My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 368

Chapter 368 So?

Zhao Anan felt that her cousin had changed tremendously after marriage. He loved Shangguan Ning a bit too much to leave her alone. He followed her wherever she went and now when she had gotten pregnant, he couldnt be away even an inch from her.

Honestly, she got to know Shangguan Ning first but now she seemed like a terrorist. He was never assured when she was with Shangguan Ning.

Sure enough, Jing Yichen threw a cold look at her and said calmly, "Not you, you are way too dirty!"

Shangguan Ning who was ahead of them, heard their dialogue and burst into laughter. "Alright, dont worry. Neither of you need to be with me. It wont take long. Yichen, go back to Doctor Mus office and wait for me there. Anan, go and freshen up. Take a shower and we can visit Zhu Ruotong together after I finish with the check-up."

Zhao Anan agreed instantly and dashed off. She was happy to have Mu Xin take care of Shangguan Ning. She got to know Mu Xin ages ago and back then, she was a nerdy woman who read every day and memorised boring and difficult theories of medical science. As a result, she had accumulated a huge knowledge about the medical field and did everything well.

Jing Yichen still refused to leave. He covered Shangguan Nings hand with his own and said softly, "I will be waiting outside the examination room. Call me if you need me."

Shangguan Ning smiled and replied softly, "Okay."

Actually, she was slightly nervous But with Jing Yichen standing outside, she felt much more assured.

After she and Mu Xin entered the examination room and she laid down on the bed, Mu Xin adjusted the equipment and said with a smile, "I can tell that your husband loves you and you have a wonderful relationship."

Happiness flashed across Shangguan Nings face as she said gently, "Yes, we are."

"I am a gynecologist, so I have seen many husbands who come along with their wives for the examination. But few are like Master Jing who would insist on waiting outside the door. Actually, he is the first and the only one. I have heard Third Brother mentioning Master Jing many times, but how he behaved surprised me. He seems different from how he is talked about."

Mu Xin placed the equipment upon Shangguan Nings wrist and sounded rather emotional.

Of course, she had heard a lot about Jing Yichen from Mu Qing yet none of it was as shocking as the fact that he was waiting for his wife outside the room.

She had assumed him to be a distant and arrogant man, one whom everyone looked up to. But Mu Xin was surprised to know that such a powerful man could love a woman so deeply.

However, that didnt reduce his charisma.

Mu Xin paused and said with a smile. "I think you look cute together!"

Shangguan Nings lips arched. "Thank you!"

That was the first time someone said that they were a cute couple. So Shangguan Ning felt very happy.

Shangguan Ning was still wearing a smile when they finished all the examinations and came out of the room.

Jing Yichen let out a sigh of relief at the sight of her. He picked up one of her hands and said with a soft voice, "Finished?"

Shangguan Ning nodded. "Yes, the examination is finished. Doctor Mu Xin says that both I and the baby are doing well. We need to come for a check up every month."

"Oh good." Jing Yichen sounded composed but Shangguan Ning knew that he was relieved and happy.

He slipped his hand across Shangguan Nings waist and took her back to Mu Qings office.

Mu Qing was already there. He stood up instantly at the sight of the couple. "How was it? The examination is finished? My cousin is an expert in obstetrics and gynecology. She is young but she is excellent. You dont need to worry about a thing!"

Shangguan Ning nodded and said with a smile. "I am not worried. She says that I am doing fine and that I can come to her whenever I want. Your cousin is a nice woman and she seems very professional. I can tell that she loves her job, so I will have to depend on her from now on!"

Mu Qing got delighted inside his heart after hearing what she said. He laughed and said, "Okay then, she will be your special doctor from now on!"

They were just talking when Mu Xin walked in. "Third Brother, you sold me off so fast!"

Mu Qing glared at the sight of her. "You bad girl, didnt I ask you come here earlier? You are half an hour late! Are you asking for a beating?"

"I am so sorry, Third Brother! Something came up at the hospital. I will never let this happen again. Please, forgive me!" Mu Xin begged for mercy with a smile, otherwise Mu Qin would keep lecturing her for the entire day.

"So your hospital cant function without you? Family Mus Hospital can go on well without me. Are you going to be tied up at the hospital all the time? Do you know that you must learn to delegate?"

Mu Qing didnt want to let her off. He grabbed her and pushed her on the chair, fully ready to impart a long page of lessons to her.

Mu Xin didnt know how to deal with Mu Qing. But her eyes widened at the sight of Zhao Anan. "Third Brother, Anan is here. Let me talk with her!"

Zhao Anan answered instantly, "Sure, Xin! I am just on the way to visit a patient, how about you come with us?"

Zhao Anan linked one hand through Mu Xins and the other through Shangguan Nings fingers and started to walk out. Zhao Anan said to Jing Yichen, "Brother, I just washed myself thoroughly. I am absolutely clean. I will never bring infection to my sister-in-law and nephew!"

Shangguan Ning burst into laughter. "Alright, Anan, dont tease him. He only says this because he is worried. Lets go!"

Zhao Anan still complained loudly, but she noticed that Jing Yichen was not following them. She said in a good mood, "Ning, you favor my cousin too much. Honestly, you have forgotten me."

Shangguan Ning said proudly, "Of course, he is my husband! I dont mind putting him above you when you also have someone to love you."

Zhao Anan got both annoyed and amused. She was about to pinch her when she remembered that she was pregnant. She mocked her and said, "Okay, okay, now you have an amulet so you want to end this friendship with me? I will wait to take my revenge once the baby is out of your stomach."

Shangguan Ning massaged her belly and smiled. "Yeah, I have a protective amulet. There is nothing that you can do about it."




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