferocious expression, her heart flashing a chill.

Lou Feng closed his eyes, Lou Yu had been full-fledged. Before he was already hard enough to deal with, now it was only more difficult.

“Ge, you cheer up, you can’t admit defeat!” Lou Jing said.

She looked at the Lou Feng, heart tightened. So Lou Feng was about to admit defeat? She and Lou Feng were grasshoppers in the same boat! If Lou Feng lost, she would never end well.

These days Lou Jing was really having a hard time. Many of her female classmates who were close to her were not as warm to her as before.

People who had worked so hard to woo her did not seem interested in her now.

No one from those big families in the capital wasnt well-informed. Those dirty things Lou Feng had secretly done, although there was no evidence, those wily guys could still guess it out by some clues.

Lou Jing looked at Lou Feng, hesitated a bit and said, “Ge, these days, I suddenly thought of something.”

Lou Feng then looked toward Lou Jing and asked faintly, “What is it?”

Lou Jing tried to collect herself and said, “I was thinking that we may have neglected some people,” gathering her wits. “Maybe they come from the Mo family. Although the strength of the Mo family is not worth mentioning, they may still have some influence on him. And there is one person, who influence on Mo Fei may even bigger than his family."

Lou Feng looked at Lou Jing, frowning, “Who are you referring to?”

Lou Jing looked serious, “Ouyang Qi, Mo Fei got engaged with him since childhood. And later, Ouyang Qi was tested out of a good aptitude, so he did not hesitate a bit to abandon Mo Fei. I heard, Mo Fei even committed suicide before of this."

“In the eyes of Mo Fei’s stepmother, Mo Fei is a total good-for-nothing. The only thing he has is his pretty face. So after Ouyang Qi canceled the engagement, in order to make full use of him, Mo Fei’s stepmother tried to use him to unite with those big families through marriage, but, I heard that Mo Fei still could not forget about Ouyang Qi, and tried every means to turn down the proposal of others." said Lou Jing flatly.

Lou Feng’s eyes flashed a ray of light, “This Ouyang Qi, perhaps is really a little useful. But Mo Fei really tried to commit suicide for such a guy?”

Lou Jing shrugged her shoulders and said, “I didn’t want to believe it either, but the investigation shows that Mo Fei was taken to the hospital shortly after Ouyang Qi canceled their engagement. After he was saved, he cried for quite a few hours, heartbroken."

But what Lou Jing did not know was that, after Mo Fei was saved, it was true he cried for a few hours, but it was not for Ouyang Qi, but for that he received a pregnancy potion. After knowing that he could no longer chase after hot chicks and have to bear kids for another man, Mo Fei only felt his heart was dead, which no one could understand.

Lou Feng squinted, saying with a thoughtful tone, “If, Ouyang Qi and Mo Fei really had such deep feelings, this Ouyang Qi is really a bit of use.”

Lou Jing nodded and said, “I think so too.”

Lou Feng thought for a while, saying, “Ouyang Qi may be a bit useful, but, we should not expect too much from him. Im afraid an unfaithful mans influence on Mo Fei is limited, in comparison, Mo familys influence on him may be greater.”

Lou Jing frowned and said, “Mo Feis position in the family was not high. His father and stepmother both don’t like him.”

Lou Feng shrugged his shoulders and said, “Blood is thicker than water. Maybe it is because you don’t pay attention to it. Maybe Mo Fei is more eager for the care of his family!”

Lou Jing nodded and said, “Maybe.”

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