My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Apology Or War Part One

Mu Xin laughed alongside seeing them being so cheerful. "Anan, Shangguan, I have something else to deal with at the hospital so I cant stay longer today. Thank you for rescuing me from my Third Brother. Come to visit me when you have time. I need to be off now."

Zhao Anan knew her to be a workaholic. She spent most of her time at the hospital and it was impossible to make her do anything apart from work. She said with a smile, "Alright, I know you are thinking about your patients. It is lucky for them to have a doctor like you. Off you go now!"

Shangguan Ning nodded at her and waved her goodbye.

After Mu Xin left, Zhao Anan asked quietly, "Everything fine with my nephew? Really you have got one? Not twins?"

Shangguan Ning burst into laughter. "I am 100% certain that you have only got one nephew or niece. The baby is developing well, turning from a pea into a peanut!"

Zhao Anan hadnt cared when she was pregnant back then. But now when Shangguan Ning was pregnant, she took care of her as if she were a priceless treasure. She who tended to be careless, was trying to hold Shangguan Ning with her arms, fearing that she would fall or something.

Seeing her behave in this manner, Shangguan Ning was really surprised.

"Oh, Anan, dont spoil me so much. I am fine. Treat me normally please."

Zhao Anan glared at her. "No way! You are the top protected animal and I am not protecting you, but my nephew!"

Shangguan Ning had no choice but to shake her head in agreement.

Later, she said emotionally, "Sigh, now I know why my cousin wants to guard you all the time. Even I want to keep you guarded, because you are so precious. I wish that I could guard you twenty-four hours, otherwise I might not feel assured."

Shangguan Ning said softly with a smile, "You care about me, so you want to look after me. Your cousin is even more serious about thia than you!"

"See, I told you that my cousin is a perfect man, didnt I? When I told you about him being perfect, you laughed at me. What about now? You must admit to me that my cousin is the perfect one in the entire world!"

Shangguan Ning also burst into laughter when she thought of how Zhao Anan had presented Jing Yichen back then. "Yes, yes, yes, Lady Zhao. I was too short-sighted and had assumed that you were simply brainwashed by your cousin. I didnt know that there could be such a perfect man in the world like your cousin. Forgive me, alright?"

Zhao Anan tried hard to keep herself from laughing as she snapped. "Okay, I forgive you. I had sold you with 100,000 yuan as the pocket money at that time, anyway!"


Shangguan Nings eyes widened. She pinched Zhao Anans cheek. "Zhao Anan, you spilled the truth, finally! So thats why you were so enthusiastic to set me up on a blind date because you wanted to sell me for money. Was I only worth 100,000 yuan? I always regarded you as a good person but now it seems that you are cruel! I am going to take the revenge now by selling you out too. I will only charge only 0.1 yuan, no more and no less."

Zhao Anan regretted the slip of tongue tongue. She said instantly, "Aha, Ning, it is a misunderstanding. You are my best friend. How could I ever sell you? I wouldnt have sold you to anyone however much money I was given."

"Alright, stop explaining! Explanation only make you look guiltier. Now you are simply trying to cover up the facts." Shangguan Ning was still pinching her face so when they came to Zhu Ruotongs ward, her face had two red fingerprints.

"You have too much force!" Zhao Anan massaged her face and yelled in pain, "Good that I have a real face, otherwise it would have been broken by you!"

Shangguan Ning ignored her, knocked at the door and entered the ward.

Zhao Anan entered following her behind.

Zhu Ruotong was lying down on the bed with a pale face. Her face had blood stains and arms were wrapped with gauze.

She withdrew a bit at the sight of them.

It seemed that Zhao Anan had left a deep impression upon her. She might not want to approach Zhao Anan again in the future, because she was an unpredictable and a scary woman.

"What are you doing here?"

Zhu Ruotong sounded hoarse. But she still looked intimidating, even though she had wounds all over her body and couldnt move.

Shangguan Ning came to stand in front of her bedside and said sincerely, "Ms. Zhu, we are here to offer an apology. Anan has always been a disobedient girl and it is her fault that you are injured. I apologize to you on her behalf. I hope you will forgive her. We will pay for your medical fees."

Zhu Ruotong didnt accept the apology. She said with coldness. "It is a crime that Zhao Anan beat me up. I am a policewoman and I can take her back to the office whenever I want. No matter what the cause is, the truth is that she beat me up. Do you think that an apology would work? Just wait and see, I will take action when I am cured!"

Shangguan Ning was dismayed after hearing what she said.

It was definitely Zhao Anans fault. Shangguan Ning had no arguments to offer in this situation.

But Zhao Anan walked up and held Zhu Ruotongs neck as she spoke fiercely, "Ha, so you think too much of your status as a policewoman? I will strangle you to death at this very minute. Put me in handcuffs in you can. Beat me if you can!"

Shangguan Ning got so helpless at the sight of her acting so impulsively.

She went up and took hold of Zhao Anan. "Let go of her, Anan, no messing around!"

Zhao Anan did not want to release her. But she was afraid of hurting Shangguan Ning, so she had to release Zhu Ruotong. She walked away and sat down in the chair kept near the bed.

Then she said bluntly, "Okay, I will put everything in a straightforward manner. Dont ever dream about marrying Zheng Jing. He is already reserved. You wont get him!"

Zhu Ruotong who was almost out of breath because of Zhao Anans chokehold, coughed and inhaled deeply before replying.

She responded defiantly and said, "Who will marry him if I dont? You? Or that weak sister of his?"

Zhao Anan looked up all of a sudden. "Stay away from him if you already know the truth!"




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