My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1632

Vol 5 Chapter 1632: This Time I Have A Showdown

The sixteenth floor of the holy prison.

The silence and dreary aura spread over the entire sixteenth floor, dark, cold, and dayless.

Countless void islands are suspended, and star fragments are floating around.

Here, Lin Chen once lifted the bottom up, and more than half of the area was destroyed, resulting in a reduction in the number of cages placed.

However, the strong men imprisoned so far have a bit of anger in their eyes, because in less than a year, they have regained their short-term freedom, and have briefly had the holy power to resist the holy prison.

At any rate, this is a re-experience of the feeling of being alive.

Boom~! boom!

The space door on the 16th floor collapsed!

This loud noise has alarmed countless strong people!

"What is the situation, is it fighting again?"

"Isn't it the old demon pretty boy again?"

"Hehe, don't think too much, who can get into the holy prison twice. If he can get into the holy prison here again, he will be arrested too!"

"If he can come, I will eat this cage on the spot!"

When the prisoners on the sixteenth floor were talking about--

At this time, the hearty voice of the teenager came.

"Everyone, I came to the holy prison a year ago, the most handsome man in the holy world, Lin Chen."

On a caged island, Lin Chens avatar spreads all over the world

"I pretended to be the demons who have been going forward for a year. I was in a hurry before and failed to take you to pretend to take you to fly. This time I have a showdown. I am here to take you away!"

"However, as long as I have normal temperament, those who are not righteous and bloodthirsty, I will stay honestly. Follow me, give my life and spirit to me, and become my servants, which can take you away from the Holy Spirit. Prison, return to the holy world!"

As soon as these words came out, the sixteenth floor was instantly quiet and weird!

"Well, who said just now to eat the cage, please start your performance."

I don't know who is laughing.

If you don't believe it, everyone will not believe it!

However, the news of the Holy Realm is closed, only people like them know that the one who was in the Holy Prison was a demons, how did he know it! Unless he is the Demon Race back then!

"There are chasing soldiers behind. This commander has no time for you to think about it. If you want to leave or stay here, I will give you a quasi-trust."

Lin Chen shrugged, his eyes swept across the sixteenth floor, and there were still many strong people.

There are even individual eighth rank cultivation bases, but the injuries are too serious, and now at most they are in the life and death state or the star state.

"Is it a human race...no wonder the guys on the nineteenth floor followed him and leave."

"Should we believe him, or should it be the conspiracy of the demons?"

"It's not like, this son is very righteous, with pure mental power, and has a taste of aspiring to the realm of the soul. The demons have no soul, and this cannot be faked..."

"You said you are a human race, not a demon race, right..."

A hoarse voice came.

Lin Chen looked at it as a one-armed man covered in shackles, with messy hair, his eyes were muddy, but his sharp sharpness was still there.

Gui Jianshou moved the blue-yellow eyes at the center of his eyebrows, and at a glance, he understood the cause and effect and good and evil of this person more or less contaminated, and then immediately nodded to Lin Chen, indicating that there was no problem.

Lin Chen smiled and said, "Yes, Human Race, like a fake replacement."

The one-armed eyes flashed sharply. "Then let me out, I am willing to follow you!"

Lin Chen immediately flicked his finger, released his nine-sharp seal, and directly engraved Zhou Tiansheng's seal in his mind!

With Lin Chen's current spiritual realm, I am not afraid that they will resist. If they resist, they will suffer.


A new spiritual imprint was carved into the mind of the one-armed man, and without any resistance, Lin Chen's spiritual power was communicated in an instant.

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and a holy pill and Na Jie shot at him.

Then, Lin Chen's clone smiled and said: "If you follow me, you won't be wronged. Come out and have a fight with me. As the Holy Realm is about to change, we will change this day!"

The one-armed man was shocked and subdued the holy pill to kneel on one knee: "Subordinate Mo Juechen, follow the lord's orders!"

Gui Jianshou's eyes lit up, "Oh, did you single out an eighth-rank family Mo Juechen with one arm back then..."

"Take me away too!"

"Since you are a human race, then I would like to serve you as Lord!"

"Hey, kid, let the old man out too, the old man slaughtered several families back then, and the secret treasure coordinates are still recorded in it, do you want it..."

"I would like to follow your Excellency and take the lead in the charge, regardless of my future! I just want to fight the Holy Prison!"

Void prisons sent out requests one after another. Before the ghosts saw sorrow and stepped forward, the bluish-yellow eyes of the sky passed by the holy light, and they began to screen out many treacherous and cunning people and people who deceived the world.

However, there are also many people who are loyal and courageous!

Without saying anything, Lin Chen untied them from the **** of the Nine Dessert Seals, and engraved Zhou Tian's life and death seal with his backhand into their spiritual consciousness!

Boom~! boom! !

Lin Chen hadn't released many people yet, and a group of people rushed toward the giant space gate on the 16th floor!

It is the prison guards!

The several old antique prison guards headed by seeing Lin Chen released them unexpectedly, gritted their teeth and suddenly drank coldly

"You can't let them take these prisoners away! If you can't keep them, then kill them all!"

"You separate ten people and withdraw, and kill all the criminals on the fifteenth floor!"

Immediately ten prison guards turned back the same way, and they had already planned to burn Lin Chen with jade and did not intend to let him succeed!

Lin Chen rolled his eyes and immediately shouted coldly.

"Sorry, you and my avatar are responsible for rescuing the remaining people. Ling'er, you and I are responsible for covering them, using your space technique to protect them, and my avatar is responsible for catching up with the guy who returned to the 15th floor in front!"

Xiao Ling'er's spatial technique requires a cultivation level above the Open Heaven Realm to be able to cultivate, and Lin Chen's cultivation is still unable to cultivate her stunt.


As soon as the sound transmission fell, Lin Chen's clone was filled with colorful holy light.

The five-color holy light continued to grow, and when it hovered all over the body, the clone of Lin Chen swept away, and in a flash, it turned into a cloud of blood and light in the sky, tens of thousands of miles in an instant!


Many old antique prison guards were shocked, and they suddenly felt the blood and clouds passing by, dazzled!


"Broken Sky Nine Palms!"

"The ever-changing things are great!"

The terrifying offensive took shape and crushed, crushing countless **** afterimages!

But a large number of blood light operations still shuttled through their positions extremely quickly, and everyone was shocked!

This body technique is too fast!

Even the jailer with the seventh or even the eighth rank cultivation base can't see through his body trajectory, so he hits nothing!

"Just because you also want to block the clone of this handsome..., it's still far away!"

Lin Chen's avatar gave a wicked smile, and in a blink of an eye, he caught up with the ten prison guards who had gone to the fifteenth floor. go with!

"Fuck, why is this kid so fast!"

"What the **** is the speed of the Condensation Realm?"

"Quickly, stop him!"

The prison guards were frightened and sweated! What kind of enchanting speed is this!


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