My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1077

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Truth be told, Su Yu was surprised that Huo Mian suggested that they play a piano duet, but he was also exhilarated since Huo Mian’s performance during the Christmas party left him dumbstruck.

He never dreamed that one day, he would be able to play a duet with Huo Mian How lucky was he?

“What are you going to play? Mariage D’amour by Richard Clayderman is a good song, what do you think?” the MC suggested, but Huo Mian shook her head. “That’s not an appropriate song for a wedding, it actually has a really sad back story, so we can’t play it.”

The MC laughed awkwardly at her remarks

“Su Yu, what do you know?” Huo Mian looked at him and asked, but he was so happy that his mind no longer operated on its own, so he said, “I’m good with anything, you decide.”

“Do you know Wang Leehom’s Still in Love With you?” Huo Mian asked carefully.

“That’s fine.” As long as he had a music score, Su Yu could basically play anything.

Wei Liao was even more excited upon hearing what Huo Mian and Su Yu were going to play for him, so he added, “I love that song, why don’t you guys play, and Xiaowei and I will sing.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea, let’s perform together.” Jiang Xiaowei nodded in agreement

Then, Huo Mian and Su Yu quickly walked up to the piano, sitting next to each other, while Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao both picked up microphones

“Let’s give a round of applause to the bride and groom, who will be singing, and the best man and bridesmaid, who will be playing the piano!”

As soon as the MC finished speaking, everything began clapping for them.

Huo Mian glanced at Su Yu, signaling him to start, and then a beautiful melody sounded from the piano

At the same time, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei opened their mouths to sing.

“A flash, a twinkle of a star traces our time together, yet the center of my world is still you.

A year, a year, and yet another year, time flies by with a blink of an eye, the only thing that never changes is constant change.

I’m not how I was before, you’re not like you were either. But your smile in my eyes is still as beautiful as ever.

Time only moves forward; the clock only turns one way clockwise. I don’t know how long we have left, so I want you to understand,

I still love you, the only path I walk. I still cherish every minute and every moment of happiness.

Your every breath, every movement, every expression. Till the very end, I will always still love you.”

Su Yu played the piano as he watched Huo Mian, who was sitting beside him.

His gaze was filled with so much tenderness and so many emotions she was sitting so close to him, intently playing the piano as her fingers jumped quickly from key to key.

Just her side face profile was able to mesmerize Su Yu She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in this world, but he was still bewitched by her presence

For the first time in his life, he felt such intense emotions that at one point, he wanted to stop playing and hug her with all his might

Su Yu and Huo Mian were both really skilled pianists. Therefore, they made a great team and played as if they had been practicing together for years.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao were both really good singers as well, although they had never been trained.

Everyone listened to their performance in awe

Huo Mian was focused on playing the piano; she didn’t look at Su Yu, nor did she dare look at him, because she could feel his passionate gaze on her

While they played, Song Yishi recorded a video of their performance and sent it to Qin Chu’s phone. She didn’t have his WeChat, so she sent him a text message.

“?” Qin Chu replied with a question mark.

“Qin Chu, did you know that Huo Mian is today’s maid of honor?” Song Yishi asked.

“Yeah,” Qin Chu answered indifferently.

“She’s playing a piano duet with Su Yu, and everyone thinks they’re a couple I think Huo Mian went a little overboard this time, and it’s not really fair to you. Maybe you should come over?” Song Yishi asked.

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